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    Proud owner of a 1947 P15C Special Deluxe 4-Door sedan. My fourth P15 and a keeper for life!
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  1. Haha... Essentially, yes! My wife, Lydia, was with me with me at the event and all she could say was "Damn! We just got those things out of the living room!!!" LOL
  2. I like the look of the red and as others have said, nothings going to make that butt look small. Be proud of the junk in the trunk!! It's what gives that Dodge its character! You don't want another Ford or Chevy!!! Love it!!!!!!!
  3. Great example of a correct interior for a Battalion Beige P15. The welting on the seat is the pinstriped wool, the hogs hair is brown and the solid wool is the correct taupe. There were variations, but this is the most common scheme for the beige car.
  4. Nick Desimone was nice enough to email awards pictures from the banquet following the Pacific Grove Summer National meet.
  5. Just a note: The stock rims for a P15 came in either 15 inch 1946, 1947 late year, 48 and 49 or 16 inch early 47 models.
  6. Yes! I was grinning ear to ear with my 2nd place considering Mark was 1st. Of course, I knew from the get-go that Mark had it in the bag and deservedly so. Really hope I can make Kalamazoo. K-A-L-A-M-A-Z-OO.... I got a girl.... in Kalamazoo.... Actually I have one right here in Santa Maria, but I'll bring her with me
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed the meet and it was great to see Mark's 41 take 1st Place! I remember when he brought just the chassis to Santa Maria. I was amazed then at the meticulous attention to detail. Seeing the final product was even more amazing. Great work on a great car and thanks for the videos! Entertaining and informative. Congratulations!
  8. ...and they provide excellent instructions. Was very easy to install. Just be sure and take lots of digital pics of the original before taking it out and it's a no-brainer putting the new one in since Y n Z uses all the same patterns and colors as the original. BTW, their wire has modern insulation which is then covered in their cloth braiding. Very nice product, but of course it is expensive so not for everyone. Best of luck whichever way you go!
  9. Purchased it several years ago thinking I was going to buy another P15. I didn't. The harness is for a 12 volt setup. If you're interested, contact me directly via email. fortyseven.plym@verizon.net David
  10. This Richfield gas station was restored by the city of Coalinga, CA
  11. ... where, I'm told, illicit activities take place lol. It's too bad because the day I shot this pic, a Studebaker Dictator that normally parks there was gone.
  12. This is Benjamin Foxen's home (about 5 miles from my home) where Foxen met with General Fremont and lead his troops over San Marcos Pass, thereby bypassing the Spanish forces at Gaviota Pass. The Americans were able to march into the Presidio in Santa Barbara (then capital of California) and defeat the Spanish army without a shot being fired.
  13. Drifting back with a little help from Photoshop lol
  14. Marty, everything was just placed on loosely in that picture for a test. As you can see, there are wires hanging loose and no flooring in yet and the steering wheel isn't even bolted on yet.
  15. Here is the email I received from the General Manager: Dear Mr. Maxwell, I have created a block of rooms for your group titled Golden State Region Plymouth Owners Club. Please have your guests call in and identify themselves with this group in order to get the group room rate. With regards to your reservations you listed on your e-mail I have entered each of these for the dates indicated. The corresponding confirmation numbers are Amos 498297, Coady 498299, Desimore 498296, Wilson 498300, and Jordan 498298. All reservations are set as indicated on your list. Please call
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