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  1. Thanks Fernando. That's a great pic. I don't have that in my manual. But I'm not using that lower part anyways. Mine has a block plate on it. I'm running dual headers.
  2. The cloth wrapped ground wire that's screwed to vacum advance plates.
  3. Finally found my issue. After lots of worries and frustrations. The ground wire ( clothed wrap) wire. Looked fine. Was gonna make new anyway. Running outta things to look for. So completely ( minus shaft ) disassembled the dizzy and cleaned and ran all new hardware. Ended up being the ground wire on plate. Wire inside of jacket was burnt or burning. Had some black on ends. Anyway. Repaired put back together. Car is running as should. Very smooth , k thought i was going crazy there for a bit. Car has been down well over a month. Over a simple small wire connection.
  4. Well after resealing my intake / exhaust and carb. Plus 're ran the valves for the 3 rd time. Looks like I need to pull head. May be weak springs. So my intents are to replace springs. Lap valves.
  5. Thanks for the Iimfo,. Yes it could be grey not silver. That's just what the seller put in the item description. So now I know. I appreciate it .
  6. I've searched around here but haven't found anything other than pics. My question what is the difference between the black springs and silver springs. I believe all 12 springs are the same for the 218 flathead. But I've found a set that has 11 black and 1 silver sealed power brand. The only thing I can think of ,is the different colors would help with knowing which valve you working on ? Thanks.
  7. This is exactly where I'm at with mine. #1 is my issue.
  8. When you say pour in can. Are you talking about the marvel mystery oil ? If so how much ? Size of can that is.
  9. Don I didn't use a dollar at the exhaust tips. But did use s pieces of paper. The drivers side is very consistent and sound mellow. The pass side will poof (pop) the paper or your hand. You can definitely tell a huge difference. Doesn't suck the paper in though
  10. I'll post tomorrow compression test. Engine warmed up carb opened. Never thought about the seafoam or mystery oil. That would be great if it freed up the valve. I'd be happy as hell lol. Never used either. How to go about using it ?
  11. Well here's the latest as of tonight. Got my new distributor cap on. Checked everything again. I'm gonna keep this short. I pulled and checked eacn wire with my Fluke for resistance all good. Pulled all plugs checked for resistance and shorts. All good. Ran engine here in drive. Still have the pop sound from either 1,2,or 3. I say that because I have headers and the sound is Only on passenger side exhaust. So. I started pulling wires off spark plugs while engine running. #1 cylinder is my problem. You really don't hear a difference in the engine when it's off. And yes I
  12. Very nice. Keep us posted. And more pics to. Enjoy.
  13. No. I've got the mandrel from another set of wires i made for my 31. So yes I'm gonna buy universal fit wires and make my own up. Got me a cap , should be here tomorrow. Got one with the brass inserts . Hopefully that gets me going again. Seem as if I'm chasing my tail lol
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