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  1. ebay also has a large selection of cape chisels.
  2. When I submitted my costs to the insurance person , I didn't include my work , done in my garage , which was everything except for the fender repair work . The insurance person is going to have a check sent that is very generous to pay me for my work . There was some question about this earlier .
  3. I don't know if that will work or not . but see ebay number 273009564468
  4. Humm , That war ended in 1945 , if the vet was 18 years old at that time , he would be 94 today . Probably older than that though .
  5. See ebay number This includes both tie rod ends . I didn't search any further . 293244760395
  6. If it is a WF the right tie rod end is a 951306 and the left tie rod end is a 951307 .
  7. The best method for a parts search would be to start with the original part numbers . The 1947 Dodge 1 1/2 ton truck models are WF , WFX , or WFM . There are different part numbers for the different tie rod ends . Which model do you have ?
  8. The gland nut has a tapered seat inside for the ether bulb .
  9. I paid a welding shop to repair three areas on the fender for $155 . The fender is now at a detail shop for the final work including painting and the estimate for that is $350 . The detail shop was recommend by two neighbors who have had work done there . I received a new bumper and brackets and test fitted it up , took off the sharp edges and applied paint . DCM makes a real nice bumper .
  10. I don't plan on making a claim for reimbursement for any work that I do myself . The insurance company wants me to find and chose my own repair service shops and send them a list of expenses broken down by parts or labor when completed . One of the bills that they will get is for $656 for a new bumper , bumper brackets , tail light brackets , & shipping . Because of the pandemic they don't even send out a person to take photos , I sent them photos of the damage and of the VIN plate .
  11. It was drivable , I drove it home , now I have the fender pulled off along with the bumper and tail light . I banged out the big rear dent in the fender , just to see how it would come out . It looks fairly well there but I don't have the skills or tools to tackle much more and it needs welding in a couple of spots . I plan on bringing the fender to Dentoni's welding this afternoon . Of course it is covered by insurance . I ordered a new bumper , tail light brackets , etc . I don't want to order a fiberglass fender though . 48D , I appreciate the offer . A few days ago I drove the truck to a
  12. Are you asking for a contact that might have parts for your roof rack ?
  13. The nearby place where someone might have seen something is a Ships Store and dry docks for boat repair . I didn't think to go over and ask about witnesses , but when I reported the incident to the police department an hour later , I mentioned that to the cop , He was going to check out the area and I told him to look for the broken glass so he could find the exact spot . It must have made a lot of noise .
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