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  1. Scrap yards that crush cars are VERY good places to go to buy tires. I have bought radial tires already mounted on rims that would fit my car for 12 bucks each. They don't mind doing this because it saves them from having to pay a worker to dismount the tires before they can sell the wheels.
  2. Beautiful paint job,Rich. What is that color called? Is it an original color?
  3. Can't give you any advise at all on that swap,but I will ask you to give us some photos and details of the swap if you do the deal? And,PLEASE,put your old engine and trans up for sale here and other places instead of selling it for scrap. There is somebody,somewhere that needs a core to rebuild.
  4. I will never understand why the Fluid Drive Mopars weren't insanely popular in "snow country". I guess it was just because so many people back then were so used to driving manual shift transmissions in the snow,it was no big deal. My 42 Dodge coupe spent it's entire life in Mass as a one-owner car,and was kept in a garage and only driven to the grocery store,and to church. When the woman died in 1973 the guy I bought it from bought it from her estate because he was restoring one,and wanted an all-original car as a guide to re-assembly. Since this one was bought when the 42's first
  5. I like your attitude. Let him experience the joy of building HIS first car as much as possible. That is a joy that truly has to be experienced to understand. Taking it away from him would be cheating him.
  6. Maybe it's just me,but if a car wanders all over the road I will never enjoy driving it. I can deal with rust,dents,torn upholstery,etc,etc,etc until I can repair those problems,but I can't deal with a car that has sloppy handling or brakes that don't work right. Not to mention that when you do get ready to sell the car,which car do you think you will have an easier time selling and get more money for,one that wanders all over the road,or one with tight steering?
  7. If it was too easy,it wouldn't be as much fun.
  8. >>I sent a camshaft in to be reground in November and got it back last week because nothing had been done. << Try Delta Cams https://www.deltacam.com/ I bought cams for two different obsolete tractors from them,and when I ordered,they had them in stock. Bought rebuild cams and tappes from them for a lot less than the used stuff was selling for on ebbay. They even grind custom cams to your specs if you want more torque (who doesn't?) or hp.
  9. Wow! That's the kind of "insider baseball" stuff you just aren't going to find anywhere else!
  10. My first car was a 1938 Chrysler 4dr sedan. Bought it for 20 bucks from money I made as a laborer that summer working for a crew digging septic tanks and drain lines with shovels. Found it in a backyard about 60 miles from home after hitchhiking there to visit friends. The owner inherited it from his aunt who bought it new,and the engine was stuck. My father hated old cars so he refused to tow it home for me. I got an older cousin to do that,and once home he helped me get the engine freed up,and damned if it didn't run so quiet you couldn't hear it running while watching the fan tu
  11. Glad to hear it. I am a hot rodder at heart,but there just aren't that many original cars left around anymore,and it seems like a shame to make obvious changes to one that is still all-original. BTW,if you feel the need for more power later,230 flat 6's are still semi-easy to find,and they are the same size outside as the engine you have now,and have a lot more power and internal parts are easier to find. My all-original 33 Dodge 4dr came to me with an engine that needed everything,so I plan on just rebuilding a 55 Plymouth 230 to put in it because no modifications need to be made,a
  12. The part in bold is very important. You will be glad you got them once you get started on the swap.
  13. I'm betting none of them liked seeing it parked there as much as you did. BTW,took off in 3rd gear? You do know it's supposed to take off in second gear and shift to third gear as your speed increases,right? Maybe somebody that knows more about fluid drive than I do,which is anyone that knows anything about them, would like to speak up?
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