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  1. Thanks. I don't want to send away for them. Does anyone know if there's more modern year that would work?
  2. Hello All, I need to replace my front brakes in my 1948 B1 but nobody's catalogs go back far enough. I've checked the usual places such as O-Reilly and Napa and they cant figure out what would match. I want to buy new drums and a whole rebuild kit. Any suggestions on what to ask for that would match? Thanks, Matthew
  3. I seem to have leak from my oil pump at the side of the block. Is there a gasket to replace? I've called around and cant seem to find one...as in "we have nothing like that listed" Should I be asking for something else? Or is it better to replace the whole oil pump?
  4. Hey Pals, I have a 48 Dodge and need to clean the oil breather cap. Any suggestions on what to use? Thanks, Matthew
  5. I forgot to mention that this was a farm truck used near Fontana, CA
  6. Does anyone know what this is? It's mounted on the bed of the truck between the cab and the rear fender. I've been told that it use to hold road flares and also that it held twine and the sharp object sparked the road flare or cut the twine. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. OK, so I have to replace my radiator or at least get a new core. I have a 1948 B-1. Any suggestions in Southern California? Thanks!
  8. Hey Y'all, I have a new question for you. I need to replace a front seal on my motor that sits behind the front timing cover. Is this is a rope seal or a mechanical seal? I was told that it is a rope seal but the auto parts store tells me that it's a mechanical seal. I have a 48 B-1, 218 if that helps. Thanks, Matthew
  9. Thanks. I plan on working on it tonight if possible. I'll let you know how I do. Matthew
  10. Ok, here's my dilemma. I've had an oil leak for the last few weeks and I traced it to the oil filler pipe. The oil leaks from where the pipe fits into the crankcase. Now, I know that I don't have too much oil so I'm thinking that the oil splashes around while driving and leaks out and runs along the crankcase and drips to the ground. Was there a gasket or extra sleeve that held the pipe firmly in place? I don't want to make something that would deteriorate and melt and fall into the crankcase. My filler pipe is a little loose. Any suggestions?
  11. IT.....IS.......ALIIIIIIVE!!!! No leaks either! Dang I've missed that straight pipe exhaust! Sounds sweet! Thank you everyone for your help!
  12. LOL, Yes, I drained the oil!!! You would never know it, cuz anytime I wrench, I get it all over the place.
  13. I had to buy larger jack stands and that did the trick. I didn't have to take the wheels off. I jacked it up, slid under the jack stands and let the jack down. Because the jacks weren't supporting the suspension anymore, the oil pan actually fell out. Now remember, I took all the bolts out a few days back. Well, I didn't remember and it scared the crap out of me when it slammed on the concrete. LOL Thanks for all your help everyone. Now, I get to do some cleanup and bolt up the replacement.
  14. Here's mine. 1948. Got it in rough shape and did a urethane primer job. Left the little dings here and there and had a friend hand paint an old motorcycle shop logo on the side. He faded out the logo and left the brush strokes in to complete the original shop truck look I was going for. Matthew
  15. OK, so I lowered the truck down and attempted to prop it up on the frame but my jack stands were too low to gain any type of clearance and I couldn't get it high enough. So, I took off to Harbor Freight and bought the taller ones. Back to the drawing board tomorrow. STAY TUNED!!!
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