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  1. thank you for the photo/info. I’ll have to break out my manual to make sure I turn the screw I’m thinking of but I think it’s definitely very rich so leaning it out substantially will probably be a good idea. I’ll have to go pickup a vacuum gauge and figure out where to plug it in to get the best reading and then have at it!
  2. i keep forgetting about the shop manual sitting on my shelf! I need to whip that out and go for it! I’ll give the guides a check sometime here in the next couple weeks and see if they’re in spec and also if the guides are worn or not. I’ll likely need to jack up the truck and remove the front wheel to get at the valves easily since the bigger trucks fender is very high off the ground! Not an easy way in there behind that huge tire! Thank you for your help! 😁
  3. JB, Any idea on how to pinpoint a worn valve guide? Just get into the valves and wiggle things around to see what’s loose?
  4. Brent, thank you, any idea on how to adjust the fuel mixture with non-adjustable main jets? I read somewhere that someone said to braze the main jet in and drill a new one smaller. I don’t know if that’s the correct path to go or if there are some different jets for these old b & b carbs. I did reach out to Holley to inquire about their Sniper EFI stuff since where I currently live is about 2,900’ but I regularly drive up to the mountains up around the 10,000’ elevation and was thinking it’d be great to take the old truck up there sometime so the adjustability would be fantasti
  5. hey Dj, so curiously enough the engine runs already but it just stumbles a bit even after I rebuilt the carb. The original post I had at the top has links to the short clips on YouTube so you can see the blow by I’m getting out the draft tube and the oil filler neck. That was my original concern was that it would run just fine but that it seemed like a lot of blow by was happening. that being said, that’s great to know the compression numbers aren’t too bad. I don’t know if that means that the rings are just seized on the piston or not or if there’s some other cause fo
  6. Well folks, I finally got around to doing a compression test and added some MMO afterwards and I’ll do a compression test for the next couple weekends and see if the numbers change. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Dry. 85 110 100 90 90 90 Wet. 100 130 155 125 140 145 i guess let me know if you have some insight from the numbers and whether or not I’ll need to pull things apart and do a rebuild. I’m still figuring things out with this engine since it’s
  7. it is definitely smoke, we’ve run it until it gets up to temperature and it smokes the whole way. I did a compression test and all cylinders were in the 90s or close to 100 at least. I’m going to do another compression test and see if it’s one cylinder or if all of them are similar. If they’re similar it could just be that the engine is just fairly worn out and needs a rebuild anyways. If you get a chance to look at the YouTube links it looks like blow by as the filler tube has lots of air moving out of it. I will try an oil change and some MMO to try and see if that helps anything
  8. Would you also try to put some in the top of the cylinders or just let everything run through the oiling system? I’ll go buy some MMO tomorrow and some new oil. Any recommendations on oil since these engines are older? Like Delo or something with a higher zinc content?
  9. JBNeal, thank you! I likely figured that with that much smoke out of every end it wasn’t going to be good haha. It is an old farm truck from Idaho so it was likely used and abused for most of its life. I’ll get myself prepared for a rebuild. Thank you again for your input!
  10. Hello All, After searching around the forum for awhile I found a few things that could potentially be causing my smoking problems but I wanted to put it to the forum to get more of an idea of what I’ll be looking at in terms of what might need to be fixed and if it’d just be better to just tear down the engine completely or not. I’ll attach some video links to my YouTube so you can see what I’m seeing: oil filler tube smoking (possibly bad rings?) Smoke coming out of road draft tube while running Overall view and some light revving to see smoke o
  11. All of that pretty paint is making me want to tear into my brakes now and get them working right again! Gotta rebuild the carb first though!
  12. Hahaha, it’s that dry heat of the desert Southwest! Or it could be the last 70 years I guess?😉 I probably shouldn’t show you the tires either haha I’m usually very in tune to weird vibrations and noise and such in my vehicles so I didn’t want to be worried about there being some tranny issue while trying to downshift if there really is no worry. But if there aren’t synchros I’ll definitely be teaching myself to double clutch! Maybe I’ll find a brownie to throw on there too just to spice up the double clutching. Especially since I’m not as lucky to get a 2 speed rear end haha
  13. I know this is an older post but I’m also curious as to what the transmission is. I’m also wondering if these old bigger trucks had Syncros or if I’ll be needing to double clutch everything? When I shift up there is no grinding but downshifting is a whole different beast. My ‘48 B-1-J is setup similar to the OP and the shift pattern is a bit different than more modern patterns. this is how my pattern is setup and I’ve included a picture of my stick with the “shift pattern” on the boot. 2 4 R N 3 5 1-(with circle around it)
  14. Thank you for the links, I’ll get some stuff ordered to rebuild the carb. Who knows if all the parts for it are on there, it was an old farm truck after all haha. I’ll reach out to the Vintage powerwagon folks and see what info and advice they can give me on the engine and the axle. I’d really like to keep the old axles just for the fun factor of the directional lug nuts and such. But the idea of possibly going 4x4 intrigues me as well (like the old coleman 4wheel systems) the brake booster is actually a ford brake booster but I don’t know from what! When I drove it an
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