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  1. There are two 1/2" hex head bolts directly above the cross member that can be very tight to get at...especially if the rear mounts are sagged out. But doable...just leave then loose in the cover when pulling it out and down.
  2. I should have said Tip-Toe....1946-48..... Simpli-Matic....was the 1941-42 Transmission
  3. Gates sells that special "Fuel Filler Hose".... By the inch of course....go to a NAPA store.
  4. There are two FD bell housing to engine support brackets ..a left and right. Part # rt 667515 cast iron # Lt 667516 " " Above brackets used on Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler six 1937 thru 1952 Stamped steel brackets are used on 3 speed transmission cars..never on the heavy Simplimatic transDeSoto's. I'm guessing you have the M-5 Simplimatic with the FD coupling...not a 3 speed trans.
  5. Was the clutch disc installed with the center raised damper springs towards the FD/engine? If so the raised portion will be rubbing against the FD driven clutch plate causing the clutch to drag. The raised part of the disc faces to the rear of the car ....always on the old MoPars.
  6. Promised pic' of the plug in bottom of bell housing and side support bracket... Save the pic's if you need them as I have to delete them for posting more pics later...
  7. I'd try to find a nice good grille. Their out there. Repairing pot metal is tough and can be really ugly. I've been able to find really nice 1946-8 Chrysler grilles...on ebay and in dry country eastern Washington. No plating needed.
  8. Hope you marked the main caps before removal. Got to put em back where they came from.
  9. I call it the antique timing light spark plug adapter spring thingy dingy.
  10. If you don't want to double clutch the syncro 4 speed is a great transmission. I have driven my 1952 Dodge pu with the 4 speed syncro transmission for 47 years.... Never a problem with it.πŸ™‚
  11. He has a 1951 Coronet. Top of the line Dodge.
  12. Did you put a slight wipe of oil on the two pilot bushings in the fluid drive coupling. Also you didn't let the trans hang and bend the clutch disc when R&R'ing the heavy transmission?
  13. The semi auto m6 trans has an oil pump in it to cause auto upshifting. Put 80 weight in it ... It will upshift for sure but take forever to auto downshift. It needs 10W oil only.
  14. Wonder how long the hood was left open letting the snow blow in and down the carb?🀯 Looks like a all original car ...original seat upholstry etc. Keep it stock...get it running quickly be it stock. They drive nice with a good running 230 and M6 trans. Only thing would be to change the rear end pumpkin to 3.9 ....most likely a 4.1 as is. Assuming it's a upper line Dodge Coronet.
  15. As above mentioned above...same as any other truck zerks.....unless a jerk damaged the zerk or replaced the damaged zerk with a ebay Turkish zerk which might be a Whitworth zerk. That type must be replaced with a SAE US zerk. Then you can grease the carrier bearing.πŸ˜‰
  16. The 3/16" line oil filter fittings holes should all be the same size...no single fitting with a tiny restriction hole. The fitting with the itty bitty hole in it is for the block to oil gauge line. Dampens oil pump pulsations for a steady oil gauge needle.
  17. I enjoyed your fun and entertaining video! Other than never liking red silicone sealant your video was 100% awesomeπŸ™‚ Thanks for posting and let's see more!πŸ‘πŸ‘
  18. The only thing that bothered me was that awful nasty red silicone sealant. Could have at least used black.
  19. Another tidbit.....Vacumn type Vacamatic. The trans shown has the six sided shift diaphragm. Later builds were updated piston type shift.
  20. Definitely if the pump cover shows signs of leaking replace the oil pump cover gasket....a square profile rubber O- ring. Don't let the outer rotor pump gear fall out. The smaller inner rotor gear cannot fall out. The outer rotor gear needs to stay assembled exactly as is...meaning you could put the rotor gear in face up two ways. Those two gears have a good wear in pattern ...you do not want to change it....otherwise possibly causing slightly lower oil pressure.
  21. I'd use your old one...it will not fail. New chinese will. I would not even take it apart unless sludgy.
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