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Flatulence At Fault....

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I use Firefox and Norton Safe Search...that way I avoid the news page that used to appear when I switched on my computer...Anyhow there is a very tiny square balloon at the bottom right hand corner of my screen and the occasional "ding" that signals there is a new headline from microsoft news to which I very seldom respond. So,this morning my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the balloon...The latest news here in Canada is that lock down restrictions are being eased while how the  Covid 19 virus is being spread remains a mystery. What caught my attention was this headline...            

      Also watch: Can COVID-19 be spread through flatulence?

Needless to say I avoided the temptation. Hard to make this stuff up... LOL


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Just a thought, I also use firefox on linux with no Norton.

Firefox has a add-on called "Ublock Origin"  Best add blocker I ever used before. Simple to add it then remove later if you do not want it.


I am unsure how it may or may not play well with norton, Ublock may try to block norton and norton may think ublock is a virus  :D

I just hate when I tell my computer to do one thing and it does another.

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