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Clutch Identification

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I'm wondering why the clutch that came with my 1951 B3B doesn't look like the clutch on page 163 of the shop manual.

Here's what came with my truck: (I included two pictures of my clutch disc just to help with an ID. The disc is 11 inches wide. The center hub has 10 splines and looks like 1 1/4 inches in diameter.)





The clutch shown in the shop manual (page 163) looks more like the one in the picture below (which I copied from the DCM Central web site.

Can anyone explain the apparent discrepancies between my clutch and the ones pictured in the shop manual and at DCM?

1. My clutch cover is round. The one below from DCM (and also in the book) has a hexagonal shape.

2. My clutch cover has 4 release levers. The one below (and also in the shop manual) has only 3.







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looks like a 4 speed factory 11" clutch assembly. 1" X 10 spline.

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11" is optional but not uncommon on the 4 speed trucks from what I've seen over the years.

11" is good!

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