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  1. Thanks allbizz49 and I think I'm going to have at least a 2 1/2" spacer on each side to bring the tires out to where they need to be so what do you think?
  2. Ok so I'm a little confused here so the picture with the 2 lugs the smaller one is the ones that came off of the '53 and the taller black one is what was being used on the ranger rear end so when I add the spacers to bring out my rims and tires I will have to get lugs like these chrome ones like in the other picture am i correct that will hold together correct?
  3. Mackthefinger so these are the rims and tires off my '53 on the ranger rear end mocked up just to verify it will work so I know I will definitely need to add the spacers to bring the rims and tires out but so far seems to be lining up ok I think but I'm no expert dont mind the cancer above the tire lol
  4. Plymouthy meaning what please as to the fit part?
  5. Thanks plymouthy and allbiz49 and as for the wheels fiting on the ranger end I put them on and it's a perfect fit probably going to add the spacers as the ranger end is shorter than my '53 correct
  6. Thanks plymouthy and allbiz49 and as for the wheels fiting on the ranger end I put them on and it's a perfect fit probably going to add the spacers as the ranger end is shorter than my '53 correct
  7. Good Morning would like to ask for more advise from you experts once again in here ok here is my situation I am currently doing a rear end swap on my 1953 dodge meadow Brook that some of you have responded to with so much help I was told a ranger rear end would work so I purchased a used 1988 for ranger rear end and am currently trying to see what needs to be done so far I understand I will need to change flange to differential as well as need to cut and re weld the perches for my u bolts and brackets for my shocks and add some spacers to get my wheels to fit where they were but here is where
  8. Morning all just a quick question to see if someone can help me identify if this rear end I am going to look at this morning will hopefully fit the circled are the tags in truck the rest is from rangerstation.com can someone please let me know if it will work on my '53
  9. Plymouthy Adam's I will start to look only one question what and where is the top center of the hogshead where it butts up to the banjo I have no idea what or where that is sorry
  10. 48ply I am trying to still understand the 3.55 rearend situation and where to find out in my manual what I have in my car please
  11. Ok gentlemen let me do it this way so it can probably be more understood as to what I got myself into here and what you can tell me would be my best option please so the pictures included are of my rearend I could not get one side of the drum off as you can see please no rude comments I k bj ow I messed up in the picture and this is what it has come down to trying to grind that hub off and not mess up that spindle to save rearend but I cat find no drums for it they are the 11" x 2" so I was told that my other option would be a bad cheaper maybe to do a rearend swap is the reason for the inquir
  12. Thank you Plymouthy Adam's for your response yes I was told the driveshaft might cause some problems but if I find one like this on my rearend in picture that matches up off the ranger,explorer etc. Rearends I should be ok correct
  13. Great thanks and so the WMS is correct in the picture I added correct?
  14. Young Ed thank you for replying so I want to get this right so in this pic for example the WMS will be the total length where I have marked correct? And as for the explorer 8.8 part what am i looking for please
  15. Ok in need of some more help here from you all no offense but old timers who have the knowledge and wisdom to help me out once again on my '53 dodge meadowbrook d46 so I'm going to try and do the rearend swap I've gotten enough info as to what will work I'm sorta stuck on a few things so for example as I understand the year and model and such like ranger explorer etc. But I need help as to what the meanings of the numbers and abbreviations in the picture circled in red example explorer 8.8 i do know what the length means of course but where do get that number for my car as well as the WMS-WMS
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