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  1. Sorry Mr. Elder. My cross country days are over. Perhaps club running. I'll try to keep active on the forum in college and I will absolutely make it to the PA auto meets. Auto related question. I just burnt out my second solenoid since working on this car. I'm using cheep off brand solenoids from O'Reilly's. Any suggestions on most dependable 12V solenoid?
  2. Time Left: 27 days and 12 hours

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    If anyone has any of the mounting brackets for the horns and relay on a P-15 that they can part with, we are in the market for a serviceable set. If we cant find an original set, we plan to fabricate something similar


  3. P-15 Horn and relay Mounting Brackets View Advert If anyone has any of the mounting brackets for the horns and relay on a P-15 that they can part with, we are in the market for a serviceable set. If we cant find an original set, we plan to fabricate something similar Advertiser NickPickToo Date 04/20/2021 Price Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad
  4. Dad laid down the motivation. He says if its not street legal before I go off to college then it becomes his.
  5. Throttle linkage all set. I modified a hardware store 10-24 adjustable eyelet to link the old to the new. The left hand thread side links to the arm on the intake manifold. I replaced the right hand thread side with a longer 10-24 bolt that I cut down to a size that fit the adjusting sleeve deeper and still allows for room to make adjustments. I couldn't easily find a way to shift from 10 course to 1/4 fine so I epoxied (3M 420) the original ball joint over the the RH end. The epoxy is rated at higher heat than the engine will run and the springs act to push this
  6. We plumbed the fuel lines this week and connected the electrical (all but exterior lights) and started it up again. Started right up after sitting all winter and still idles nice. Would have taken it out for a test drive except that I haven't connected the throttle yet. I go to connect it, but no hole in the floor for the accelerator arm and the grommet that goes around it. Measured twice and still didn't get the hole in the correct alignment so the arm was sticky and rubbing against the bell housing. We came up with a way to get the alignment right every time. M
  7. I knew I'd be redoing it from the fit 😞 Dad mentioned something about a wire and two handles may make the job easier. Said not to ask where he got the idea. I had no issues with the glass gasket. We used the one-piece continuous (including center) from Steele Rubber. The bolts that hold the center metal trim (inside and out) ended up being shorter than the manual listed. There is also a single glass windshield you can purchase that looks pretty cool, but it was out of budget for me. It may be a future upgrade someday. There is another product available that is no
  8. Question on hood springs. I can not locate a good diagram for the springs. Do they hook from the inside facing out or the outside facing in? The answer I would like is outside in or else I have to redo it. It's not easy
  9. Public Service Announcement: Costco has weather tech all vehicle floor mats in stock (at least the one near us does). These are designed to be trimmed to just about ant size and fit the P-15. $25 for a set of four mats.
  10. Thank you!! I was searching the wrong words (trunk handle glass)
  11. Tough break...you know that glass light cover that's part of the the trunk latch assembly...dad just dropped and broke it. Other than some pitting, it was a complete assembly. Can't get too mad as he's been so helpful on this. Anyway, any leads on where to find one? Now I go to cry 😞
  12. Look what just showed up....a matched pair with original bolts too
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