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***Another clutch linkage question...


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Please forgive my ignorance.... I'm learning as I go.


Replaced the clutch and throw-out bearing in my '47 Plymouth. Put the linkage back together (at least I thought I did) and now the clutch pedal practically falls down. With the last inch or so of movement, it will engage the clutch. I took of the rod going to the fork and the small return spring and that was it. The pressure plate is the same, I didn't take off the pivot, the clutch arm and over center spring weren't touched. Nothing regarding the adjustment should be different and I've taken the clutch pan back off twice to check that my fork is attached to the bearing and that the pivot is in place.

I have no pride left and I'm hoping it's something simple that I'm overlooking or doing wrong.


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Everything having to do with the throw-out bearing is correct. The clutch pedal felt great before and the rod wasn't changed at all. I don't want to try to make adjustments yet because it seems so far out of place that it seems something must be connected wrong.

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