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  1. At this point it's difficult not to equate perfect with drivable, but I hear you sir.
  2. It looks like an eggs shell. 2k polyester primer waiting to be rubbed down.
  3. I'm convinced. It stays as is. Sam, I fabricated a manifold block with 18 gage mild steel using the gasket as a template
  4. Dad says that's what he told Mom when we moved into our house. He says she wanted to paint the whole house at first but after living in it for a year, we only painted the kitchen and the master bath.
  5. the original part number of the element was 1821 552. Any tips on other elements pn# that fit this?
  6. So when the parts show up and you wonder should I put this on the car or send it to a museum...and I really wanted a silver and black theme, but should I really paint this baby... Thank you Mr. H (Desoto1939)
  7. May do this anyway 😏 Dad's tractor has two bowls, one is a filter and one is the pump and its a good look. I just have to figure out how to make it look like the original engineers would have wanted it there but were told to take it out to keep the cost down.
  8. Fuel Pump cleaned up nicely. All the rubber was in great shape and so was the cork gasket above the bowl. Upper chamber had a little rust on the spring seat but it cleaned right off. we sprayed a little silicone lube in the upper chamber. The screen in the lower chamber is trashed so I'll have to find one. Hope I don't have to buy a whole rebuild set just for the screen. This pump still had a tag on it with the numbers 588 and 06269
  9. Snow day up here in MI today, so we visited Adams Engines to see progress on the block. Must say, looking sharp. Mr. Mark Adams and his son Jeff do great work. Mr. Adams said he gets the reground cam back this weekend and he will be honing the cylinders in the next day or so. I may have it back in our garage and in the chassis ready for dressing out before thanksgiving.
  10. Thank you Merle The plate moves freely, but we will disable it in the up position and see if we can fit a plate in. We get the undressed engine back in a few weeks and during the meantime I get to weld brackets into the body.
  11. I suspect she will and then of course I will 😈
  12. I'll need to make a decision on that heat riser, but I like how this exhaust manifold turned out. Also on the shifter. We put a little beeswax on the lower leather bushing that we rasped out, and we also put a little silicone lubricant on the top metal bushing and now it moves like butter.
  13. One of those usually leads to the other.
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