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Fabricating #3, #4 and #5 attachment points for the P-15 floor braces.

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My solution for fabricating a floor brace attachment #3.  This is a universal brace PN802 from EMS


It almost makes itself.  Just need to fab the sides and this will splice into the floor brace system that was original to the car.  





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This is the solution from the same part for attachment points #4 and #5.  Also shows how I plan to splice it into the original brace structure.


Not quite as clean as the solution for #3, because I cut notches for the bolts from the frame mount, but it works.  These were the smallest aftermarket braces I could find.  Ideally I would have found a brace the same width as the original.  On the positive side, the wider brace will cradle the original brace structure when I splice it in.





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