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  1. Sorry. The short version is "I don't play well with buttholes."
  2. Every word Keithb wrote may well be true........,BUT you MIGHT only need rings and bearings,new gasket kit,and the valves ground. It costs absolutely nothing to HOPE for the best,while being prepared to get hit with the max load. This also depends on the use you want out of your car. If all you plan is an occasional trip to a local "park and show",why would you care if your car burns a little oil or the oil pressure is a little low? Even if that is so,I would spring for a new oil pump,fuel pump,and water pump. Don't overlook the water pump because it is on t
  3. I LOVE that dashboard and the instrument clusters! The very first car I bought was a 1938 Chyrsler Royale 4dr sedan. I was 14,and paid 20 bucks for it from the nephew of the original owner. Once we got a couple of valves unstuck,it ran whisper quiet. I don't remember that dashboard,though. Being a one-owner car bought new by a woman,it seems unlikely it was painted over. Can anyone explain this?
  4. Seems to me to be the sensible way to go,given your desires and goals. IMHO,you can never go wrong keeping it simple.
  5. Thanks! I THINK I used to know that,but chemo brain had me thinking the biggest flat Mopar engine was a 265.
  6. Ok,what are the same specs on a straight 8 flathead Mopar?
  7. A Spitfire head will work on a 265? BTW,I was thinking all the 265's were straight 8's,not 6's. Shows how little I really know.
  8. My apologies. You are correct,and I may have misled him.
  9. Not the first clue. I am sure someone here knows,though.
  10. Looks identical to the 251 cubic inch 1951 DeSoto engine I have sitting on the floor of my shop. I bought it to put in my 41 Dodge coupe.
  11. There just ain't no beathing the old Mopar slant 6's. If there has EVER been a more reliable gasoline engine,I have never heard of it. I have always thought that if there had ever been a Mopar slant 6 diesel engine,it would have taken dynamite to kill it.
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