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Door Handle Escutcheons

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A while back I was perusing a MAC's Auto Parts catalog and I noticed that the escutcheons listed for '38-'47 trucks looks very much like the ones on my truck. http://macsautoparts.com/campaign_product.asp?camid=FP1&pn=JS0R3CHL1072964E&year=0&make

I ordered up a couple, along with a beeping signal flasher and a couple of other small items. Yesterday I was out tinkering on the truck and the escutcheons was one of the things on the daily list. They worked out well.


My original, tarnished escutcheon on the left, the new "Ford" one on the right. I've polished the old ones, but they were too rusted to bring back.



Although they look VERY similar, there are a couple of very minor differences, but only a trained eye would be able to spot the differences in the real world. The biggest difference is that the hole where the handle seats is slightly smaller on the "Ford" ones. I solved this with a small drum sander on my Dremel. I sanded down the outer diameter of the handles so that the escutcheon would fit over them. The handles were tapered in the escutcheon seat area. Now they are more straight, but it all fits and works just fine.





I also had to sand down the end of one pin as it was then a smidge too long. But after assembly I'm very satisfied with the outcome. I guess it's time to order up a couple more for the other door.


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Ford cars. Some had plastic, most had metal. Check with the catalogs from Dennis Carpenter or similar Ford re-pop specialists. Sacramento Vintage Ford may be able to point you in the right direction if they don't have them.


As I've said in other threads, the trim rings and window cranks are Ford, so are the latch/striker parts. You can also use older R series Mack (yes, semi truck) handles and rings. But the big rig units are all chromed steel.

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