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  1. I'm pretty sure they sell a deer in a headlight
  2. Thanks that's probably what I would have done if nobody had anything. Knowing hobby lobby they probably have a p15d24 section
  3. Finally had some spare time that coincided with decent weather to work on a few parts to bring back to the Dodge to get it going. I have a brand new looking intake and exhaust manifold ready to put on. I repaired my electric choke, brazed some threads onto the manifold to hold it in place. I've got pretty much everything to put the brakes back together but I noticed one of the felt washers that go in the metal cup has disintegrated. Anyone have a source or suitable replacement?
  4. Stopped by Harbor Freight and picked up a 12ton that was on sale.
  5. Is a press necessary to put a new bearing onto the rear axle? Or can it be driven on with a hammer and tube or a punch?
  6. I've heard that modern detergents are much gentler than those from years past. I used detergent oil when I first got my car running 20 years ago not knowing anything about anything. I changed the oils several times before dropping the pan. When I got around to dropping the pan it was clean as a whistle and no ill effects. The car sat for about 20 years before I got it. Now I may have just gotten lucky, but I'm not too scared of detergent oil.
  7. Early Dodge strutting its stuff.
  8. With a locked up clutch you can sometimes put in it gear since they aren't spinning and mesh up. Sometimes the teeth will line up peak to peak and you can't get it in gear. Are you able to get it in gear while it's running, it's just making a bad noise when you do
  9. I'd appreciate it Ed. I was getting ready to post something in the classifieds but will wait to hear from you.
  10. Thanks Shel, just what I needed. Well, besides the actual axle. Another older tape measured 32-1/4" and the other was just under so I'd say that's the measurement i need to go with
  11. I'm on the hunt for a replacement axle for my D24. I wanted to see if anyone has the measurement for the P15 axle so I can include or exclude them from my search. Mine measures right around 32-3/16
  12. Being out of the loop for as long as I have I can't believe I'm reading this statement! Glad they have straightened things out there.
  13. I almost had a rapid fender removal when the bearing blew the rear axle out. Luckily a little hammer and dolly was all it needed to roll the lip back in.
  14. Just noticed my sig has my Datsun in it still. I actually just sold it a few months ago due to shrinking garage space when we moved to our new house. It went to a buddy of mine so I'll get to see it around
  15. It's been quite a while since I've been on the forum. My Dodge blew a rear bearing out several years ago and I let it sit for far too long. After a friend prodded me every time we saw each other to let him help I finally gave in. I brought it over to his house last week. Going to clean out and rebuild the carb since it's got to be a little gummy. I ran the engine several times a year. Just need to fix the rear axle and brakes to get back on the road. I'll go ahead and replace the shocks and do the front brakes again while I'm at it. The suppliers have changed quite a bit in the last 5 years so I'm sure I'll be doing quite a bit of research around here.
  16. I believe the boat paints don't take to wet-sanding and polishing too well. I'm painting a boat right now and you may want to use the roll-tip method. Instead of just rolling then sanding, you roll out a small section then tip it with a dry brush (very lightly draw the brush across perpendicular to the rolling). On my boat I'm using a badger hair brush ($$$). You probably wouldn't need that high of a quality brush since you're thinning the paint out much more than I am and you're also sanding.
  17. I don't think you need to pull the floor pan. You should be able to see all of your lines from underneath the car. You can pull the access cover for the master.
  18. About the only thing I use the stuff for besides "displacing water" is to remove the leftover goo from tape or labels. I do really like the new can design with the flip up straw. I wish they'd sell the rights to that idea to other sprays.
  19. I can't believe nobody told you to top off your turn signal fluid. These guys are getting slack
  20. We've got the same type of storms running through here since earlier this evening. We're on the third bad system right now. It's cleared up between each storm.
  21. Do you have a choke knob? If so, you can eliminate the lean mixture as being a problem if pulling the choke out doesn't help the situation.
  22. If you've ever had an engine "diesel" after shutting it off, that's what it sounds like, just more rapid
  23. If your mixture is too lean it will cause knocking. It would have to be really lean to knock while not under load. Your valves are all adjusted? I use my longest screwdriver to listen to the engine. Put the tip on the engine and the handle next to your ear.
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