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  1. Hi Gerhard, I tried the small chrome louvred air cleaners which look great but, I think, restrict air flow. Then I changed to 4-inch tall reproduction Edmunds Custom units, with washable inserts. Got these from Charlie Price's Vintage Speed and fitted them using clamps cut down from two old oil-bath cleaners. Very happy with the look and performance of the set-up.
  2. Thanks Guys, Certainly some food for thought, there. Aprreciate the tips. Robin.
  3. Guys, Have any of you successfully used high temperature paint for an exhaust manifold? If so, which make or range? Planning to dress up my headers so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Robin.
  4. Lee, Those skirts look SO good. I really love the sweep at the rear end. What a great shape. I'm happy to have been of some help. Look forward to seeing a picture of them painted, once the job's finished. All the best. Robin.
  5. Guys, An artist in the UK sent me a picture of a painting she has just completed. I didn't commission the painting - she requested permission to feature my car on her publicity material and promised to let me have some copies of the finished piece. Click the thumbnail for a better view. The original is 24 x 36 inches, in acrylic on canvas. I hope I get to see the original one day. Have a good weekend. R.
  6. ....and the black one looks like a 37 or 38 Plymouth. Yes, the red coupe does have a rumble set. R.
  7. Guys, A friend just came back from a holiday in Australia and sent me these pictures of cars which are owned by the neighbour of the people she was staying with. I LOVE the 5-window coupe. Quite a collection. Somewhere in Sydney.
  8. Guys, A friend just sent me these pictures from another friend's wedding, earlier this year. Some nice shots, so I thought I'd share them. R.
  9. In response to the recent thread regarding the Autolamp self-cancelling turn signals, I have attached a few pictures of the unit fitted to my car. The first one shows a driver's view. The second and third should let you see how the rubber cancelling wheel sits against the base of the steering wheel. I know some guys have said that they thought these units woldn't work on the P15, but I can guarantee that it is a perfect fit and works great. Click the thumbnails for a larger view. Hope this is useful. Robin.
  10. That Buick Blackhawk is Harley Earl's Buick Y-Job reevisited...
  11. This 'yellow' thing looks like something that's died at sea and been washed up on the beach. Great craftsmanship but, for me, the proportions don't work, the color's horrible and the lines are too complicated at the front. It's lost that 'less is more' feel of the truly great custom jobs. Holden (Australia) got it right, with the EFIJY concept car. Color, shape, overall concept and the impact of the finished project are awesome. For more information, see the Hot Rod Magazine article at: http://www.hotrod.com/featuredvehicles/hdrp_0604_holden_efijy_concept_car/index.html
  12. Bob, The Autolamp set-up will fit the P15 perfectly - the one you've posted is exactly the same as the unit that is on my car. The trick is to turn the fixing bracket through 180 degrees, to allow the cancelling wheel to butt up against the hub of the steering wheel. When I got the car, the unit was incorrectly fitted, but it was a 10-minute fix. R.
  13. Hi Nile, The best mag for British Rods and Customs is Custom Car Magazine. http://www.customcarmag.co.uk/ That's definitely the market leader. It will feature some American cars being rodded in the UK, but also has good photo and in-depth features on customised British cars. Let me know if you have any trouble subscribing. Good luck. R.
  14. Great pictures, Don, Colette and I visited San Fran in 1991, on our honeymoon. What an amazing, and friendly city. We loved it, and definitely plan to go back one day. R.
  15. Thanks for the kind comments about Colette. My son, Henry, is now six and a half. Boy, he's growing FAST! We bought him a model 4-cylinder OHV engine for Christmas. It's all made from transparent and colored plastic and when it's finished, will turn from an electric motor with flashing lights to simulate sparking plugs. It has over 100 parts. We're spending time building it together, and he loves it. I'm waiting for the day I can send him out to the garage to fix my Plymouth!!!
  16. Sorry guys, I couldn't resist the Auburn Speedster... one of my all-time favorites. The Cadillac is from 1903.
  17. The Leyat is crazy, with the huge front end propellor. The 2CV is part of a temporary Citroen exhibition at the museum. It's one of a handful of prototypes which were hidden from the Nazis in 1940, then forgotten about, and re-discovered a few years ago in the loft of a barn. It will remain unrestored.
  18. These are displayed on a very impressive, angled, overhead display - looks like a banked track.
  19. OK Guys, You asked SO nicely.... Here are some pictures I took recently, at the National Motor Museum. Hope you like them. For information on any of these cars, or others in the collection, you can search at http://www.beaulieu.co.uk/motormuseum/collection.cfm Hope there are some interesting and unfamiliar sights for you guys. First five here... more to follow R.
  20. Guys, We went to a rockabilly day at a recently re-fitted 1950s themed bowling alley in central London, yesterday. It was such a lovely winter's day, we took the Plymouth for a spin. When we came out of the venue, we saw this amazing 1928 Model A pick-up, hopped up with a Thomas dual-carb intake. A great day out. R.
  21. Charlie has also been a great help to me. And, believe me, it would be so much harder for us guys, outside the States, if the help, advice and common sense on this Forum wasn't available to us. Thanks Charlie. Thanks everyone! Robin.
  22. Guys, Today, ordered a cylinder head gasket and was asked whether or not I needed the early, or late style water porting. I checked, and discovered that my car, which runs a D42 motor, is fitted with the earlier cylinder head. I read a thread recently, regarding that extra water port at the front of the engine and I was amazed to see that, in my car, the block has the water port and the head doesn't. I've had the car three years and not noticed. I've also run it for thousands of miles - no problems. My guess is that someone must have capped that port on the block. I'll find out for sure when the head comes off. It's crazy, the stuff you can find on old cars!!
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