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  1. 1951 Suburban

    Thanks for the info. I will follow up with the guy SteveC
  2. 1951 Suburban

    Question: Did the Plymouth Suburban ever come with a stock 4 cylinder motor? I have looked on this forum and done a Google search re: Suburbans and 4 cylinders, no hits on the search. I am looking at one (1951), the ad says it's a 4 cylinder, just want to check with the experts here. Thanks! SteveC
  3. turning over engine

    For my B1B 218 I use a six point. 1 13/16"
  4. Electrical connectors

    Thank you guys for the advice, some slight tapping and pb blaster solved the problem, also taking your device on valve cleanup. SteveC.
  5. Electrical connectors

    I haven't posted for quite a while, have rewired, installed points plugs condenser coil,rebuilt carb, cleaned gunk etc and have tried to start the truck with no luck. Got a compression tester and we're showing no more than 65# in three cylinders and zero in the remaining cylinders..so, I pulled the head and found a valve sticking open. The reason the valve is remaining open is that the lifter is stuck ( it does move horizontally, but not vertically and has a lot of resistance, the motor turns by hand so I don't think the lifter is hung up on the camshaft. What would cause the lifter to be stuck ? Could it have somehow gotten out of round? thanks for any help/advice you guys have, SteveC
  6. Electrical connectors

    JB, thank you, appreciate the help.
  7. Wiring my B1B and have a question- why are there two connectors between the brake light switch and the brake light? It is a single line between the two according to the shop manual. any help is appreciated.
  8. I believe that is the emergency brake (just to the right of the shifter)
  9. 1948 B1B project

    I ended up taking the head to a machine shop, and I have added a torch to my Christmas list and hoping Santa has one in stock! Thank you guys for all the advice, a new guy such as myself would be lost without this forum.
  10. Great find. I would pressure wash that exterior, then wipe it down with Lacquer thiiner, (a used car trick to quickly remove oxidation, then I would lightly wet sand it with 320 grit wet and dry. You will be amazed at the beauty of that old HARD paint. 

  11. 1948 B1B project

    I haven't been on the site in a while, just want to give you guys an update, the motor is not siezed, so got that part out of the way, spinning after copious amounts of atf/acetone, I have cleaned the oil pan, carb. oil filter pot, took off the head. The one thing I messed up was when taking off the head I pulled on the heater hose too much and broke off the heater control valve (rookie that I am)..anyways, is there a preferred method to remove the bottom of the valve from the head? I have included a pic. below. Any help is appreciated. Steve C.
  12. What is your job? OT

    You right Brent, Homer knows best, many many donuts, not a good place to work if you want to lose weight.
  13. What is your job? OT

    I am an internal auditor for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (game commission), prior jobs with Fidelity Investments, Dunkin Donuts, Duke Energy and 4 years in Uncle Sams Canoe Club, stationed in western Australia and then on troop transport out of San Diego.
  14. New to this forum, here is a pic of my project, it has been sitting for 24 years and vegetation had overtaken the bed. Also included is a pic of the data plate, were these trucks built in Mexico, or were they exported to Mexico? I am just starting to assess the engine, have been doing the ATF/Acetone treatment, hoping that it isn't stuck.