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Tim's winner of the #1 performance item for the Mopar flathead engine - Pistons and Rods




Folks - Im excited to be able to share Tony Smith  big announcement 
A key member of the Montana Dodge Boys involved in multiple land speed records.
As many know my family and friends have been known to dabble in high performance Chryslers (Desoto, Dodge, Plymouth, Fargo) engines and while the Kingsbury side of AoK racing is more 25 1/2" motor based, the Asche side of AoK racing is heavily into the 23 1/2" USA platform motors as well as the 25 1/2" Canadian motors.
Im my opinion  in the last 30 year our AoK intakes start the top 3 Performance Items to come to the sport in the last 60+ years  and #3 best performance itens is the  best intakes you could buy.   Then Peter (Pedro)  Hendrickson  the Godfather of Dodge Fast Fours, took an aftermarket head and took it to a new level for both the 23 1/2" and 25 1/2" motors to be in my mind the #2 best performance item to improve the motors with his Edgy Aluminum heads.
 Im excited to share what I think is the latest of the big three and the #1 best performance item available to improve the Chrysler Flathead Platform.
For now Tony Smith is coming to market with a 23 1/2" rod and piston platform. Having reviewed what he has spearheaded to bring to market, I am confident if Walter Chrysler and all his best and brightest were alive today, they would be giving a standing ovation for this development.
If your looking to take your 23 1/2" flathead Plymouth/Dodge engine to the next level in performance or even want to build a long term, durable and efficient motor this is something you want to look at closely.
One final comment from me before I introduce the star of this blog post -  It takes demand for a  quantity of customers wanting them now, to bring this type of product to market. Our AoK intakes or Peter's Edgy Aluminum heads sold out fast and currently are not available. Both of us get inquiries regularly from customers wishing they had bought them.
The lesson is, Tony is coming to market with the 23 1/2" rod and pistons packages and if, there is demand, Im sure he would do the same for the 25 1/2" platform.
But this is not something to "screen print" and save for future reference a few years from now. This is one of those things I would strongly suggest you jump on while you can.
And now...  as I stand and applaud yelling -   Well done  Tony well done
Let me introduce for those who dont know him,  Tony Smith !
Contact information:
**New Product Alert!**
After over 6 months working with CP/Carrillo I can now offer a wholly modern piston and rod combo for the 230 cubic inch Mopar flathead 6's! Custom forged extra long Carrillo rods mate to very short CP pistons built on their top of the line X-forging. Smaller diameter and much shorter tool steel pins and thin modern rings round out the package and contribute to the 3/4 of a pound (346 grams) weight savings per cylinder vs. factory rods and cast pistons! Loads on the bearings and crank will be substantially reduced with this combination while increasing reliability, power limit, and RPM potential.
 Crowns are coated with a ceramic heat rejection coating which lowers piston temperature, helps prevent detonation, and increases combustion efficiency.
Skirts are coated with a moly dry film which reduces friction and protects the skirt in events of marginal lubrication such as dry starts or high temperature operation.
As the pistons are custom they can be ordered in many different oversizes, the only limitation is ring availability.
Cost is $4450. $1000 non-refundable deposit is required.
Remaining balance due at shipping.
Lead time varies but expect to wait several months for these custom parts to be made. A lead time estimate will be provided when the purchase is made.
I have received multiple inquires regarding making these for 25" engines, primarily the 265. I would be happy to offer a similar rod/piston combo for those engines. Expect the price to be within the same ballpark but with design time the first set will likely take 6+ months to deliver.
New CP piston built on their top-of-the-line X forging, modern thin low drag rings, and a very short smaller diameter pin compared to the old school forged piston and ring set. 
The Crowns are coated with a ceramic heat rejection coating which lowers piston temperature, helps prevent detonation, and increases combustion efficiency.
Skirts are coated with a moly dry film which reduces friction and protects the skirt in events of marginal lubrication such as dry starts or high temperature operation.
Custom extra long Carrillo rod allows the compression height to be dramatically shortened.
Factory rod (835 grams) compared to the extra long Carrillo rod (736 grams).
FEA combined with modern machining makes the extra long Carrillo rod 100 grams lighter yet stronger than the factory rod.
My new piston and rod combo weighs in at 1099 grams with pin, rings, and clips. That's 346 grams lighter than factory parts!
Substantially lighter yet substantially stronger.

Edited by timkingsbury
added coating, cost, lead time, bore sizes, and 25" engine



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15 hours ago, lostviking said:


That it is..  Tony has spent a ton of time and energy  with  Carrillo.  They are a company that get calls every day with people dreaming about custom parts but usually with no real intention to purchase them which means just to get them to work on a project like this, you need to have a major reputation, willing to spend time and money just to get them to spend time on such a project.    My guess was they would cost $1000  a hole.  While I am sure most will think its expensive, Tony put in the work and the costs are far less than what I expected. 


To put in context, the Venola Top Fuel Pistons, in our Dragster were $2400  a set of 6. That was 25 years ago and we had to buy 3 sets,  so to me its 

a Mopar Miracle that this project became a reality.                

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8 hours ago, Tony Montana said:

Thanks for the kind words Tim!

No problem Tony...  Just calling it as I see it.

if it was crap, or creating parts that there is no need for, Id  have to say so.. all though as diplomatically as I can.. lol


But this is truly the #1  performance  offering I have seen in the last 50 years and i am including  development of F-heads, and a ton of stuff that has been developed even if it was in small batches.        As you know I am not a 23 1/2" platform guy but  this combination of high high end rods and pistons, are just for me legendary parts.  


When we were building our rear engine dragster  30 years ago, if I could have gotten  these for a 265 in 125 over for $10,000   I would have had a set in a New York minute.  Heck I had guys back then and surprisingly recently mention a billet crank. My reply -  why ?       The 265 crank is forged, balanced to a gram from the factory, and  I can do everything with that crank I need.     Heck we paid $2500 for Venolia top fuel grade coated pistons and rings and had to buy several sets and these pistons are way above those.  Not to mention Venolia  is not longer in business after being the NHRA top fuel pistons source for decades..


Add this level of rods with the pistons  as a "tag team" that your doing and this is  incredible.     Heck I would bet the farm if I put a set in a rock stock engine it would last longer,  rev better and get better fuel mileage. Of course that isnt what the market it, but the point is these are parts that  if back in the day from Walter Chrysler to every Engineer who was involved with Flathead (L-Head) motor could see these they would be saluting you..


So kind words..  Id say well deserved praise....   




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