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  1. HotRodTractor, Along with others, I am glad to hear you're making the effort to preserve Don's photo record of the build on your P15. Don amazed me at times with some of the detailed photos he would post when questions arose on this forum, ("been there,done that"), πŸ™‚...along with his helpful advice.
  2. Here we have a 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook, (customized)...I'm kinda chuckling to myself as I post this photo and will therefore reserve comment.LOL
  3. I have bought car parts listed online in the US and had them shipped via USPS to a US address, (lower 48). To date , I have been impressed with the timely tracking information provided by USPS once it is in their possession..πŸ™‚
  4. And...I should have added. They don't have to deal with me. LOL
  5. I had the old Dodge out for an enjoyable drive this morning. I enjoy living in an area where I don't have to deal with city traffic..πŸ™‚
  6. May be hard to believe today...When I started my apprenticeship, the shop rate for a journeyman was $2.15 an hour. The starting rate for an apprentice was 35% of the journeyman rate with a 5% increase every 6 months. If I remember correctly,the first cheque stub I received,( should have kept it), showed my hourly rate as $.7525 x hours worked , rounded off to the nearest cent on the cheque...
  7. I haven't used SAE30 oil in years. Lately I've been using mobil delvac 15w40 in the old cars.Today I was in town shopping , made a stop at Peavey Mart, (local hardware and farm supply,etc) and I saw Harvest King SAE30 oil on the shelf and I thought - well, the owners manuals for my old mopars does call for SAE30, so I bought a couple of gallons.I've had the oil pans off , cleaned out sludge, checked things over and the engines are reasonably clean - don't normally have a lot of miles between oil changes. So the next old vehicle to get an oil change,I'll be using Harvest King SAE30.πŸ™‚
  8. You should buy the truck,Robert...Nice to see the truck is pretty well complete.. For instance, I noticed the the cowl lights are still in place .On occasion I've seen them at swap meets. A pair were included when I bought my DeSoto. They were repurposed as front signal lights. I made mounts for the lights using mild steel.Due to the clear lens, I painted the 6 volt bulbs orange, using Tamiya Clear Orange X-26 I bought at a local hobby store.The paint I used on the bulbs had been suggested by another forum member some time ago.It works well and is surprisingly bright orange...Got kinda off track, but the truck needs to be saved.πŸ™‚
  9. I repainted a license plate more than 12 years ago.I'm not that artistic and I found this method quite simple. After stripping and cleaning the plate, I used "Tremclad" rattle can paint, (same as Rustoleum) to paint the entire plate the colour of the letters.After drying a couple of days,I sprayed the background colour using Tremclad. While the paint had dried to the touch but not completely cured I carefully removed the backgound paint covering the letters using a thin cotton cloth wrapped tightly around a finger, dampened with varsol (not dripping wet ) .This is the result. I didn't bother spraying a clear coat While it wouldn't pass the inspection of a plate collector, it looks okay to me...BTW, forum member, @ greg g , outlined the same method for license plate restoration in a post dated Jan 24 2010... Also, used oil based
  10. Brought to mind the flight of Air Canada 143 known as the "Gimli Glider". The event due in part to some confusion with the conversion to metric here in Canada at the time.A summary of the event on Wikipedia as well as a simulation of the flight on youtube. So important to have good mathematical skills and a clear head.Fortunately there were no fatalities..
  11. Harvest weather here in southern Alberta.I had the old DeSoto out for a drive, took the camera along...
  12. Autolite IGS 4202-A-1 used in 1942 DeSoto S-10 .Forum member, dpollo ,resides in your area...πŸ™‚
  13. I love your car,enjoy!☺️
  14. I've bought a couple of pairs of Chippewa boots in the last few years. I wanted boots made in the USA, paid a little more but I like them.πŸ™‚
  15. No sister,single or otherwise. I lucked in,one of a kind. ☺️
  16. Yes, She was close by...I checked with her before replying,she just laughed.☺️
  17. My wife and I have been together 60 years...She understands me, good thing. LOL
  18. Great video,Keith...Good insight!
  19. Keith, Forum member, austinsailor, bought a 1936 DeSoto Airflow in Seattle,Washington about 5 or 6 years back. He may have some suggestions on what to look for, if and when you inspect the Airflow...πŸ™‚
  20. They are rare, just over 900 all models of the S1 built in Canada,more in the U.S..I've only seen two up close over the years - my coupe and a sedan in Montana.
  21. Keith, I'm sure you will put sufficient thought and research into the possible purchase of the Airflow...I have more than one vehicle.For me as I'm sure with others it's not about making money and as you have mentioned in the past owning an old car is a hobby - hobbies cost money...Have to be careful however not to get too carried away with enthusiasm,with a realistic view on a vehicle's condition and worth as it sits,keeping in mind that the purchase price is only the beginning.My view on the old car hobby is, I've never bought a car with the idea, I can make a few bucks. If I was in the business of making money in this hobby,I would quickly be bankrupt.I have to confess, I've paid more than others would have for a vehicle. The appeal of certain vehicles is kind of personal,and without meaning to upset anyone, GM and Ford have built some really nice cars and trucks,but I have never liked the 1957 Chevrolet since they were new back in the day and I walk by them at a car show...and that is why I will never make a dime enjoying this hobby.😊
  22. I found your method of cleaning the radiator core interesting. I still have the original radiator in my 1948 Dodge and while it probably could use a thorough cleaning, I've only had one occasion where it overheated to the point of puking coolant.I attributed it as my fault in blocking air flow. I had the car out enjoying a drive on a hot summer day ,on the way home I noticed the engine temperature rising and then it "pinned" rather quickly..(Because I found it a nuisance cleaning the flying insects and bugs that ended up on front of the radiator core I had put a wire screen in front of the radiator to catch the bugs. It was the same type of mesh as used on storm doors.) While the mesh had caught hardly any bugs that day, my thoughts were that it had reduced air flow sufficiently to cause the problem.I removed the screen, topped up the coolant and carried on with no further problems and haven't since...a learning experience. πŸ™‚
  23. I suppose it is possible...I have the 1935 Canadian DeSoto Parts List Manual for the SF and SG. While it has the part numbers, the manual has few illustrations and none for the bumpers.I don't have anything that I can use to cross reference the numbers.
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