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  1. I was reminded about one of the limitations of the foam brush when I had to do the underside of the utility trailer top rail a few days ago.  Since I'm still working outside in between chores and passing thunderstorms (and a few EF2s) , I have split the painting into sections so that I'm doing surface prep - prime - top coat in manageable sections.  Working on the bulkhead rails, the foam brush worked as usual but when I went overhead, the paint saturated the foam before flowing onto the frame...that kinda got messy as I was working top to bottom, left to right, and the foam was falling off of the handle right as I was finishing up the 1st coat.  So on subsequent coats, I opted to do the overhead areas next to last, and the foam brush did not fill up so hunter green didn't run all over my fingers as before.  With paint now in the brush, I could put a coat on the flat areas quickly, squeezing out the foam to put the paint on the work area and not wasting a drop.

  2. Fram filters...oil, fuel, transmission...had problems with fuel filters leaking on lawn equipment back in the late 90s, then read about oil filters that were basically shoebox cardboard shoved in a can...bought a low mileage '90 Ramcharger at a discount cuz I haggled the dealer on transmission issues, pulled the pan on that Torq-Flite and there's a Fram filter...replaced with Wix and made the adjustments as required and that old buggy came alive, as OD magically reappeared...how they are still in business boggles the mind 

  3. I bought my first Innova handheld OBD2 scanner back in 2009 to work on several vehicles that were pre-2006...it still works, but newer vehicles require activating the ABS pump to bleed brakes and that scanner did not have that function and could not be upgraded...kinda like buying a laptop, after so many years the OS and/or features are obsolete.  I bought a second Innova handheld scanner 2yrs ago and it has paid for itself,  just like the 1st, as I do almost all of my diag.work and wrench turning for myself and friends who offer interesting trades.  I opted not to do the bluetoof OBD2 app only because I work on multiple vehicles and I try to minimize wear on my phone cuz hey ima butterfingers and them phones are expensive.  The other advantage is that I can have a scanner running diag while doing research on my phone, so I have 2 separate screens running on 2 power sources which helps save phone battery on long days.  If only working on 1 vehicle, the app is competitive with its active software updates but I wonder about software security 🤔 


    If working on a 10+ yr old vehicle with ABS, be prepared for possible fun if the brake fluid was not flushed every 2-3 yrs 👀


    additional information - 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 brake repair odyssey

  4. 2 hours ago, bkahler said:

    Why can't they build stylish vehicles anymore?

    sometimes when an exorbitant executive compensation package comes to light, a researcher compiles a list of things that $$$ could have paid for, and it makes me wonder how much better we would all be if the haves shared some more scraps with the have nots...things like a cross hair grille on a new Dodge Ram instead of the Tundra lookalike half-baked placeholder them buggies have been sporting lately :cool:

  5. I had a similar problem with the '49 1-ton throttle hanging up especially in warmer weather...drove the truck for years occasionally toeing the throttle pedal to get the rpms down when rolling up to stop signs.  I did notice accumulation of dust around the throttle shaft after several years, so I'm guessing that the shaft bore is no longer cylindrical.  This would cause a very small leak in the charged air passage, where the shaft could get wedged or roll into a low spot during operation.  Considering how many resources it would take to correct this occasional higher-than-desired engine rpm condition vs. just toeing the throttle pedal every once in a while, I opted to live with it as the ol' buggy having another personality quirk :cool:

  6. I had a gf once that I referred to as Wide Load...she was 5', 120# soaking wet...she knocked over a wobbly end table with her caboose one day not long after we met, she had a very small apartment that had way too much stuff in it...she would be simultaneously irate and amused whenever I would refer to her as such an obstacle to traffic and pedestrians alike...she eventually ran off with a millionaire, then reappeared after a few years to apologize over a steak lunch...good times :rolleyes:


    A few months later, I met a gal that had an 18yr old Toyota that was falling apart, a Matrix she bought new that her daughter named Car-E before she was in grade school.  That Toyota had flaking paint, rotting plastic, smelled like feet presumably from a leaky windshield gasket, a wobbly driver seat, and a dash digital clock that I swear on several occasions counted backwards, as if a warning that it's time was nearly up.  CEL and rough running had her asking me to give it an exam, I replaced the O2 sensors and warned her that with 190k on the odometer, that she had gotten her money's worth.  I eventually persuaded her to invest in a new Subaru CrossTrek, as used car prices were so high that a new car payment was cheaper than a used car payment.  This Subaru was almost the same size and color with very similar interior layout, but had gizmos like bluetoof connectivity and a backup camera that she had never used before.  She wanted to name the car but couldn't come up with anything that would stick.  I would gripe when I drove it that it's lane departure warning was assisted with a steering wheel that seemed to have a mind of its own, which was very annoying on some of the twisty roads near her place; it was like that car kept trying to go into the ditch randomly.  I told her several times to look up in her owner's manual to find the setting to disable that, cuz it would freak her out on the occasions when she worked late at night.  Eventually, her new TX plates showed up, starting with SPZ...she thought it was short for SPITZ, some cute doggie, but I said it was SPAZ, your car's name is SPAZ...it totally fit as the car seemed to beep and steer itself unexpectedly.  She did not want to name her car SPAZ, but one evening I was driving her to dinner and while she was telling me some story about her day's annoyance, I drifted across the white line, the car beeped at me and she annoyingly blurted out SHUTUP SPAZ and started laughing cuz she knew I did that on purpose on that straight as an arrow stretch of highway...so the name stuck :D 

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