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Clutch assembly 49 Dodge


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Hey follow members, I have a delima. I replaced the entire clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing on my fluid drive 1949 Wayfarer business mans coupe. Now I have a vibration. I read in the book that upon removing the assembly to mark it with the bell housing. If you replace it all how would you know how to bolt it up sense the parts are all new? I know the motor is internally balanced so it can't be that. The old parts are gone unfortunetly. Please help if any one has any ideas.




Terry Hancock

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first off you left out a number of important items here that you shared on chat...vibe at idle...not in gear etc etc.....you also have not commented of the chat recommendations and if or if not checked and eliminated....you want more items to check or suggestions..you have to give the people here the facts that are known...

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Items to also check:

Motor mounts and transmission mounts. Are thy compressed and old and hard.


could be the driveshaft as Ply Adams stated.


If you have vibration dampener it could also be that.


Also could be front motor mounts.


I had a clutch replaced and then the front vibration dampener need to be replaced on my 39 Desoto.


just some thoughts


Rich Hartung


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I think theres a certain amount of chattering at a stop between the plates. At times it's silent and other times theres a bit of chatter.

I went to see my 49 Dodge this morning with it's new owner and he replaced the motor mounts and the noise is gone.

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