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  1. You can't get much simpler to rebuild and maintain than a carter 1 bbl.
  2. Bingo! I do have several brains left rubbing together....lol.
  3. 9:03 was my fastest in the mile and a half.......like a herd of thundering turtles galloping across the dew covered hilly golf courses early on Saturday morning......I never had the makings of a Varsity player...lol.
  4. How far does he have to run on the course? When I ran cross country back in the 70s we only had to go a mile and a half.
  5. I do believe they're supposed to be one on the frame somewhere and one plate on the a pillar but I do not know where the number is on the frame.I'll bet @RobertKBknows I think somebody said one time that it was on the driver side rear frame behind the wheel but I couldn't tell you for sure it's just a guess sorry I couldn't be more help. what a beautiful car you have I am jealous.
  6. I say get under that car and start wire wheeling, flap brushing, sanding........whatever you have to do to find a frame serial number it's got to be there somewhere.
  7. Are you going to actually work with this truck or putt around town in parades and running errands? If it is the latter the first thing I would do is to change the rear gear to something more manageable like 3.90s........
  8. That one is not a plymouth body the hood is butterfly and there are no indented body lines below the head lights, that is a pure dodge body nothing on the dash was " swapped " around, also the dash trim and gages are dodge....if it were a plodge the would have looked like a plymouth dash with dodge script. plodge exports made in Canada and pure dodge exports made in USA......must be very rare indeed as USA made so few exports to begin with.
  9. Is it wrong that I want to come to your house and steal your truck?
  10. That D-34 has green paint on the block......quite possible that it is a Jasper remanufactured engine.
  11. I used to run a Barrett in the back room when I worked at Napa as a teenager, it was boring to me then......but now I wish I had one.
  12. don't paint that either.......😳I'm glad you posted the picture. edit read Young Ed and Jersey Harold's post about the U shaped washers......
  13. The paint will never stay on the black plastic welting......it might look good for a little while and then it will start to peel, I would recommend against it.
  14. I just use marine grease.
  15. You are a good mechanic I know you'll find it........
  16. @desoto1939 This is very important information, as you are a very meticulous person I know you will store this information away in your vast library.😊 @Sniper also has a very valid point as most people rarely or have never dressed their points....it really is one of the few times when you are working on a car and these three can be combined with good results......cheap, fast, and perfect. It is very important to file the contact pads in an EVEN PATTERN or you are right back where you started from with less materials. Not only do I file points on dizzys I file points on voltage regulators
  17. snowed here too but it will be melted by noon.
  18. I don't know when it started but I know if you put a 30 amp on there you should take a lot of heat out of your headlight switch less chance of your car burning down I got mine from RadioShack but they're bankrupt now unfortunately.
  19. Somebody must play the juvenile, @RobertKB so I will answer with I don't #$&*@$ing know..... LOL! I miss your beautiful Chrysler man, could you post a couple pictures for old times sake?
  20. Here is an old reference for you guys that have been here awhile......BOO says the boobird......there were 3 of us, Am I the last?
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