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  1. Looking good! The trick to getting these brakes after you get them reinstalled is to get if possible a Lockheed brake adjusting tool if not go to special brake tools you can make one. This old brakes require them to fit almost perfectly befor you install the hubs. If you can bowser this tool it’s a snap to pre adjust the shoes! Jon
  2. Yes same old guy! My grandson caught this monster fish last weekend! What a catch! My wife is a very devoted Christian lady and she prayed for our little fishing adventure and god paid oft big time!
  3. I got one that rusted up but will check it out! Jon
  4. This has been an on going problem and I have the Lockheed brake adjusting tool and know how to use it. I have replaced all the wheel cylinders and installed a new master cyclinder with a stainless steel sleeve. Even replaced all the brake lines but After I do a bleeding properly the brak s work fine until I drive the car. The front right brake has a strange noise as if the shoes were we’re pushing out the backing plate. Like I said befor I can adjust the brakes an I get great pedal action right at the top and the brakes work perfect going in reverse . But as soon as I go forward the pedal will get soft after a few stops. This is why I’m going to get the front right shoes reclined with a thicker shoe material. Years ago when I started this brake overhaul they worked fairly well but I thought I was going to pull a trailer and needed new brakes! The breake shoes were arced in but I wish I would have kept the old ones but didn’t. We’ll end of story! Going to a car show tomorrow with the soft breaks but this coming week I’m going to take the right shoes oft and send them oft to be relined. with a thicker shoe material. Oh yes I also installnew brake springs!
  5. This is just a simple question? By adding new brake material to exsisting shoes and adding thickness will this mean the stroke on the wheel cylinder will not haft to travel as far. This old brake maste r cyclinder setups do not give very much tolerance for piston travel and so I would I would think it would help by having less travel. Please no sarcastic remarks I just want an answer. Jon
  6. And where can I get shoes arced in the Seattle area. Jon
  7. What size would be an oversized brake shoe material for my Dodge? Jon present size is .200” my brake hub on the front has been machined out to clean up braking surface. It’s within the factory specifications. Thanks Jon
  8. Of course I do but it’s not a new car and I drive accordingly so. I drive it to Walmart sometimes and to local car shows where it always gets allot of attention. Jon
  9. Anyone else in need of one of these?
  10. I noticed the hood ornament and it was not cromed. This is a blackout feature and the rest of the stainless steel trim could have been painted over in the past and someone might just have removed the paint. These blackouts were almost a hosh posh of parts that were still around while manufacturing the blackouts. I know on my car the door handles on one side are Crome plated and on the other sometype of plated material gray in color. This truly is a rare car and if possible be restored to once it was. Jon
  11. I secured the factory built card for my 42 Dodge and thought I would post it here. Interesting as they still had it on record for over 70 years.
  12. When I bought my radio I contact Barry Dalton who lives in Grant Pass Oregon. He rebuilds and sells automobile radios and he may have just what you might need. Here is his Email address if your interested in contacting Barry for price of a completely rebuilt radio to fit your car. Radio@RVI.NET. Jon
  13. The build card cost 25 dollars.
  14. First of all Blackouts had the trim painted as I have one. Chrysler has a site in Detroit that has the build card of all its cars and you might be able get this. I cannot remember the address of that site but with a little research you should be able to find it. Jon
  15. I’m 74 and have been playing with cars my whole life! Here is a picture of me sitting on my first car! Well it was my first car when I turned 13 years old. It was a hand me down family car and my brother gave it to me to get me out of his hair. I completely took it apart and put it back together befor my 15 birthday! And used it all during my highschool days! No top but who in California needed one. Jon
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