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  1. 1940 Studebaker Champion..
  2. Also interesting is that the engine no. (motor no.) appears on the data plate. Is this the engine number presently fitted on the car? forum member, @B-Watson has a lot of historical information on Chrysler vehicles..😊
  3. Nice car...Interesting the serial no. 9835367 is on the data plate. Serial numbers of 1942 Plymouth P14's built in Canada were, 9829856 to 9836986...
  4. I was driving on country road ,lots of curves, headed down hill to a river valley.I slowed for a sharp curve and spotted a loading ramp off to the side of the road I stopped and put it in my truck, further down the hill I spotted the mate,stopped and picked it up.Twenty miles from the nearest town on a lightly travelled secondary road.I didn't see a trailer anywhere along the road for the next while.No identification on the ramps. The ramps were well made, constructed using expanded metal and angle iron with good welds. My guess is someone had put them on a flat deck trailer,probably empty, hadn't strapped them down and bouncing along the ramps slipped off on the curves. I've used them for the last 25 years.
  5. ..1968 Ford Mustang used in the movie, "Bullitt", sold this past Friday at auction for $3,740,000.00 USD
  6. I appreciate that gophers have their place in the food chain and I am therefore reluctant to use poison to control them.In southern Alberta they are called, "Richardson Ground Squirrels" and they do present a problem for farmers and ranchers.I have an acre on an industrial lot where I built a shop.Because the property offers limited access to some natural predators,(Coyote,Fox and Badgers),with having a perimeter chain link fence,and as hawks and feral cats weren't quite up to the job, I resorted to using traps.The first year I trapped fifty of the cute little buggers on my property.Since then the feral cats and hawks have been doing a pretty good job.
  7. A very good thread that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading, from suspension modifications to engine performance,with some very good ideas, pictures and laced with a bit of humour..lol
  8. I had a unusual problem years ago with an oil bath air cleaner,a fine stress crack appeared along the bottom allowing a small amount of oil to weep onto the engine ,I soldered along the crack and it's been fine since.
  9. And while they're only a few that come to mind, I hope we're not all travelling in the same direction...
  10. And, if in the event of a major catastrophe,(and you have to get out of Dodge fast),...trust your old MoPar..."My old Plymouth always runs" lol
  11. Hopefully,we will all find someone among those who are genuinely interested, to pass along the history and knowledge we have of a vehicle that we've enjoyed owning and maintaining over the years...☺️
  12. And that's also where I tend to draw the line,when the shipping cost is more than that of the needed part...and I wait, hoping to find a better price, not always - sometimes though I've been lucky.☺️
  13. I check options for shipping costs ,choosing the cheapest.Fortunately I live close to the Canada/US border and able to have parts shipped to the lower 48 side,short trip for me.. It helps to keep the hobby more affordable.☺️
  14. Sorry to hear of your mishap,Paul..You can truthfully say that blood, sweat and tools went into your Empi Sportster build...
  15. I have used a Makita angle drill to successfully drill out studs in tight places and perhaps while overkill I used cobalt drill bits starting with small diameter,even managing to save original threads....
  16. Have you checked the fuel pressure at the carbs with a gauge?
  17. It's time to sell Grandpa's Plymouth... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/lethbridge/plymouth/1473950662
  18. Great project. Thanks for posting the photos.Looking forward to more as you progress. ☺️
  19. I'm sure the housings and filters you've chosen will be more than adequate ,nice work.🙂
  20. Back in the day oil bath air filters were commonly fitted...I bought a new 1977 Ford F250 4X4 Crew Cab , ( the choice of vehicles was determined by the location where I was working and my requirements at that time).The air filter was an oil bath and was advertised as a "heavy duty " air filter. I've kept the truck, still own it today...a few memories....Fit whatever air filter you feel comfortable with...☺️
  21. Some of those micro cars sell for quite a price these days...I've been laid up the last few weeks and boredom had me watching the Mecum Auction in Kansas City...On Friday (Dec 6) an H-M 1981 Freeway (manufactured in Minnesota) sold for $7975.☺️
  22. I use a couple of old battery cable displays to hang keys...
  23. I totally admire your fabrication skills..while not meaning to offend, I guess I'm one of those guys that would be considered as having his back turned towards the future...lol
  24. I am chuckling as I submit this post....As this an off topic discussion and has drifted,While I would certainly heed the advice of those who have experience in the construction trades,build the best you can afford taking into account your needs and the environment and weather conditions where you live. My wife and and I bought our first house in 1963,the price was $4500. - We managed to scrape together $200. for the down payment.While located on a nice piece of property the house should have been demolished.We lived there for the next four years, and surprisingly enough 53 years later the house is still standing today with renovations over the years by subsequent owners. We now live in a modest house that has a "shudder" steel roof ..Our double garage while insulated and heated also has a steel roof...And, we have a 40'x60' post frame (pole barn) with a concrete floor and it also has a steel roof. These buildings provide us with shelter for us and our "stuff"...At our age,if they are still standing 30 years from now that will be okay. lol
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