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  1. That's a fabulous looking car and it's great to see another 46-48 MoPar in the UK.
    There are a whole bunch of these great cars over here (although not many DeSotos).
    We have a facebook group for UK owners and hold an annual meet-up in the middle of the country (The P-15 Picnic) - You'll be very welcome to join us online and in person.
    Please drop me a DM with your email address and I'll send info over and keep you in touch with what we're doing. This year's P15 Picnic will be on 20th and 21st April.
    Welcome to this great Forum - you'll get lots of great advice here.
    And it's good to hear you talking about Race The Waves. Dean and I race our Plymouths at Pendine Sands.
    Look forward to catching up,



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  2. 5 hours ago, Doug&Deb said:

    I’m assuming that’s an export model. It looks like a Plymouth with different trim. I’d like to see the grille. 

    It's an SP15 DeSoto, which is effectively a badge-engineered Plymouth produced for export markets.
    Here's a French car with a good view of the front end, hood ornament and badging.


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  3. I've always enjoyed driving my P15, and I'm having even more fun now that my son's old enough to get behind the wheel.
    We worked the car hard at a recent Speed Hill Climb at historic Prescott Hill.
    The wet course was super slippery, so we got some sideways action on the hairpins!




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  4. 7 hours ago, nonstop said:

    On a side note, why the drop to 3.73?  For the cost, it is not much trade off - 0.17 difference.  You might want to consider going to 3.55 gears.  You would certainly lower RPM’s, but the other question is, can your car handle it?


    Thanks for the info on the splines.
    The rear end swap is all about marginal gains. I have a hotter motor that'll be fitted soon. It'll definitely pull the higher gear, so I'm aiming to move that sweet spot a little bit and gain some more top end speed. 17% is enough as I already run an R10 OD.

  5. Hi all,
    I'd like to swap out the 3.9 rear end in my '47 Plymouth and replace with a 3.73.
    Searching this Forum, I've found some discussion about the swap, including mention of the spline count.
    Does anyone have a list of which models would have run a 3.73 crown wheel and pinion that would be a straight swap?
    Any information that could help me in the search would be appreciated.

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  6. 12 hours ago, Eneto-55 said:

    Not my photo - copied it from another post here on the forum, but I didn't make a note of where, or whose photo it was.

    signal indicator bezel 03.jpg

    That's mine.
    I picked up the bezel, then got the bulb holders from a Dodge set-up and made the bracket to suit the Plymouth part.
    I also took the amber inserts from the Dodge bezel but they aren't fitted in this picture.

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  7. 5 hours ago, andyd said:

    Robin........you are to be congratulated, thats a wonderful turnout........how many cars in total?...........that pic taken at the service station is a classic.........mnay thanks for your efforts......andyd.

    Thanks Andy.
    There was a total of 25 cars:
    14x 1946-1948 MoPars
    7x Other 30-50s MoPars
    1x C10 Chevy Pickup
    1x '39 Cadillac

    1x '53 Chevy

    1x MGB GT


  8. We've just enjoyed a fantastic weekend with lots of beautiful cars and lovely people at The P-15 Picnic.
    'Participants' Choice' was Ian's stunning grey RHD P-15 Plymouth convertible and the winning 'Guest Car' was an amazing '39 Cadillac.
    There were a nice variety of 1930s-1950s Mopars on show, including a '36 Plymouth coupe, a '41 Chrysler convertible, a P-15 Police car clone and a 41 'Ply-Soto' running a 426 Hemi.
    Here are some pictures from the weekend.
    If you're Stateside and would like to take part in something like this, please support The P-15 Picnic USA in September.




    343169015_1381624429046606_5587323269340030854_n crop.jpg


    IMG_7648 edit.JPG


    IMG_7651 edit.JPG


    IMG_7645 edit.JPG































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  9. 51 minutes ago, desoto1939 said:

    did anyone notice the pair of escalators inthe center of the showroom.  This must have been a very upscale chrysler dealership with two floors. possibly offices or maybe another floor for cars to be stored. Also notice the very art deco lighting and the entire art deco style for the interior.


    Rich hartung


    It's the most upscale dealership ever, and definitely has a lot more more than two floors... it's the Chrysler Building in New York...

    MNY199030 Chrysler showroom, chrysler building,  1936,.jpg

    MNY199030 Chrysler showroom, chrysler building,         1936,.jpg

    MNY199030 Chrysler showroom, chrysler building,       1936,.jpg

    MNY199030 Chrysler showroom, chrysler building,              1936,.jpg

    MNY199030 Chrysler showroom, chrysler building,        1936,.jpg

    MNY199030 Chrysler showroom, chrysler building,               1936,.jpg

    MNY199030 Chrysler showroom, chrysler building,           1936,.jpg

    MNY199030 Chrysler showroom, chrysler building,                1936,.jpg

    MNY199030 Chrysler showroom, chrysler building,                 1936,.jpg

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  10. We're only five weeks out from The P-15 Picnic and now have thirty cars booked in, including eighteen 1946-1948 MoPars, which will be a UK record (if they all make it).
    All classic cars and trucks are welcome, so if anyone else would like to join us please drop me a message and we can get you registered for the day, or for the weekend.


    Picnic Ad 2023.jpg






    Picnic 2.jpg

  11. It's a factory option and part of the turn signal kit.
    The one you are showing definitely fits P14 and P15 Plymouths. It may fit earlier models too.
    There was a similar part for Dodge cars but the bezel is at a different angle.
    I have gradually collected the parts to fit one of these to my car but I still need to make some plastic inserts for the arrows.
    I know Mark Duggan's convertible has the same, factory fitted. And there are a couple of D25s over here in the UK that also have the same turn signal part.





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  12. 9 hours ago, LeRoy said:

    I really like the visor on the cream colored car. I've kicked around putting one on mine but I hadn't seen one I liked, most of the ones I've seen look like tone ones on the green or burgundy cars. I also like the little visors on the headlights but both windshield and headlight visors seem to draw a lot of criticism from some folks (not that I pay much attention to what others think about my stuff). 


    Any idea what brand or type that one is?

    The cream car is Kit's so he may be able to confirm the ID of the visor.
    My guess is that it's a Peckat. It's a cool piece.

  13. 11 hours ago, Kit said:

    A litle update, the car spent about 1yr & 3 months getting welding done through C-19, in that time engine & tranny out which were cleaned up & painted, new full brake system, fuel tank, rewired & now 12v, I went with Tom Langdons Split exhaust manifold, custom built exhaust using Matt Bolts Mufflers here in the UK well known in NHRA circles and they sound great, a Weber 32/36 carb with heat & K&N filter.

    Now we are doing Tom Langdons HEI, the suspension, dropped her off tonight as I've only been able to drive following a really bad road accident on a motorcycle that wasn't my fault in April. The rear leafs are flat & fronts old, front end stock rebuild using parts from Kantar, front coils Moog Aerostar ones, reaf leafs made "1 lower than stock & we'll put some blocks on, prob "2. Using the relocation brackets for the shocks/Dampers mentioned here we'll put those on too to see if that helds the 'wallow' 


    Headlights we did change, using Land Rover ones


    On Instagram see Peppa_the_Plymouth as there are a few more pics there, we did make the American car magazine here & a few meetings in '21. Just lookig forward to having this work done & being really busy in the scene here in the UK in '23. During my research Peppa is only 1 of 2 P-19 Fastbacks here in the UK 


    It's always good to read your updates, Kit.
    Hope you'll be joining us at the P-15 Picnic in April.

    We're looking forward to seeing you, and the car, again.



    P-15 Picnic 2021 colour-223.jpg


    Hi All,

    Our P-15 Picnic will take place in the UK on 22nd and 23rd April.
    The event is organised by, and for, owners of 1946-1948 Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler cars but all classics are welcome.

    Owners can also come along without their cars.
    If anyone fancies a laid-back weekend with a bunch of great people, a group of fabulous cars and a visit to a major Motor Musem, you'll be very welcome.
    We hope to see some of you there.
    To help with our planning, please let us know if you're thinking of joining us. Thanks.



    P-15 Picnic 2023.jpg

    Picnic 2016 square w logo.jpg

    Picnic 2017 colour-105.jpg

    Picnic Tee 2 Colour.jpg

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