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  1. desoto1939's post in I can't find the right Spindle Nut was marked as the answer   
    first go to your parts book if you have one. If not then get one becasue this is one of the basic books you will need for your truck.
    Look up the part number and send it to me I have a MoPar  basic  nuts and bolts catalog that breaks down the basic parts by their MoPar numbers and then if your part is inthe book I can then determine the nut size and threads.
  2. desoto1939's post in 1950 Meadowbrook Water Pump was marked as the answer   
    I prefer the gates model that has the sealed beaing instead of the old bronze two bushings the bushings are the part that goes bad when the get out of round because of the impleer shaft.  To rebuild you can call Art Gould in Upper NY.
    If you look at PartsGeeks .com com you can get a new wp for around 70 dollar.  They use the gates wp and I called Gates and they switched over to all sealed WP for our cars.  The original wp that you have in your probably was replaced at one point so you might not have the original Wp that came with the car.  If you are having your car jusdge they do not look to determne if original only if it look period correct.
    Rich Hartung
  3. desoto1939's post in 50 Meadowbrook/Lubricating Rear Axle Bearings? was marked as the answer   
    Do not use a grease gun it will put tooooo much grease behindg the bearing and then force grease out the seal into the backing plate and then onto the brake shoes.  Thke a small amount of grease and new grease is ok  about a thumb sise and then push the grease into the hole do this maybe twice then put the bolt back in.  Over greasing will cause issues. It should tell you in your service manual.
    Rich Hartung
  4. desoto1939's post in Coming up short on a tie rod end. was marked as the answer   
    OK here is your answer to the tie rod ends
    Passenger side use the ES 60 Right and left   Right is closest to the tire the left is closest to the pitman control
    Driver side uses ES131 Right and Left   Right goes to the side of the pitman control  the Left goes to the side of the left tire
    The numbers that I have listed were used across all manufacturers.
    Rich Hartung
  5. desoto1939's post in 37 Plymouth brakes was marked as the answer   
    Hvae you used either the Ammco brake tool or the miller brake tools to set the arch of the shoes to the drum. It sounds as if you have not done the major brake adjustment or if you did it is not correct.
    I have the Ammco Brake tool.
    Rich HArtung
  6. desoto1939's post in 1940 plymouth radiator removal ? was marked as the answer   
    OK here is your answer on how to remove the radiator on a 1940 Plymouth taken out of my motors repair book.
    1. remove the hood and water pump
    2. disconnect the water outlets hose. bend back the clips which hold the hadlight wires to the radiator core. disconnect the core from the radiator support and lift out the radiator core
    So here is where a 1940 Plymouth service manual and or a motors repair manual. When you go to your next swap meet look for these books. This will be a very valuable book while you own the car.
    Rich Hartung
  7. desoto1939's post in Would Like To Rent Or Borrow Brake Adjustment Tool was marked as the answer   
    I have the Ammco brake toolbut it is current on loan/  When the tool is returned and I think it might be returned this week or next. It can be available.  Contact me on my home email so I can explain the rental process.
    Rich HArtung
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