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1937 Dodge coupe info needed

Rodney Bullock

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I have been working on a lady's 1937 Dodge coupe she does not have fender supports under her fenders does anyone know what these look like? I will go to the junk yard to get them if I have to, her fenders flap in the wind when she drives the car. Any help is appreciated:)

On a 1939 they look like a large upside down "J" that bolt on to the frame and follow the round curvature of the front fender. The 1937 model year should be similar.

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Here is what my 37 and 38 Plymouth looks like.

I found one for my Uncle's 36 Plymouth on ebay.

Those look exactly like the ones on my '38 Chrylser. Hard to get a picture as the car is all together. That is what you need to find, Rodney.

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John, we still have junk yards around here, the best one is in culpeper VA. I like the junk yards around September and Febuary. I have a bunch of guy's ready to go however I am scared to death:eek:

Claybill, I have a guy who said he can make the braces out of tubing or theaded rods like what Greg mentioned. He needs to make a template and get measurements. I might do that as time is of the essence. Don't you love old cars always someyhing.:mad:

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