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  1. Yup. I was a career Special Forces weapons man. Ran recon and Hatchet Force missions into the mountains of Laos and Cambodia with SOG in 68-69. Got medi-evaced in late 69 due to "Tropical Acne" all over my torso that wouldn't allow me to wear web gear or a rucksack. Still had problems when I got back to Bragg because I couldn't wear a parachute harness,so I had to leave SF for the conventional army. The conventional army and i did not agree on much,even though they offered me a promotion if I would re-enlist. I saw that as more of a jail term than an opportunity,so I got out.
  2. Seems just like a couple of years ago there was someone selling brand-new Flathead Ford V-8's still in the crates out of France. There was also another country whose name I can't think of at the moment,but think "mountains" and not one of the biggies. The US Military left a LOT of suprlus stuff is storehouses all over Europe after the war ended.
  3. I hope at some point you plan on doing something to keep it from rusting away?
  4. Freeing stuck valves in DEFINITELY not a process you want to get in a hurry with. Sometimes I think all young men need to work on old cars or trucks that have been sitting for decades because it would give them the lessons in patience they so desperately need. I honestly think that learning to be patient might be the most important value to learn early in life. It sure would cut back on a lot of the anger and frustration that afflicts the young.
  5. Doesn't matter. I am old and sick,and can no longer work on them myself,so I have to hire the work done. I will need to sell the Dodge and the 31 Plymouth coupe to get the cash to finish the 32 Ford coupe,and to get my 48 Plymouth coupe rebuilt. The 48 Plymouth coupe is a keeper. After that is done I will sell the 32 Ford coupe and should get enough money out of that one to get my "survivor cars" on the road so I can enjoy driving them,and so they will be ready for sale when my estate is being wrapped up. This is a channeled steel coupe originally built in the late 40
  6. Well,they sure do look good on it,but I don't see much room for suspension travel. BTW,did you paint the logo on the doors?
  7. Gawd,but how I LOVE solid original "survivor" cars and trucks! Don't get me wrong. If I buy one that is starting to rust-out/fall apart,I am all for restoring it to like new condition,but I love to see people just do what they have to do to preserve an original one to keep it from deteroiating,fix it mechanically,and drive the hell out of it. I have a 33 Dodge 4dr that I bought from a guy that lives in a place called "Cold Water,Michigan". Saw the photos,didn't really believe it was as solid as it looked,but the opening bid was low,so I placed it. I can't understand to
  8. Look for brass rifle or pistol bore cleaning brushes. Sets come with a "palm grip" handle you can use to push and pull it back and forth to clean up the guide. Hell,use the bore cleaning fluid that comes with the kit while you are at it.
  9. VERY slowly. He got it blown apart and the rust cut out,and then seemed to keep finding other things more important to do than work on the truck. Seems like EVERYBODY does this crap. They will tell you anything you want to hear to get the work,and then once they get you torn apart so it is almost impossible for you to bring it home or take it somewhere else,they only work on it when they have nothing else to do. The Cab is almost done now,and it is sitting on the 79 Dodge 1/2 ton chassis. He was supposed to have the 4brl intake and carb on it,and have the new 318 crate
  10. I agree. That's why I was asking. I have no idea when the last "true" biz coupes were made. By Mopar or anyone else. My 42 Dodge biz coupe is in MY mind,pretty freaking upscale for a base model. I sorta vaugely remember seeing a genuine biz coupe (can't remember the manufacturer) from the early 50's that didn't even have window cranks, You slid the windows up and down with a strap,and latched them in place when up. It even had treated carboard for door panels. Even as a kid it struck me as being so cheap no one would want to buy it,but was told they wer
  11. Thanks! I was wondering if it was a Business Coupe.
  12. This is the kind of stuff I love to see,someone helping someone else score the rare parts he needs for his car for free. Pretty much every other old car/truck board on the web,the posters would find something for free,and then offer it to the needy board memeber for a personal profit. For all practical purposes,this sort of thing is only seen here. Good on you keithb7!
  13. Does your car have a factory rear seat?
  14. Normal paint just doesn't stick to rust. In fact,rust seems to eat it like a snack. For that,you will need something like POR-15.
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