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  1. Im looking at that crease in the filler and thinking "we" may need to grind deeper ☹️
  2. This is where I ended today. Weld, grind, and fill. I'm going to "delegate" some of this to my dad for a bit. I'm all out at school these days. He cant weld, so I'm asking him to smooth the rest of my welds and fab some more patches for me to weld in. I can almost see the paint going on soon.
  3. Heater? I understand that we're buying extra blankets
  4. Floor is completed. Treated whole floor with Metal prep, POR-15, and Topcoat. Then painted on OEM bed-liner in the trunk and real finder wells. The main cab has a layer of rubberized sealant (Flex-seal) applied to the floor. When we get to the interior work, a layer of foil insulation will go down under the carpet. Should be a pretty quite ride. Probably should have finished the body panel welding before painting the floor, but I just couldn't wait
  5. Left side goes in the same as the right side.
  6. That's the end of my content for this thread other than responding to questions and tips we get from the pros on the forum . Welding, smoothing, and painting are topics each of their own. Don't forget to sweep up the floor around your panel when your through. I was told by my Dad, and then learned the hard way anyway, that its easier to keep the project moving along if you keep the worksite clean.
  7. Now I just need to weld, grind, weld, grind, sand and fill until its all smoothed out. One question for the OG's...should I weld the seam on the outside, inside or both? If I weld on the inside, its more likely that I blow through the old metal of the car, if I weld on the outside, its more tricky to smooth out the seam before filling, sanding and paint.
  8. Carefully cut the front of the panel away to meet the contour of the door well. You can see where I tried to keep a bit of the front as a tab to bend in and cover up some missing metal inside the door well near the bottom. I misjudged just a bit and will still have to fill some of that hole. I also let the panel extend at the bottom along the rocker panel. Only one suggestion to pass on to for the manufacturer of the panel. If it extended out an addition 4" to 5" the excess could be used as a clean patch for the panel section between the front of the door well and the cowl.
  9. Fit the panel into place. You will need to make a few strategic notches to get a great fit. Your notches may differ from the ones I made here I notched a section of the front top lip of the repair panel so that it would tuck in and fit tight up to the door well I also notch a section of the fender well so the panel will eventually fit under the fender well patch that will be added later. I also notched a bit off the tab on the rear of the repair panel so that it cleared the fender attachment nut already in the finder well. Grind clean the metal where the body panel will meet the repair panel Press the panel firmly in place (I used a floor jack from the bottom and had my dad pull the top of the panel forward) and use the drill to drive in the self tapping screws
  10. If you havent already, paint the inner rocker with self etching, weldable primer (cuts down on rusting later). You can also see here were I cut away some of the fender well that was rotted out anyway. You will cut away the car panel along the bottom line you made and along the side where the 1/4 panel meets the door well and the fender well Cut into the metal you will be taking away. Its always easier to take more out than to put it back in.
  11. Next, make another line under the first mark the same distance as the lip on the top of the repair panel
  12. First, size the repair panel up to the car and mark the top of the panel. the bottom of the repair panel will tuck under the rocker panel
  13. Welcome back. I can only imagine. My mom battled with Leukemia when I was 9-10.
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