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Throw out bearing blues


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Hey there....just got done replacing clutch disc and pressure plate after driving my 1940 Plymouth pickup for about 40 years....flywheel was not turned, didn’t need it....parts were built by a reputable nationally known shop. Now that everything is back together, T/O bearing won’t reach the pressure plate fingers until pedal is almost to the floor, even with the adjustment screws on the ears all the way out/in on their respective sides. It is an 11” clutch, and was wondering if there was a different style throwout bearing sleeve for the 11” setup that I am not aware of??.

 I need for the bearing to be another inch or so closer to the clutch in order to operate, and was wondering if there was a sleeve that didn’t have such a deep recess to the flat “lands” that the fork levers ride on when they push the bearing into the clutch. It is strange, because nothing has changed in the setup since the parts were sent off. I am in Missouri, rebuilder is in Massachusetts, and I could use some input before I start fabricating a solution. Thank you in advance....

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