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Brake Pedal/Clutch Fork Bushings


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I was putting my clutch together last week and decided I needed to do something about the wobbly pedals. My clutch fork was well worn, worse than the bushings (isn't it supposed to be the other way around?) I was also missing a bushing in the bellhousing where the clutch fork right end is supported.

I looked at the previous thread postings on here about replacing the pedal bushings, where to get them, etc., and all the threads did not seem to have a final answer about where to find these, which are approx. 3/4" I.D. and 13/16" O.D.

I looked at VPW's online catalog and saw they had some clutch fork flange bushings, and also NOS clutch forks.

Their NOS Power Wagon clutch fork, part # 561537, $50, matched my fork by the number stamped on it. The NOS fork required a little cleanup but greatly improved the fit of the pedals compared to the old!

They also sell NOS clutch fork bushings: Part #'s CC306770 and 50519. I used them for the bellhousing but could also be adapted for the brake pedal if needed - you might have to order two kits. One of the bushings even has the trademark dimpled surface on the inside. These bushings are made of flat material and then formed round, as you can see in the pics, just like the original. Maybe that's why you can't find anybody making bushings today with these specs.





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I can't speak to clutch shaft bushings in the bellhousing - never had one of those apart. The clutch pedal itself, had no bushing, as it is made to turn with the shaft on which it rides. It cannot be fastened tightly to this shaft, for therein lies the adjustment feature - those two set screws out on the end of the shaft, which is keyed onto the shaft proper. The brake pedal does have a bushing and a grease zerk from the factory, and can be renewed, however, getting the pedal off the shaft is fun, unless your cab and/or steering column are out of the way. I did it, but it takes some serious workaround in your shop.

Guess this isn't much help to your question. Sorry.

Good Luck

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