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  1. yeah..go ahead Greg..paint a target on my chest.....lol You do however have a good point on following up on the car or the after build "build" to make it safe and dependable..and the amount of rust that is going to rear its ugly head after a few adventures in the rain or possibily even driveway wash jobs...Holmes on Homes is a good show and probably the only one I have seen a couple time..but it amazes me as to all his discoveries yet the bureaucrats at the builder inspector office do not get involved or do anything to assure the homeowner has an avenue of relief...that is exactly the reason for permits and the so-called licensed inspections..the same guys who ripped off the owner are more than not on the next street over still working their trade.

  2. I must agree..these guys are flying low and loose and ought not to have the following the media market is gracing them with..it is all just one thing..hype..so called reality shows are not real..they are created to spin the audience and to that end they are evidently doing a good job as they seem to be a million and one reality TV shows today..I cannot really comment on details as I never watch any of those shows..sure give me or basically any hobbyist in the car world an unlimited budget courtesy of ads/sponsors..40 back shops under my direction..we can build some cars quick...

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