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This is the business started by Andy Bernbaum. 

I have used their parts a lot. There is great knowledge and experience in this house, you will not get wrong, unsuitable part from them.

Mr. Bernbaum himself (who I belive has now sold the business and retired), is not the best in public relations, quite a straightforward type of guy. I've never had a problem with him, but some of us have criticized him from lack of politiness in phone service...

The prices are fair. Not the cheapest nor the most expensive. For me the correct parts are most important, being overseas customer I need to get correct parts at once.

Their inventory of 40's 50' Mopar parts is probably the widest there is.

Mr Bernbaum always recommended to call to confirm the details, I hope the successors carry the same knowledge on.

I do recommend this supplier.




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Got most of the parts for my 50 from him, sent the wrong cowl seal and as soon as i called he apologized and sent the right one out and had it in 3 days, and he did not even want the wrong one back...said it was not worth the shipping back! Going to miss ol Andy.

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I've bought a few parts from Andy Bernbaum over the years. I was quite happy with the price, service, and the quality. The only problem that I found was that if they were out of stock of a requested item they would suggest that you call them back in a few months time. I'd have to say that generally when a fella is undertaking a restoration project he can't afford to wait a few months for a part to come into stock! Otherwise no complaints from me. I may have to get onto them soon as I will need some more 'L' shape fuzzy bits (A-381) for the next truck project/s.



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I started dealing with Andy Bernbaum in the late 1980's, he was back then the only place I could find that dealt with mopar stuff and he was prepared to ship to Australia. Andy's bedside manner could be a bit rough and he didn't suffer fools lightly but he seemed a fair dealer and I have had no problems with him. I haven't had to get anything since he retired and sold the business so I can't comment on the new owner however I would suggest trying there and let us know the result......regards, Andy Douglas 

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Andy Bernbaum sold the business. When you call in they answer the phone  Bernbaum. I have dealt with them many times over the years. As a matter of fact I received my rear pinion seal today from them.

I have never had a problem with them. They now have a catalog on their website. I was also told you will be able to order parts on the website in the near future. So if the gruff voice on the other end of the phone bothers you you will have another way of ordering.

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