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  1. I put the Aerostar springs and moved the pocket to the bottom of the control arms and it sit right and rides great, no bottoming out as of yet.
  2. I am just running two stock B&B on mine and it runs great. Always thought the 2bbl would be to much fuel for them.
  3. Yes it is Bob, been a long time coming. I actually pulled the door latches out and am going to put stronger solenoids in them and connect the trunk one also along with a pull handle on the doors as the wife don't like the button. I am gonna try and make it out to the Gene Winfield show this Saturday if i get the latches done.
  4. That is a lot of mods on the grill opening and grill. The grill is actually a bumper over rider that i cut n welded. we have about 25 hours in the opening and i still have to reshape the tin behind it to direct the air flow through the radiator. Then on the splash pan have about another 10 hours in that. I am thinking i have about another 60 hours till it is ready for final primmer. Then i need to rethink the hood lady mount kinda looks like i just threw it on their which i did!
  5. Best part is he got be the first to drive it to the church and on the street since 73 under it's own power!
  6. Well here it is first time out since 1973! headed to my kids wedding which we rushed the heck out of it to make, but unfortunately wasn't able to make it to paint just ran out of time. The paint shop mixed me up some poly primer that matched the color it is going almost right on the money. We were cleaning the interior the morning of the wedding! Now to redo some of the quickie things we did and finish it right and get the paint on it.
  7. Might want to use a 904 instead of the 727 as it is smaller around the t/c area. Makes for less work on the tunnel. also use a driver side manifold from a early A body as it will fit around the steering.
  8. I got 1 and if i could come up with 1 more that would work.
  9. Late as usual, but if anybody has another one i need one also.
  10. Well been quite awhile since i have been on here, got super busy at the shop and didn't have much spare time, but time to finish the 50 P19. What i need if anybody has a couple or knows where to find them is the 2 rubber grommets that hold the gauge cluster on. Thanks Mike
  11. Is that a bullet nose Studebaker next to it? It's not all that hard, don't forget the front clip will be off it so their won't be that much weight on the front. just put the bracing length wise in the door jamb them X brace it from right front to left rear, left front to right rear. tack them in the middle at the X. set it on a dolly and bolt it to it and it should be plenty strong.
  12. just go to your local glass shop they have it in 10' lengths.
  13. Dang Tim way to knock the old guys on here!
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