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  1. When you remove the spark plugs the valves are underneath the opening . The valve covers will give some access too . Instead of spraying engine oil I would spray penetrating oil or Marvel Mystery Oil . Some guys have used a screwdriver to put some tension on the valve springs to pop the valve back down , but be careful that you don't do damage . I put a little MMO in my gas with each fill up .
  2. Also I have taken apart several of the plates to grease the bearings ( I used wheel bearing grease ) and the two halves of the plates just snapped together .
  3. The dual point conversion that I saw pictures of had the condenser mounted on the outside of the distributor . The late Don Coatney converted his distributor to dual points and you might be able to find his photos . He did have lots and lots of posts though .
  4. Could some of the leaf springs have settled ?
  5. The tie rod in my 1/2 ton was just soft steel . I put it in the vise and pulled it straight . That was about 19 years ago and no problems .
  6. Perhaps you are mistaken . The outlet is on the front of the tank in the stock location . And the line drops down inside as mentioned .
  7. There is a little wire in the distributor that has to move each time you use the throttle . It goes from one plate to another and is very flexable . At idle it could be OK but when you use the throttle , one of the plates moves and the wire moves too .
  8. That correct spacer will eliminate the problem of having to hold individual washers in place while tightening the bolts . The center holds it .
  9. Try Rare Parts in Stockton , Ca . They make a lot of their own stuff .
  10. If it is a stock tank it should come out without cab removal . When i put my new tank in , i had to massage the sheet steel around the filler neck hole for the new tank . it is pretty thick steel . I see Ed beat me to the punch .
  11. The pre-war lenses have the letters/numbers etched into the glass and are easy to repaint with a razor blade to clean up the new paint . The post war lenses are painted on the surface and would be a lot harder to repaint . But the paint on the post war lenses seem to hold up very well . Someone is selling the face plates at a fairly reasonable price , I can't remember if it is DCM . It is easy to repaint the faceplates but getting the dots right is a little tricky . The original dots are little squares , but sitting in the drivers seat , you won't notice if the new dots are round , if you make your own . After searching on how to make a small round dot , i found how the natives in OZ do it in their paintings . For a tiny dot , dip a very small drill bit in shallow white paint and then touch the face plate with the drill bit shank . Perfect round dot .
  12. Permatex sells a grease for brake parts , including the rubber parts . Look for Brake Parts Lubricant number 24129 . On Amazon for $7.12
  13. If the red lens is gone , some of the guys stick a little red plastic in there . Plastic that lets the light through .
  14. Some of those old motors had small ports for oiling the bearings .
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