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  1. Thanks Tim and all the Great Folks who attended.
  2. They apparently were on the Truck when it was purchased new as a Spring Special.
  3. Thanks everyone, I want you to know that we could not have got the job done if wasn't for you all on the forum. Again thanks for all your help. Thanks to Tim Estrada, it is great to have you close by. I will need some assistance in posting pics on the Gallery, mine seem to be to large in file size to post?
  4. Our 53 Spring Special finally finished. yea! Sorry about the attached pics, the others I could not post due to size.
  5. Getting ready to have an 87 Cherokee, 3:73 installed in my 53. Will let you know by next week how it went.
  6. Thanks Paul, Getting ready to install the tranny this week. Will have to switch the flange and parking brake from my old one. The bolt pattern for the flange on the syncro tranny is smaller than the 1948. Thanks again, Jerry
  7. Thanks everyone..this Forum has been a great source of information for me..without you all I would still be scratching my head..Today we go to pick up the bed sides and front panel..hope to get the front grille and fenders next week. Finished installing all windows but the passenger side yesterday..that was no easy task, we sent out for an expert..ha
  8. My Spring Special is coming along, hope to have it ready for the BBQ at Tim's place. If not these Pic's will have to do. It has been a long process but will be worth it.
  9. Any idea where I may find the Plastic ones for a 1953?
  10. Hey Tim, Holly & I will be there...getting close to having our Truck back!!
  11. $300 sounds in the ballpark..had mine done in Sacramento, CA. Front windshields, both wing windows and door windows. Did not include installation just cutting the glass.
  12. I had these made at Rare Parts in Stockton. Truck still a work in progress, so have not installed yet. The arms were from Vintage power wagon.
  13. Rare Parts has them. I got all mine there.
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