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  1. Does anyone know what gauge the wires with ony 1 mark is,and what gauge the 2 mark is,so there is some way to chose what you need? Asking for a friend.......
  2. You really could have phrased your headline a little better. Had me scared for a moment.
  3. Do yourself a huge favor and replace the rear main seal while you are at it. If the bellhousing is full of thick oil,chances are you are going to need a new pressure plate. And you are right to want to remove all the crud from the flywheel while you have the trans out. A good rule of thumb is to fix/repair/replace/clean anything in sight while you have it this far down. Start out fresh and new when it is all buttoned back together.BTW,this might also be a good time to replace the throw-out bearing. Clean it up as spiffy as you can,and then give it a good look,incuding spinning
  4. Am I the only one that doesn't know what a gland nut is?
  5. I first hurt my back on a parachute jump in 1964. Hurts like hell,but it is nothing compared to a pinched nerve in your hip. I had no idea that level of pain even exhisted. Morphine drips wouln't make it go away,just reduced the level of pain to bearable as long as I didn't try to stand up. Even now,I can walk ok as long as I remember to not use my left foot first going up or down steps,and NEVER try to bend the knee. I can pick my left leg up maybe 2 inches from the floor before I start screaming. Sitting here in the computer chair is ok,but I can touch the top of my left thigh witch my
  6. Yeah,VERY similar pain levels. Make you want your mama to come make it feel better. I have had pulled muscles in my back several times,and have dislocated both shoulders so many times I just pop them back into place myself. All that hurt,but it wasn't anything like that pinched nerve in the hip. Not going to go away anytime soon,either. Like you did,I am just going to have to be VERY careful how I walk and get into and out of cars. Nothing is going to heal this but time and good luck. Sometimes you just can't fix something. You have to wait for it to fix itself.
  7. It may not have worked,anyway. Nothing always works. Worth a try if you have a good compressor,though.
  8. Chances are it is going to be a low number. One thing that seems to help is to not use a breaker bar,but use an impact wrench instead. The vibrations really seem to help. I usually just use it for a few seconds,and then reverse it and tighen down a little again. Sometimes it seems like the back and forth vibrations really loosen the rust. I am sure the heat the impact also helps. The hardest thing for ME,is practicing patience. I have to force myself to take it slow and just repeat,repeat,repeat until it either breaks free or breaks. BTW,the impact doesn't
  9. I sure wish I were as organized as you. It would have made a lot of things go smoother.
  10. Thank you! I was planning on building the "every day hot rod driver" that I lusted after when I was a teen. Then again,isn't that really what we are all doing? BTW,have an update on the cancer. Sorta. Cancer doc looked at all my test results from the second PET Scan in a month,and tells me there are positive "things" (I fIorget the word she used). Too many "positive things" for the cancer to be returning,so she scheduled me for another PET Scan to see what it tells her before she knows what to say and do. Well,she said more than that,but I have no freaking i
  11. Well,THAT was interesting. Hope there won't be a quiz.
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