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  1. Some of the strips for early chevy have round holes .
  2. I think that you are right that some valves are stuck . The easy way to find out is to pull the side covers and watch the valve stems / valve springs as the engine is turned over .
  3. Rich , Did you mean to say brake shoes instead of brake lines ?
  4. ebay item number 153586551686 shows the glove box door springs for the 1939 - 1947 Dodge trucks .
  5. I don't know if these pics will help or not . The first pic is from underneath .
  6. Here is a photo of mine . I made a home-made glove box liner out of 1/4 " plywood so disregard that . ( 1941 Plymouth truck ) I can't see any cut outs in your photo , perhaps that is the problem . You might have to make the really big ugly holes like you see in my photo ( the cut-outs like Ed mentioned ). I
  7. That is a lot of money for a radiator repair . You could check ebay for an aluminum radiator , they cool very well and are not expensive . If you don't see one listed for your application you could contact the vendor and ask . There are several vendors selling on ebay so ask a couple different sellers . Also some of the Canadian mopars are Dodge / Plymouth reversed , so you have to watch that .
  8. There ya go . That is the one that I was thinking of .
  9. Here is some information that might help you make a decision ; I straightened my tie rod in a vise just by pulling on it , and yes it is soft steel . It has been holding up fine for many years now . I was told that one way to strengthen the tie rod is to weld a length on angle iron onto it . The tie rod is solid and not hollow and it has ends that are left and right hand threads , to set your front end alignment you wold loosen the tie rod ends and turn the tie rod , moving the adjustment in or out .by use of the left and right hand threads . There is a thread on this forum where a member made up a heavier tie rod for his truck , perhaps you can find it with a search .
  10. Time to install an electric pump . if not permanent , at least a very good test to eliminate the lines, tank , and vented cap as potential problems .
  11. In a pinch you can have your existing cylinders sleeved although I think that it would be more expensive than replacement . And time consuming . I guess that the replacement cylinder fits the backing plate ?
  12. Thanks for all of the good information . I searched for hot water filter and found a couple of them at plumbingsupply.com by American Plumber . My home was built right at the cusp when they switched over to copper pipes , in fact , my neighbors house has copper pipes and the house was built in the same year . Here is the source for another hot water filter , it looks like the same product at a much better price : WaterFilter.com 1-800439-0263
  13. I just installed an under-sink water filter in my kitchen on the cold water side of the faucet . I have galvanized pipes and in the past i have gotten debris in the faucet parts . Everyone seems to sell filters to go on the cold water side only . Is there a reason for that ? I would like to also filter the hot water side .
  14. See plymouthy's reply #11 . You need to trace it . Perhaps you are not getting enough power to the relay because of your possible faulty wires . How about a test with a good wire from your battery to the relay for example . Check all connections , they must be clean and tight .
  15. Clean and adjust the points . Use voltage directly from a battery as mentioned earlier .
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