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  1. Another Canada native to watch is halfasscustoms.......that boy is like bulldog with a beef bone, and his dog’s name is Pablo!
  2. You would need to have an Eloi based machine to get the paint stripper I mentioned.....lol.
  3. Coldwarmotors is the most entertaining thing I’ve watched in decades.
  4. Not rubberized at all.....bed liner is a paint product that dries textured and rock hard.
  5. Good stuff even tho I am hopelessly addicted to single coat industrial imron fleet type paints.
  6. “Show ready” who cares about car shows, people who want to be recognized or patted on the back for all the money they spent on something they trailer to these shows.....I like the guys and girls that work there asses off to pinch pennies and scrounge parts so they can have a ten to twenty footer....they are darn proud of what they have done but don’t shout “ look at me!” Nothing against you Hotrod Tractor it isn’t personal, just a rant.
  7. There is no substitution for hard work and elbow grease, put your back into it until you are down to bare metal. If your back can’t take it buy a sander....electric or pneumatic it doesn’t matter, then epoxy prime. If you can’t do this you certainly won’t last through the weeks of sanding and prepping it takes to get a decent paint job......much less the months it takes to make a show winner.
  8. I am so lucky in Omaha we have at least 20 stations that sell ethanol free gasoline.
  9. @Paulie WWhat does your service manual show?
  10. Weak coil maybe, it is a major heat soak.
  11. If that would have been one of your old trucks you wouldn’t be posting on here anymore except for an OBIT.
  12. I had high hopes when I saw dodge in the title.........no axles, no motor, no title, solid patina......$7,000 dollars. I don’t smoke weed anymore but I sure would like a nice hit off of his pipe.....lol.
  13. Let them have their way for now less headaches, then when the car is fully in your name, insured by you and not parked at their house uninstall said items at your say so.
  14. Were they cat owners?
  15. Why would you oil metal if you want to paint it later......fisheye contamination, just epoxy prime and relax.
  16. Had both a 1969 New Yorker sedan and a 1971 Chrysler 300 two door, both cars were red with white vinyl tops and white interiors. Like taking your comfy couch down the road......don’t think either one got over 12 mpg no matter how I drove them.
  17. The brand we used in the Navy was nicknamed infant feces and nothing could stand in its way........probably about ten different kinds of illegal in this day and age.....I remember stripping six different layers of imron off of a static display plane with it, all it did was shrug it’s shoulders and get to work finishing the job in short order.
  18. Have you ever had it on April Fools day?
  19. @48Dodger 500 clams baby! I know you have the space.....lol.
  20. Car aside, I’m more interested in his collegiate track or CC.
  21. Such progress, I can hardly believe that this thread will be three years old in July.
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