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  1. That one looks unusual . You might need to buy another whole heater . And I know that you already tried that once and it didn't work out . Look for one that doesn't show any green on the core and comes with a guarantee ?
  2. Here are a few that I found using a google search for " universal heater cores " www.universalpartsinc.com/shopping/?ic=10552
  3. Someone , sometime found a new replacement core by looking at parts books and comparing dimensions in an auto parts store . Perhaps a forum search will turn it up .
  4. It is also common in areas of the country where they put salt on the roads to melt the snow and ice .
  5. One problem that we often encounter is the firing order is correct but can be one terminal off on the distributor cap . The solution is moving each wire one position over .
  6. There could be very many things wrong with a 1952 Cranbrook . Don't count on just replacing or rebuilding only the generator . Another main part of the charging system is the regulator . I would be very wary of trying to drive an unknown car of that age on a 40 mile trip .
  7. You should contact Charlie as he is pretty good about answering questions . I am using DOT3
  8. Steve , Have you read Charlie's instructions ? If not , check his web site or you can probably find them with a google search . On my master cylinder diameter ; When I had my master cylinder sleeved , the guy who did the machine work sent a note that the bore was 1 1/4 inch . Also you could verify by checking the bore size for Raybestos master cylinder kit MK1 as I used that kit . My list also says that NAPA kit #1 is the correct item . In Charlie's instructions he mentions that sometimes you must ' stake ' the spindle so that the spacer fits tight . I don't have any complaints at all . There was a discussion on this forum about Charlie's various recommendations for securing the retaining nut and the cotter pin . Some people had strong feelings . I am OK with his methods .
  9. Steve , It stops very well , I have locked up the brakes twice as there were dogs running loose in the street . One little dog was actually running towards me . Full brake pedal too . I don't have to stand on the pedal and obviously a power assist isn't needed . I did occasionally have to stand on the pedal with the original shoes , even though the shoes were new and making full contact . I always would wonder if something was going to break when applying so much force on the system with the original shoes . I don't know the bore size of my original master cylinder off hand . If my cylinder bore size is important to you , let me know and I will look it up in my records .
  10. If there is a tractor parts supplier near you , they may have the 6 volt bulbs . There are still many old 6 volt tractors in use . ebay is good for 6 volt bulbs too .
  11. If you do the above test , make sure that you ground the sender body .
  12. Here is some good information on bolts and threads from Hot Rod magazine .
  13. As the man said , it shields from road debris and mud .
  14. It puts pressure on a screen door to close it after the door has been opened .
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