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    Hi All,

    Our P-15 Picnic will take place in the UK on 22nd and 23rd April.
    The event is organised by, and for, owners of 1946-1948 Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler cars but all classics are welcome.

    Owners can also come along without their cars.
    If anyone fancies a laid-back weekend with a bunch of great people, a group of fabulous cars and a visit to a major Motor Musem, you'll be very welcome.
    We hope to see some of you there.
    To help with our planning, please let us know if you're thinking of joining us. Thanks.



    P-15 Picnic 2023.jpg

    Picnic 2016 square w logo.jpg

    Picnic 2017 colour-105.jpg

    Picnic Tee 2 Colour.jpg

  2. 1 hour ago, bluefoxamazone said:

    Good luck and enjoy. For me to participate, just a hair too far... 🙂



    Please come and join us at our P-15 Picnic in the UK... you'll be very welcome.
    We'll set a date for 2023 soon.

  3. I definitely saw a D24 in an early '50s Memphis scene. I think it popped up twice.
    But was there also a red P15 convertible with a white top? Kerbside, in one of the high angle shots.
    Has anyone spotted the same cars, or know whose cars were used in the movie?

  4. Just did a 500 mile round trip to run my car at the VHRA Hot Rod Races.
    It's a P15, running a 218 with dual carbs and an ali head. Transmission is OD with a 3.90 rear end.
    Fuel consumption was approx 20 miles per US gallon for the whole round trip.
    Driving hard, at approx 70-75mph on the way out, cost about 5% compared to the return at about 60mph.



  5. On 1/4/2022 at 1:22 PM, FarmerJon said:

    I also made 'conceptual' progress- I came across a early '50s custom that gave me a lot of ideas for how I want the car to turn out: the Bob Alexander coupe.

    I am not planning on the front end mods, just the shaved handles, deck lid and modified trim. May fill and peak the hood down the road.




    I've always liked the look of that car.
    Here are a couple of 1950s pictures of a P15 convertible with the same Pontiac tail lights, and it's also nosed and decked, with bobbed hood trim, shaved fender trim and sombrero caps, all similar to the Alexander coupe.
    I've also attached a photo of an unknown coupe, again taken in the 1950s.
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    1955 2.jpg

    1955 1.jpg


  6. 6 hours ago, normanpitkin said:

    Are we having the traditional supper on the saturday night? Will it be at the Aviator ,Ive already booked a room!

    Lots of people staying over at the Aviator but we've been told that group dinner can't be reserved although they will try to seat us near each other.
    I'll check in with them again and see what we can do.
    We'll certainly set a time to meet for drinks before (and after) dinner.

  7. We realise that, for most people on this Forum, the P-15 Picnic USA will be a little more local - and we'd encourage you to support Mark and Greg and join them at their great event in NY in September.
    But if you're UK-based, here are details of our own event, which will be returning to the location of the very first P-15 Picnic, held way back in 2015.

    All classic car and truck owners are welcome to join us, with our without your vehicles. We hope to see as many of you as possible on the day.

    If you're planning to come along, please drop me a PM with your contact info and we'll keep you updated.

    The P-15 Picnic 2021

    Sywell Aviation Museum, NN6 0BN

    Sunday 3rd October

    10.00am – 4.00pm
    Sywell's historic aerodrome is the perfect location, with its art deco bar and restaurant in the original 1930s airfield clubhouse. The award winning museum is usually closed in October but will be opened especially for us on the day (free admission, but please donate generously).

    If you fancy treating yourselves to a weekend away, or just an overnight stay, the aerodrome’s magnificent art deco-styled Aviator Hotel has rooms available. For room and/or dinner reservations, call 01604 642111.



    Picnic Card Alt2 w date.jpg

    Picnic 2016 square w logo.jpg


  8. 22 hours ago, Frank Elder said:

    Not a darn thing wrong with your car Storming Norman!


    Or Yours Red Robin! I really like the chrome accent on the skirts, what is it off of if you don't mind me asking.  @Robin (UK)

    Thanks Frank.
    The spears are '41 Buick items. They were very popular with customisers in the '40s and early 50s. Check out Harry Westergard's custom builds and you'll see them on a lot of his cars.
    The trims became so popular, repro pressed steel versions were made and sold as 'Flo-Wings' and 'Jet-Wings'.
    A few period pictures attached...



    1940 Mercury.jpg

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