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  1. You didn't mention the points , they need to be clean and gaped correctly .
  2. This is a new bumper and brackets from Dodge Central of Michigan . The bumper alone is $350 , bumper and brackets and bolts are priced together at $485 . When ordering you choose short or long version brackets , the brackets in my photo are the short brackets . I used a file to remove the sharp edges before painting . Everything fit well and the quality is great .
  3. This is what you are talking about right ? The clutch fork is loose where it goes through the bell housing ?
  4. Also if you decide to take it to a shop for frame straightening , don't be afraid to bargain if the cost seems too high .
  5. Dorman Spindle Nut 615-016 ; ebay from $23 to $28 . Summit Racing $28 . OReilly Auto Parts $4.
  6. It looks like your damper is one of those which has a flat spot used to remove the fan belt . Clearance for the close crossmember .
  7. As mentioned , if only boots are needed , just replace the boots . i have seen them in the parts store in two sizes . There are utube vidios on disconnecting the tie rod ends .
  8. 1946 - 1948 Dodge took starters MAW-4041 and MZ-1133 . Does this mean that MCH-6101 won't work ? I don't know .
  9. One part number only by Auto-Lite IGP - 3028ES for points , condenser IG - 3927G . For distributor IGS - 4109-1 .
  10. Did your kit come with spacers that go on the shaft , way in the back ? Some kits have a spacer so that the inner bearing doesn't slop around .
  11. You could check the pump by putting the inlet in a gas can . Is your fuel ling plugged going into the tank ?
  12. There is no way it can come out from the bottom . What do you see when you look in there , a massive cross member and the radiator support that also holds the fender supports .
  13. I have used Seal-All on gas tank sending units . it is made for gasoline sealing and is probably found in most auto parts stores .
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