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  1. I coated my floor with Flex-seal, a rubberized paint/roll on product Then I laid down thermal/noise insulation from Quite Ride Then the carpet. All found online. Weather Tech sells general purpose size floor mats that I will likely pick up as well.
  2. Question: I have this original light switch with a Buss fuse. The markings are not clear on the fuse at all. What amp rating was used here and should I change this with the conversion from 6V to 12V
  3. Little farther along. Need to attach the seatbelt strap to the B pillar and then hide all those screws.
  4. Got it. I moved it just above the shifter but with enough room to hang my fingers out to reach the switch easily.
  5. Thank you for the advice. The issue here is the three-on-the-tree shifter keeps me from mounting up much higher, but I'll take another look at it.
  6. TnZ wired it into the harness before shipping so I didn't have any circuit boards to figure out. I could have ran the wire down to the base of the column, but it tucks more cleanly up into the dash. I'll tie it to the main harness that runs there already.
  7. Does anyone have a picture of one of these mounted in place?
  8. Thank you all. The photos were helpful. We're using a YNZ harness so everything is well marked. As I started to connect the wires, it all kind of made sense.
  9. Question: Does anyone have a good picture of the wiring harness running across the underside of the dash and also out through the firewall?
  10. Yes, that is the original. It's in pretty good shape.
  11. Take note of this brace attachment for the dash. It needs to go on before the front dash grill. I figured this out after I installed the dash. Anyway, got the dash and window garnish in now. I can see from the photo that I need to push the right side up a little tighter.
  12. My dad and I work as a pair. He watches or I watch or when were both working one is always out from under heavy objects. May not be practical for everyone, but having a wrench partner makes the project more entertaining as well.
  13. Yea, but don't get mad when you see mine out on e-bay with a slick story and a $40K price tag. I do love her, but if someone comes along that will pay me $40K, I'll find enough love for a few more.
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