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  1. I think the rear of the tank attaches to attaches to a full crossmember on the 108" wheelbase trucks. My 116" flatbed has a stub, kind of a partial crossmember that has no other purpose except to support the back of the tank. Bolts to the frame on the driver side, but doesn't continue across to the the other frame rail. I could have drilled new holes in the frame and moved it forward, but it was easier to just cut and drill some flat metal to extend the tank a few inches.
  2. I installed the Tanks fuel tank on my '48 B1C. I had seen several posts about fabricating a bracket for the back of the tank to make it fit Pilothouse models. I had also seen installation kits on eBay for about $75 that featured a welded bracket to extend the back of the tank. But my 116" truck has a different bracket than the shorter trucks and all I needed was a flat piece of steel drilled for the bolt holes. It turns out that the bracket at the back of the tank is different depending on the wheelbase of the truck.
  3. I own a 1948 Dodge truck with a flathead, which uses a single wide groove pulley. My water pump, 12v alternator, and A/C compressor have 2-groove pulleys with narrow grooves. Tell me if you think this pulley hack will work out. I started by splitting the original single groove pulley. I used a cut-off wheel and a grinder to remove the forward half of the pulley, then ground the remaining half-pulley smooth. I found an old Mopar pulley with 2 narrow grooves. I don’t know the original application, but it was only a few mm larger than the original pulley. I cut off the
  4. What they said. Usually the trucks without corner windows had one piece door windows. The "Deluxe" cabs had quarter windows and wing windows in the doors.
  5. 15 years ago, I had chrome plating done at D-G Custom Chrome in Cincinnati. The results were good, and much cheaper than Paul's.
  6. George Asche built this 265ci from the 251 in my 1952 Desoto. Carbs and linkage are also from George. The dual intake is a swap meet part that I polished myself. Anyone ever seen another Nicson intake? [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/aurwin1953/media/2011-08-15%2016.55.43_zpsojl8utkq.jpg.html'>
  7. I'm curious about the roof rack myself. I have one in storage (no wood) and would love to see some pictures of one that had been restored!
  8. Dave, I just read a long thread by Merle Coggins that has lots of those pics. Try a search
  9. Hi Don, good to see you are still active here. Norm passed away just before I put the hobby on hold. I chatted w Tim Adams and Young Ed this morning, I see some other familiar names. I was able to edit my previous post finally after I switched browsers. Something about the security settings in Microsoft Edge wasn't playing nice. Firefox seems to work better. Lots of reading to do to catch up before I start asking my usual dumb questions!
  10. I have been informed by another forum member that I should not be posting informal classifieds in the regular forum. Is there any way to delete the post? I'll re-post the classified in the correct area.
  11. Hi, I've been away from the forum for a few years, but I have a desire to get back to wrenching, so I thought I'd stop in and see what's going on here. I see a few of the old familiar names! Times have been a little tough for me, financially and health-wise, but are turning around a bit. I would like to sell some of the stuff I have in storage to finance the next bit of restoration. I have more than I will be able to finish in this lifetime, so I would consider offers if anyone is interested. I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check the classifieds for some of the stuff I've got. Look for
  12. Might be a nice resource link if legit. Stromberg carbs 1934-1953
  13. the attachment is a pdf file. It may be legit, I don't know. Sent by tim@carburetor-manual.com.
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