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  1. 1951 Suburban

    Thanks for the info. I will follow up with the guy SteveC
  2. 1951 Suburban

    Question: Did the Plymouth Suburban ever come with a stock 4 cylinder motor? I have looked on this forum and done a Google search re: Suburbans and 4 cylinders, no hits on the search. I am looking at one (1951), the ad says it's a 4 cylinder, just want to check with the experts here. Thanks! SteveC
  3. turning over engine

    For my B1B 218 I use a six point. 1 13/16"
  4. Dodge firetruck

    I would certainly like to, but I don't have a space to store it. I'm still working on getting my first one up and running. I wish someone would buy it - I don't know how long I can resist the temptation! i bet it would be an awesome addition to your fleet!
  5. Dodge firetruck

    Tks Young Ed, looks like a unique project (I need to build a bigger garage!)
  6. Did Dodge have a line of fire trucks, or is this a conversion of a base model ? https://eastky.craigslist.org/cto/d/dodge-fire-truck/6228694752.html
  7. https://charlottesville.craigslist.org/cto/6234253219.html
  8. 1951 DODGE TRUCK http://eastnc.craigslist.org/cto/6194315486.html I contacted the seller, he stated that the damage was a broken passenger side windshield, he did state that the motor turns. SteveC.
  9. Electrical connectors

    Thank you guys for the advice, some slight tapping and pb blaster solved the problem, also taking your device on valve cleanup. SteveC.
  10. Electrical connectors

    I haven't posted for quite a while, have rewired, installed points plugs condenser coil,rebuilt carb, cleaned gunk etc and have tried to start the truck with no luck. Got a compression tester and we're showing no more than 65# in three cylinders and zero in the remaining cylinders..so, I pulled the head and found a valve sticking open. The reason the valve is remaining open is that the lifter is stuck ( it does move horizontally, but not vertically and has a lot of resistance, the motor turns by hand so I don't think the lifter is hung up on the camshaft. What would cause the lifter to be stuck ? Could it have somehow gotten out of round? thanks for any help/advice you guys have, SteveC
  11. Electrical connectors

    JB, thank you, appreciate the help.
  12. Wiring my B1B and have a question- why are there two connectors between the brake light switch and the brake light? It is a single line between the two according to the shop manual. any help is appreciated.
  13. I believe that is the emergency brake (just to the right of the shifter)
  14. 1948 B1B project

    I ended up taking the head to a machine shop, and I have added a torch to my Christmas list and hoping Santa has one in stock! Thank you guys for all the advice, a new guy such as myself would be lost without this forum.
  15. Great find. I would pressure wash that exterior, then wipe it down with Lacquer thiiner, (a used car trick to quickly remove oxidation, then I would lightly wet sand it with 320 grit wet and dry. You will be amazed at the beauty of that old HARD paint.