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  1. Send me your address and I can have 2 stems and mirror heads in route to you if you still need/want them. Like the one on the driver side of your truck. I don't need them. Or i can pop the factory short arm driver side mount off and send it instead.
  2. GM 1 tons through the end of model year 1991 could be either body style. With the vast majority I've seen being the 87 cab and front end.
  3. Just looked at the daylight, "good side" truck pic. Better than I expected. I have a set of those mirror heads if you need/want them. I actually have the complete mirror assemblys, but, one of the rubber retention cords snapped. I think it can be replaced with truck stop bungee rope fairly easily though.
  4. Those are a dead ringer for 49 Cadillac back up lights... Check the "usual suspects" in aftermarket/replica rod and kustom bits. Chev's of the 40s, Night Prowlers, Wirth's Custom Automotive, Sacramento Vintage Ford, Mac's, Hagen's, Speedway Motors... one of the old standbys is now called Kustom Car Parts, but my computer is acting up and I can't bring up the page. How do you plan to activate them? Toggle switch, momentary switch, lever operated brake light switch adapted to the shifter and transmission casting... Thought about doing similar with mine, but I would have to plate in the cheesy panel truck style c-channel rear bumper after getting it straightened, and frankly, I'm not that good a welder.
  5. Plain old soapy water. It'll flush the crud out and the soap leaves a removable "lube" behind temporarily. If you actually want to go with the "incinerated look", John Deere Blitz Black paint. It can lay out smooth and even, or play with th gun while spraying to get the "charred" effect. Source doesn't matter, you can get it in Krylon, Rustoleum (rattle cans, quart cans, gallon pails), PPG good lines, etc. I'm going to be using a different seat set in my B1B, I may have a set of pearlescent navy blue vinyl bench seat covers around here still. If you want them and I can find them, they're yours. They aren't perfect, they were made in the late 50s or early 60s, but they were very servicable the last time I checked them.
  6. I tie one horse to the front bumper and one to the rear bumper on lunge lines when the grass gets high around the truck and the hay shed. Our horses are small, but they have pulled the truck off the jackstands when they were both tied to the front bumper... American Miniature Quarter Horse (Max, the brown one, aka Sir S***s-a-lot) and a Shetland Pony (Boudini, the escape artist paint).
  7. Pulled the battery out of my 69 D100 a year ago when the mice started eating the wiring harness. The 49 battery is not only disconnected, it is 20 years old and probably so far beyond flat lined that it is irrelevant. I'm just too lazy to pull it until I absolutely have to...
  8. That was my take as well. I like the PW as shown, and the bike hauler works for me visually. The extreme top chop, on a 5 window no less, is just ridiculous. I've never understood cutting a roof down that low. Even if he was building a racing rig, that's too low. Okay... ... I like these ones, mainly.
  9. Forget about the truck, I know you love it, but it is just an old truck. It made it through and can be rebuilt, or it did not. Doesn't matter right now. My heart dropped into my stomach as soon as the forum loaded. Will be thinking of you as well. What do you and your family need us to do?
  10. Truck and bike will be finished to this level, eventually... Just in time for my brother's daughters to fight over who will get it...
  11. You need to check from Nashville to the Mississippi River. Expand your search area. Sweptlines (61-71) are scarce here, Power Giants (57-60) are a bit unusual to find, but PH/Functional Design (48-56) and 39-47 trucks/panels seemingly came here to die. I know one parts store in the city tht I can walk in and 10 minutes later be on my way home with brand new engine/trans/brake parts. The commercial airport retired its last L6 powered plane tugs and related in 2011, the Air Guard still uses them... A running but rough looking PH is a grand or two here. I'll start "buffalo hunting" for you, see what I can find. I know there is a clean 48-50 B1B panel at Reelfoot Lake...
  12. Doing up a small (652cc) OHV single cylinder to pose in the bed on cruise night occasionally. 8 or so wires and the bike will be off to get cables and front brake shoes. Came with a disc front wheel that looked awful, had a Titan wheel and early CB450 brake plate. They fit, I like the look, sold the stock wheel... Same cream I'm using on the truck, old Cub Cadet Beige, which is the same as several 30s through 50s Dodge truck colors. Hate the grips, they aren't going to be used. Mock up windshield, it has been in a wreck and is no good anymore. Mock up front fender light. Almost as big a project as the 49 B1B-108 is...
  13. It's a 60 year old short bed that was only rated as a half ton brand new. Have fun with. I intend for my 49 to be about 2-3 inches further off the ground than this one is sitting, with no load. If it will haul a cooler, a couple chairs and a couple fishing poles, good enough. I'd rather beat the stuffing out of a 73-87 C series or a 73-86 F series than my Pilot House. I'd have added 72 and newer Dodges to the list, but they're just parts donors for 71 and older trucks...
  14. 1959 stock 230 compression ratio was 8:1, and the guy in the Bunn book says you can run as high as 10.5:1 in an L6 (expect head gasket issues).
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