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  1. Normally, I would not be interested in any reality TV shows, since I have had my 15 minutes of fame twice in my life, so far. However, after meeting the guy, as nice and easy going as possible, who won with his tin woodie at WaveCrest, last Saturday, and receiving the email referring to the filming company coming to AZ; I decided to keep enjoying my eccentric old age and have some fun with this possible opportunity. Everything I do do with PLYWOOD, in the public arena, adds provenance and mystic to the cars intangible worth; thus increasing my financial well being and opens many new doors to meeting new people and having many new pleasant experiences. Since none of you has ever offered me a dime to help me have a better life, I think I'll just continue to do things my way. The Woody World folks are all wishing me well in this possible adventure. Discouraging to see Plymouth people on this forum be less than kind, so screw you.
  2. Hi, Annie looks great!! What is the difference between the front and reaf bumper guards, please? Thanks.
  3. Too funny, Neil. Reminds me of a guy when confronted by a pretty gal with big boobs, noticing her shoes are untied.
  4. I am very well aware that this nice man has held onto this Woodie car for many years because he had a dream about possibly restoring it. Art and I shall view this car with the right attitude that we have been allowed to have the first look, after 25 years of abiding time in a garage capsule. I am still astonished that he chose me to see this Woodie, for the first time in 25 years, based only on his seeing my pride in PLYWOOd, since I have never met this man.
  5. Earlier today, I received an email stating that the producers of "My Ride Rules", Speed Channel, is inviting applications to enter Scottsdale/PHX Area cars, for their very popular TV reality show. Being as I am a shy introverted type, I asked my Life Coach if I could handle the rejection if they didn't choose PLYWOOD and Me to compete in their show. My Coach said, what else could you possibly lose, You Little Cry Baby? That really hurt my feelings; so I said, 'Give me Reality TV or give me more beer'. I decided to throw down the "Speckled Glove". Thus, here is my application to enter the expanded version of "My Ride Rules". In reverse order of submitting my application: PS: I won last year's Wavecrest 2010 Hard Luck Award because an uninsured motorist ran a stop sign and smashed in the front left of PLYWOOD. PLYWOOD was un-drivable after the wreck; however, I rented a car and attended the Wavecrest event without my cherished Woodie, PLYWOOD. I am confident that every one at Wavecrest was supportive of my can do attitude and positive appreciation for a great time, spent with friends, even in the face of such calamity. I was a gracious loser, then, and would be a gracious loser in the highly improbable event that I didn't win on My Ride Rules. Charlie Olson, laughing it up in AZ --- On Sat, 9/24/11, RED RYDER <plywood46@yahoo.com> wrote: From: RED RYDER <plywood46@yahoo.com> Subject: PLYWOOD and Me; just might work........... MY RIDE RULES TV SHOW To: CastingComeDrive@gmail.com Date: Saturday, September 24, 2011, 8:44 PM Greetings, received an email that mentioned you all are possibly filming your great show in AZ; so I wanted to present my cool, unique Phantom Woodie, PLYWOOD, and myself as possible contestants on your fun show. My PLYWOOD is a Phantom Woodie; meaning it was not originally a factory Woodie. I bought this unique one of a kind Phantom Woodie from a Tinkerman, in Oregon. He actually cut down the trees on his own farm, did the mill work on an old time saw mill that was belt driven by a Model T engine. PLYWOOD has been driven to Encinitas, CA, for the Annual September WaveCrest Woodie Meet and the Annual Arizona Route 66 Fun Run. This car gets a lot of thumbs up and honking horns when it is out enjoying the open road. At this year's WaveCrest 2011 Woodie Meet, I had the good fortune to meet that fine gentleman, who built a really nice Chevy Tin Woodie and was a winner on your show. I gave him, and his wife, GOOD LUCK WaveCrest 2011 Friendship Coasters, as a token of having met him and getting to see his My Ride Rules winning vehicle. Seems pretty cool, to me, to be sending you folks this email; one week, to the day, after meeting him. To give you a hint of my personality, I had a reflective magnetic white sign made for display on PLYWOOD's trunk lid that states CALIFORNIA OR RUST!!! I am a member of the National Woodie Club, San Diego Woodies and the National Plymouth Owners Club. PLYWOOD is all stock and original; except for the wood attached to the metal skin. This particular unique Plymouth Phantom Woodie has been featured twice in the National Woodie Club's Woodie Times magazine and once in the Plymouth Owners Club The Plymouth Bulletin magazine. I am 67 years of age, a really nice guy, semi retired, can dish it out (nicely) and take it as well. Thanks for taking the time to consider an oddball and charming car which gives a lot of joy and pleasure to those who see it. Charlie Olson Gilbert, AZ PS: 2011 WAVECREST WOODY CLASSIC CAR SHOW YouTube Link: Charlie Olson, Sacrificial Lamb for the Wood Car Company
  6. While I was attending the Friday morning surfing beach party, at WaveCrest, I decided to clean out my wood trash can; which was full of out dated car event flyers, old raffle tickets, product decals, etc.. At the very bottom, I discovered a biz card from Y-KNOT Woodworking (Handyman Services), that I don't remember having seen before I found it at the bottom of my trash can. On the back was a hand written note that read: I have a "47" w/Parts For Sale. So, there I was in SoCal, at the Beach, with my Woodie car and find a note about a "47" Woodie, back in AZ. I immediately called the gentleman, apologized for not having called sooner and asked him when he put the biz card in my car. He saw PLYWOOD at the Annual 7th Avenue Street Fair/Car Show, March of 2011, and thought I might be interested in the Woodie. He represents that the Woodie is a 'basket case', but has most of the Woodie parts in boxes, etc. The wood is shot and this car has been sitting in his garage for 25 years. Art Butler and I are going to go see it, next Wednesday, with flashlights and cameras. He was going to try to unbury the car, but I told him to wait to see if it was worth the effort and that Art and I would be happy with just a first "uncovered" look see. I have never had the opportunity to be the first one to see a "barn find", so I am very excited for next Wednesday to arrive. I'll keep you all posted. Charlie Olson, Lead Barn Scout, The Wood Car Company
  7. I am glad you made it to WaveCrest. Let's see those pictures, okay?
  8. Hi All, this past week, at the annual WaveCrest Woodie Meet, I won a nice pair of MagnaFlow Performance Mufflers. I am thinking about putting a dual exhaust system on PLYWOOD. I can either split the current exhaust manifold or find some headers. Does any one of you have any suggestions, ideas or input about a good way to set up a dual exhaust system, on a stock P15 Six? I plan to have some nice chrome tips out the back and was wondering if placing them on the outside or the inside of the bumper guards would look the coolest, to most people. Any dual exhaust input appreciated. I do know I want to have a cross over pipe to give it that deep rumble sound. Thanks. Pics of WaveCrest to follow, next week. Charlie, satisfied customer of the Wood Car Company
  9. Thanks, Bob. I'll take a closer look at them, next time I am at the storage building.
  10. Eureka!!!! I came across an old, forgotten box of miscellaneous parts for PLYWOOD and inside was four bumper guards. They need to be chromed, but look to be in good shape. My question is, "Is there a difference between the front and back bumper guards; if so, which is which?" Any tips to tell which is which is appreciated.
  11. Miles of smiles with Dad; good memories of great times. RIP Sir. Peace for you and the family, Bob.
  12. HHHHHHMMMMMMM, think I'll have spaghetti for dinner, tomorrow night.
  13. I vote for the red rims; as they enhance the red glass of the tail lights. The white rims look out of place, as they doesn't blend/match with any other component of the car. I happen to know what I am talking about, because I have always had an opinion.
  14. WOW!! That is some kinda roof rack. How is it attached to the Dodge?
  15. I recently purchased a pair of glass factory original blue dot tail lights; still in the original boxes. They look great, day or night, and coordinate nicely with the polished SS clam shell shaped exhaust deflector with it's own Ruby Red reflector eye.
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