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  1. Never knew they existed......enjoy yourselfs.
  2. These guys can make you rims from scratch the 6 lug split rims that are modern safe and 17.5 18 0r 20 budd wheels I got this off of fb but it wasn't sharing. http://www.wheelsnowinc.com/?fbclid=IwAR3fZo5cwP4Z-VTPLBlmQ4xXFX7Bu1vSnOSjatoVvn7mApIIms2xpuMZ8gk
  3. He starts his ad with I just put 15 K into this car then price went from 22,500 to 17,000 and back up to 20,000 in one week.....lol.
  4. Tell that to the true dimensional doug fir 2 x 4s that reside in the walls of my 1910 house.....old growth timber hard as a granite slab...still cracking and popping during the winter and still seeping sap 110 years after being cut down. I had to pre drill every hole for a nail or sheet rock screw....they just bent or snapped off, and boy did those drill bits get hot in a hurry...lol.
  5. Price is down to $ 17,000 get while it lasts posted on face book ...
  6. He lived in the new york city area and can't tell the difference between a screw driver and a wrench.....so pays "top" dollar for every thing and brags about it.....lol. Now thats not to say the work done wasn't top notch......
  7. He forgot to mention it has a " P " head....its all in the details....lol. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174193213527?fbclid=IwAR0P38mZ69lswddB4YeuJSXTw3cvk2L0HgqdE64neoAXT4VNKQcvruQdp2g
  8. Don't you have to change the head lights too? So the beams orient differently? Or did some w#nker pull my leg...lol
  9. Now you are toying with something interesting to me.... @James_Douglas I've always thought that the lifter bores could use some sort of sleeve to make them closer tolerance.....would oilite/sintered bronze be too soft? Some sort of speedy sleeve....lol.
  10. https://butchscoolstuff.com/42-53-plymouth-41-53-dodge-frame-mounted-brake-pedal-kit-2475bc/
  11. Didn't the other thread Tim started state he was taking Chemo for cancer and he hoped to finish/survive it soon?
  12. A lot of popular 60s cars and trucks ran all drums and a few had power brakes to boot.....I believe @Dodgeb4ya runs assisted brakes which should be dual pot under the floor.
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