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Three Speed Repair Conumdrum.


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Ok, So I grabbed my spare three speed lever cover to make sure I was putting the shafts in correctly...the one that slides into the other and has the spring in it.


To my shock they are different. Both three speeds. The cover case part numbers are the same as are all of the internal parts. Just the shaft is different and where the spring goes is different.


Has anyone see this before?






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Never been in a transmission before but here's my 2 cents.   If the shifting lever or whatever part fits into the hole and has the same function and position, you would just have a spare hole in the shaft.  I would make sure the hole you were originally using is in the same exact position as the hole in the spare.  Assuming the spare has the extra hole.

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I have TWO of these transmissions and each one has a different part in it. One has the spring in the top and the other on the bottom. I checked the parts books and I see the drawings show BOTH of them without any explanation. I have checked several service manuals and NONE show the detail of where the spring goes.


One of these used the top hole and the other used the bottom hole. So, which one is correct?


Chrysler is well known for making a running change in a part and using the same part number. Drives me nuts!


I guess this will tale some work to run down.


One thing is I saw someone selling this part in sets of three.  They list the part number and two are of the one style and one is of the other...same part number...


When I went to reference my other one, it had the spring in the top hole. When I took apart the one I have used it was in the bottom hole.


I guess I will have to dig a little more unless someone here can shed any light on this. If someone has a trans apart, I would not mind a photo of the cover showing where the spring is...high or low...and the trans ID that is stamped into the flange on the side of the case.



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After a couple of hours I figured it out. The did in fact make a change, although it is not documented. They went from the spring being on the bottom and having to access it from the back side which is a PITA, to having it on the top on the front side.


One way it push on the bottom and the other way it pushes from the top.


It works just the same, same motion and same tension. The later one has two holes as the part the goes around it and moves is in fact different. In one it has a recess for the spring on the bottom and on the other it has the recess on the opposite side at the top.


I guess they made the later shafts so that they could be used with both of the other parts.


Why they made the change is left to history as there is no functional difference.



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