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  1. This is a great story... And check the 50s Plymouth dealership in the second picture!!! http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=379487&f=140&h=0
  2. Hey Bob, Have a great time. I love that Chev open-air taxi conversion. I wonder if many of those types of vehicles have survived. The closest I've ever seen is a Fiat Jolly (click thumbnail below). Robin.
  3. Here's part 2... Inside the shop was this fantastic Tudor - the guy already has over 1000 hours invested in the bodywork alone. And the candy red 5-window is a genuine 50s Rod & Custom feature car which is being put back to original spec. SBC has been removed to be replaced by a crate flathead V8, with all the period-correct goodies. Pinstriping has been re-applied, moon discs to be fitted, etc. Dash features original paint and striping. The white tuck & roll interior is original. It's an amazing piece of history. The car was originally called Lil Stinker. Rod & Custom want to re-feature it when it's finished.
  4. Guys, I delivered my car to the shop yesterday for all new springs and shocks to be fitted, plus the long-awaited upgrade to finned ali head and Fenton headers. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I had a blast on the motorway (Freeway) cruising with the top down. I was sad to leave the car there!!! Anyway, attached a few pictures of the forecourt of the shop - it's a vintage building and the guys specialise in classics and rods. You can see that Bryan's coupe is there at the moment, awaiting a replacement engine. I got taken to the train station in the red Ford pick-up, which still has its flathead V8. Two more pix in next message. Robin.
  5. Hi Guys, I have a friend with an awesome 1939 Chrysler (UK built, Right Hand Drive) who needs a carburettor. He's tried all sorts with the existing carb, but it's beyond repair. The car runs but he experiences problems on a regular basis. He needs a Stromberg AAV2 Aerolite as a direct replacement, or some way of converting to an alternative. Can any of you help with supply of a carb, or parts, or advice on changeover options? Any information would be much appreciated. His car is a 5.3 litre straight 8. He's not a member of the Forum because he doesn't live in the 21st century and he has no internet access. All the best. Robin.
  6. Bob, I happened across that site a while ago, after someone said the skirts and trims on my car reminded him of the Westergard style. I did a Google search and found Rik Hoving's site. There's so much to look at I still haven't had time to go through everything. His archive of vintage pictures of rods and customs is the best I've found on the web. Enjoy! Robin.
  7. I believe that lead wasn't added to gas until the early 50s, so all the P15s will run on unleaded gas without modification (just a slight timing adjustment). There was a lot of debate in the UK regarding use of unleaded in classic cars. Many people were of the opinion that valve seat recession was only significant after high mileage at high revs and, since most classics are used only occasionally, it's not really an issue. Also, there was a suggestion that if the engine has previously been used with leaded gas for a significant amount of time, the lead would have thinly coated the valve seats and would offer protection for quite a while.
  8. Can anyone confirm which years/models these Plymouth hubcaps are from? I like the round center logos. Thanks. Robin.
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the advice and offers of motors. Bryan is still making up his mind about which way to go - rebuild or replace. The engine is coming out this week and then it can be stripped to see the state of play. I will keep you posted. It's great to know the support is out there. Much appreciated. R. PS we were quoted 1800 Pounds plus taxes for a rebuilt ex-NATO Dodge motor. That works out to over $4100... PHEW!!!
  10. Hi Guys, You are going through all the same thought processes we have already been through. Trouble is, machining and parts work out so costly over here so, that even with the shipping costs, it might work out cheaper (and easier) to ship a complete motor from the states. We know people who import cars, so can possibly piggy-back the shipment in one of their containers. At the moment we're just looking at options. Again, any help or pointers much appreciated. Robin.
  11. My friend, who owns my ex coupe, has a major problem with the motor. He is trying to decide whether to rebuild or replace. Does anyone have a good original or rebuilt motor for sale? Or can you point us in the right direction? Thanks. Robin.
  12. There's a rod been built over her, for a girl. I can't remember if it's a T, or a Model A/B I saw it in the workshop, mid-build. Body was off, but the bubble-gum pink torpedo headlamps were very noticeable. I think the finished project was due to be pink with black scallops on the front end. I'll look out for it at the shows, and try to get a picture.
  13. ...and the driver's side rocker trim is actually a passenger side piece. And the top hold-down brackets seem to be missing. But it has all the correct knobs and switches, clock and radio, dual heaters and it's a good looker. I think someone's in line to get a nice car at a fair price. Robin.
  14. Actually, Allan, I can help.... Just send me $10,000 and verification of all your bank account details and I'll have that money for you in no time!!! Ha Ha!!! Any of you ever in London, are most welcome to come for a ride in my vert. R.
  15. Guys, Bob's thread regarding the red 'vert on ebay has transformed into a discussion about wide wheel trims (beauty rings). I bought a very good used set of 16" trims for my Plymouth, but they don't sit properly on the wheels. They fit under the hubcap, but the outer edge sits proud of the rim by about a half inch, meaning the spring clips don't seat against the outer rim. Seems that they are for a wheel with a deeper offset (are Dodge wheels wider?) Anyone have a set for a Plymouth? If so, I'd be interested. Robin.
  16. That's very sad news. Sincere condolences to Nelson's family. From Plymouth-owning friends across the world. Robin (UK)
  17. Bob, Which size caps do I need, for best fit? Thanks. R.
  18. Guys, A really friendly Ebayer had recently listed some Fenton headers and sent me a copy (free of charge) of the original 9-page fitting instructions. It makes for interesting reading, especially in light of the recent thread regarding the heat riser for dual carb set-ups, as the Fenton headers are specified to have small take-off tubes which route to the underside of the dual-carb intake, to heat the unit. I have tried to upload pictures for you, but the restricted file size makes them very difficult to read, so if anyone would like high-res jpegs, please email me and I'll send them on. Robin.
  19. Guys, Has anyone replaced head bolts with studs? I'd like to use chrome acorn nuts with my Fenton head. If anyone's already done it, can you recommend a supplier and/or specification for sizes, thread type, etc. Thanks. Robin.
  20. Hi Gerhard, I tried the small chrome louvred air cleaners which look great but, I think, restrict air flow. Then I changed to 4-inch tall reproduction Edmunds Custom units, with washable inserts. Got these from Charlie Price's Vintage Speed and fitted them using clamps cut down from two old oil-bath cleaners. Very happy with the look and performance of the set-up.
  21. Thanks Guys, Certainly some food for thought, there. Aprreciate the tips. Robin.
  22. Guys, Have any of you successfully used high temperature paint for an exhaust manifold? If so, which make or range? Planning to dress up my headers so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Robin.
  23. Lee, Those skirts look SO good. I really love the sweep at the rear end. What a great shape. I'm happy to have been of some help. Look forward to seeing a picture of them painted, once the job's finished. All the best. Robin.
  24. Guys, An artist in the UK sent me a picture of a painting she has just completed. I didn't commission the painting - she requested permission to feature my car on her publicity material and promised to let me have some copies of the finished piece. Click the thumbnail for a better view. The original is 24 x 36 inches, in acrylic on canvas. I hope I get to see the original one day. Have a good weekend. R.
  25. ....and the black one looks like a 37 or 38 Plymouth. Yes, the red coupe does have a rumble set. R.
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