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  1. Same as original for diameter and thread count (3/8 - 24), but won't be able to confirm lengths until I get it mounted. The original hardware was shot so we are working on a fab which may end up changing the lengths of the bolts. Washers, nuts and rubber pads are no real issue but we can't locate the sleeves used for these so that will take some thinking. I'll post pictures as we progress.
  2. she said fat chance and something about less differed maintenance?
  3. Mom mentioned something about scraping him once he's worn out?
  4. I used my dad as a metal press a few days ago. Not as impressive as the wall of tools or hoist in the floor, but effective.
  5. I asked Dad if there was an easy way to flatten out the universal tunnel to fit the attachment point from my old tunnel. I guess it was just more obvious to him because of his weight advantage. Universal tunnel also from EMS.
  6. We used it on the frame then put a top coat over it before it was completely dry. I plan to use it where I just can't clean up well
  7. Im starting to believe that this may be more than just theoretical
  8. wow. that's a breaker bar
  9. I watched as my dad almost loose his eyebrows looking down the throat while I was cranking. It was great. Recommend doing this in the late evening when the light is low because its a great show when the flame shoots up. Perhaps you can try this July 4th in place of fire works.
  10. This is the solution from the same part for attachment points #4 and #5. Also shows how I plan to splice it into the original brace structure. Not quite as clean as the solution for #3, because I cut notches for the bolts from the frame mount, but it works. These were the smallest aftermarket braces I could find. Ideally I would have found a brace the same width as the original. On the positive side, the wider brace will cradle the original brace structure when I splice it in.
  11. My solution for fabricating a floor brace attachment #3. This is a universal brace PN802 from EMS It almost makes itself. Just need to fab the sides and this will splice into the floor brace system that was original to the car.
  12. I guess sometimes it just wants to make itself. Now I just need to make the sides. This is the Universal Brace PN802 from EMS.
  13. The modification shown is for attachment points 4 & 5. As modified it reaches to the mounting point and then just touches the inner rocker plate. Side notches allow it to clear the bolts holding the mount in place (I'll try to seal that up when we get the floor tacked in place and take the body back off the frame) Now I'm thinking about point 3, the one that dips down. Perhaps the same universal brace but with the middle track cut out on the dropped end. Then fab sides that run down at an angle and a bottom to sit on the mount. Can you see it?
  14. I used this puller. It has a plate that attaches to all 5 lug bolts. Worked like a charm, but you have to keep the spindle nut on or the drum will jump out at you when it finally lets go.
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