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  1. Was unable to bring up your photos in order to respond to your question.
  2. , If the steering arms were moved forward, would this result in a ackerman geometry problem?
  3. I used Copperstate Auto Electric located at 3807 N 35 Ave with phone of 602-253-4155 and was happy with their work. Have tried a few other places in Phoenix area with poor results. At one time there was a place that was OK called generator exchange but he moved to Texas.
  4. To release the hood, the handle has to be pushed towards the radiator or towards the engine. You might also try pushing down on the hood at the same time you are pushing the hood lever.
  5. When doing the steering wheel on my 52 car I took the wheel to a automotive paint store and he matched paint to the inside area where the steering wheel nut is. This area was not affected by sun light or much else.
  6. I found at the local auto parts store some oil additive that looked as thick as honey. Installed this oil in the steering box and had no leaks.
  7. Since the problem is reduced with higher engine temperatures, have you tried choking the carbs some to see if the problem is reduced?
  8. I like the saying "if it is not broke, don't fix it" . Unless one side is lower than the other or one spring is broke, why replace the springs?
  9. You might contact SMS Auto Fabrics about what materials were used on your car. Put aside the negative comments made about this company. One they do have is manufacturer's books for many cars with samples and photos of fabric used on the cars for year of the book. In addition, they can send you samples of fabrics used on the year in question. In addition, you could check with Plymouth Owners Club and their expert for your car.
  10. Check out Steele Rubber catalog for grommets. They show in the front part of the catalog lots of grommets with inside and outside as well as opening size. Prior to finding some original type grommets for the firewall, I found in the Steele catalog in the Buick area grommets that fit the hole you have and were without a center opening. Using this you could use a punch for whatever size opening you want. You might also look at Chrysler grommets for the 50s because they also have the same size firewall holes you have.
  11. There is a place hubcaps.org that sells and restores hubcaps that should be able to help you.
  12. Since Andy has a core charge, it would indicate he must get them rebuilt.
  13. If there is shop that specializes in making hydraulic lines, they may have a bigger assortment of fittings than the places you checked.
  14. I had one or more vent screws break and removal became easy. Turned out there was enough of the screw thread extending through the hinge to get a grip with pliers (channel lock). Turned the screw so as to remove it out the back of the hinge rather than the front of the hinge. This way the end where the head of the screw was is screwed through the hinge with little trouble.
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