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  1. David, Thank you for sharing these. I always love to see old pictures like this. Robin.
  2. Charlie, Looks like you missed out on a good kit, there. I have one like the attached (but in a light brown metallic color) in my car. It works great, and looks correct for the period - I'm very happy with it. They come up on ebay regularly (in fact, I've taken the picture from a current listing). Happy hunting. Robin.
  3. Yes, Bryan's coupe, on the calendar, is my ex car. He's doing some great work on it. Already the bodywork has been tidied up in a few places and Bryan has plans to tighten up the steering and replace the windshield rubbers and complete interior in 2007. I get more excited every time I see the car!!!
  4. Allan, It's a surprise, and very flattering, to see my car on the calendar. Thank you for including it. I agree with David... you must be slightly psychic. The picture you've used for January was taken on 1st January 2005 (at a friend's wedding). Coincidence?... Or something more?... You decide!!!
  5. It's not my ex car. The car in the video is in France. The owner comes to our Rhythm Riot festival, each year (without the Plymouth). He doesn't speak English, and my French is very limited, but we still managed to share the excitement of our P15s!!! He showed me pictures last year. It looks fabulous on the video - and sounds great. Thanks for the link. Robin.
  6. Thanks Marty, That's great information. Can you recommend a supplier for that head gasket? And can anyone else add any more advice? Thanks. Robin.
  7. Guys, I know there was a thread recently, discussing using shorter plugs for finned ali heads. I'm getting ready to fit a Fenton head and have a question about the head gasket. I was always led to belive that a copper gasket, used with an ali head and iron block, would cause electrolitic degradation of the head, so which gaskets have you guys used? Also, do I need to consider anything else? Length of head bolts, etc? Thanks. Robin.
  8. My five - looks like I have expensive taste... Chrysler Thunderbolt Cord 810 convertible Auburn Speedster 41 Chrysler Windsor convertible 1936 Lincoln Zephyr V12 convertible I see an Art Deco theme running though that list!
  9. Hey Chet, Do you have a weblink to the supplier for this alternator? It certainly looks like the way to go. Especially as I spend so much time at idle in London traffic!!!
  10. It's by The Drifters. 1954 recording. Those guys had such great voices. Around that time, the group (as all doo-wop and vocal groups) had a fluid line-up. but often featured such legends as Jackie Wilson and Clyde McPhatter, although I can't work out who's singing on this one. I'll never tire of hearing songs like that.
  11. Guys, This is a great cartoon (to a great song). Happy Christmas to all of you. Robin. http://badaboo.free.fr/merryxmas.swf
  12. Thanks for thinking of us, Bob. Twisters are VERY rare over here. It's amazing that this one was so strong. 100 houses damaged and six people injured. It was only a couple of miles from us but, fortunately, no problems nearer our home. Quite close to the London base of Chet's business, so he may know people affected.
  13. It's not a mistake. Most tag toppers were designed to go above the tag, but a few were fitted underneath. They come up on Ebay occasionally. Looks good on the front, or rear, tag. Nice find.
  14. Yes, artwork is by Vince Ray. It was specially commissioned by us. The Rhythm Riot festival was a HUGE success - I even got a namecheck from Lloyd Price, during his show. WOW!!! Still recovering from the exhaustion, but feeling very happy.
  15. There a 1953 magazine for sale on Ebay and it shows this double-page spread with a picture (no 12) of a P15 that's been nosed and shaved and with what looks like a 49 Mercury front grille and frenched headlights. I like the look - with rocker panel and side moldings still retained. Just thought you'd like to see it. All the best. Robin.
  16. Thanks for sharing your great picture collection, David. I love seeing those period shots (and I use them as a constantly changing desktop on my computer). All the best. Robin.
  17. I picked up a couple of very good used rocker moldings from ebay about a year ago for, I seem to remember, about $150. I'd seen the way prices were going for NOS, so I thought I'd get some before they went completely crazy. In fact, the pieces were so good I haven't needed to repair them. They went on the car last week and look great. My old ones are very badly dented and scratched. (Worth keeping, to be restored, if prices keep going the way they are).
  18. Looks to me like 'inside wiper parking' is only possible on the convertible because of the shorter blades and the different wiper pillars. Obvioulsy woodies would be the same.
  19. Here's my car. I know it's not factory correct but I much prefer the wipers this way. And hey - the car doesn't belong to the factory any more!!! ~(ha ha) Robin.
  20. Bob, Well spotted. Those wipers are parked the way mine sit, on my convertible. I had noticed that most other cars have them parked to the outside, but I actually prefer the look when they are parked inwards. By the way, I noticed that you've been promoted to senior member!!! R.
  21. David, Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I'd date those at around 1950. Saddle shoes would have been worn even before WW2, so you can't go from that. The hairstyles (his and hers), size of his shirt collar, condition of the car and the points you mention regarding tires and hubcaps are the things I've gone by. But the paint certainly looks like dark metallic blue, rather than black. I think Howard's (ex) convertible was that type of color. R.
  22. Hi Arthur, Charlie Akers can now supply the kit. I have just ordered from him. Send him a message to: olddaddy@tampabay.rr.com Good luck. Robin.
  23. Yes, Niel, That was my car. He did really well to spot it, though. My friend's 58 Buick Limited was also used for that shoot.
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