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  1. Lou Earle

    Spin On Oil Filter

    mot at all -it si 6 volt pos ground from model a for parts dealer- was about 100 when i got it. Just one wire connected to the wire on regulator that was to the ignition etc- removed the rgulator lou
  2. Lou Earle

    Spin On Oil Filter

    I have installed a couple of the newer spin on filters on 2 Flatheads - a dodge and a Pym. Seem to work just fine for me I simply got fittings to reduce the intake nd exit sizes. I prefer to mount on firewall using ez bend brake lines- I makes getting starter on easier and the oil dip tube is much more accessible.
  3. Lou Earle

    Won't Start!

    remove your distributor and re install it so rotor button is 180 degrees from whereever it is when u pull it- sure sounds like you are firing on wrong stroke
  4. Lou Earle

    The front fell off...

    whos on second or is it first
  5. Lou Earle

    Transmission Length?

    The shorter wheel base 50's cars did not have the extension on the transmission-they,the transmissions, are about 8 to 10 inches shorter , I think. So what you have? A dodge 3 speed transmission that is full length?- is that correct? If so then just have the old driveshaft- your original shortened- at any machine shop that does driveshaft work- you can use the same universal joints or up grade either way you will be fine.
  6. Lou Earle

    Changing front engine mount - how do you get at it?????

    Quote I am changing the mount because the one in my car does not fit and is in bad shape. Also, I think that because of this, the carburetor is flooding the engine because the engine is shaking so much that the needle valve never seats. I have had cars with the motor mounts not even attached and vibration is not an issue- Plymouth's and A model ford in particular. I strongly suspect the firing order is messed up or the whole ignition system is out of time I have had engines almost shake to pieces when firing order is wrong especially 4 cylinder cars!!! YO(u are new to this board and thanks for being here we all enjoy are cars and this board- it has helped me out of several messes. So to you remember the words of my late friend and great mechanic and machinist- If you are are absolutely sure it is a fuel [problem- check your ignition first!!!. If you have a filter on your fuel line and all of a sudden your car starts doing weird things it is usually ignition or clogged fuel filter not the carb. Hope this helps Lou
  7. Lou Earle

    gas tank connector-on 51?

    I will be putting the gas tank back in on my 51 coupe. It did not have the - what I call the bead between the gas line and the connection on the tank. That is the oblong tapered at each end bead. Does anyone know if that connection was modified by the factory so that that bead was or is no longer necessary? I just am worried Ha I dropped it along the way and might need to get one to re install - need some help here Lou
  8. Lou Earle

    hard to start

    remember 6 volt system-I bet if you charge overnight it will fire right up. Often the supposed fuel shortage isn't- it is insufficient umph for a run down battery to both turn starter and energize the points enought to generate spark. Many tiems I have hooked a 12 volt battery to 6 volt and fired them right off. Lou
  9. After usual cussing fussing and frustrations I removed the gas tank from a 52 plym- as usual there was crud all in it and rusted. However I have another 52 tank(Tim I am using it) in OK shape. However in removing as usual I destroyed the rubber connector to the filler neck anyone got any ideas where to get it look like either 2 1/4 or 2 3/8 pipe diameter- looking at local places with not much luck Also- does the 52 tanks have the little pill in the gas line at the tank to connect the gas line - i have not found one in either tank Lou
  10. Lou Earle

    Gas tank connector hose and pill in line

    you might be right - mine is actyally a 51- I now have the connecting pipe - napa has it and sell it by foot- they had several diameters got one to fit Lou
  11. Lou Earle

    Brake shoe lining adhesive?

    Quote "did I tell everyone how I hate DOT3. I am now flushing and converting to silicone DOT 5." Just a reminder you must change all rubber in all cyls master and wheel. You cannot just flus- my neighbor found out the hard way but his emergency brake kinda worked!!! Seriously the residue of the dot 3 somehow don't mix with the silicone and deteriorating starts in. Also I have read an article in mustang mag that the silicone system is for basically limited uses such as racing and prolonged use is not proven on old systems- just what I read. My sons mustang has silicone and local man I trust really pesters me about changing back. Lou
  12. I am gathering everything to put a 5 speed into my 48 taxi. Have the adapter plate and bushining. If possible want to do this engine in car, Has anyone removed the input bushing with engine in car? If so how do you go about it. Thanks Lou
  13. to Don- I am going to install it in my 48 taxi- did you need to cut the floorpan when u did yours? what crossmember did u use?? Lou
  14. Lou Earle

    47 convertible on e-bay

    check yoru e mail
  15. were u able to do the removal with engien in car? Lou
  16. Lou Earle

    Engine sitting for 20 yrs.

    Wll this work on a hemi? I do that on fords but unable to o it on flatheads so I remove plugs and cranki until I see oil gage moves I did not suggest removing plugs because he said engien turns freely but it cannot hurt Lou
  17. Lou Earle

    front end

    Before u do all that- I had a 39 Pontiac with that and now have a 49 caddy and a 34 Plymouth with that set up. It provides an excellent, I mean ,very smooth ride. The small nut on the top is for lubrication- put hydraulic jack oil in there that is what it is a hydraulic system. I did that on mine and they came back to life on the caddy. also the 2 big knobs are adjustments I have forgotten how they work but they do work . I got a huge syringe from the vet and a big needle and used that to fill the shocks. Give that a try u might be very pleasntly surprised Lou
  18. Lou Earle

    Engine sitting for 20 yrs.

    If the engine turns freely I would put a battery to it and crank it with the coil wire removed until th oil pressure gage starts moving-when it moves oil has gone thru the bearings etc. This is what engine builders do first. then pour some gas in carb re attach the coil and see if you get fire and starting. if so put 3 to 5 gals of gas in tank pour more into carb and fire that sucker off. If I remember correctly James rebuilt that engine 20 years ago and did not run it much. He is the guy that rebuilt the 218 u got from me Lou
  19. Lou Earle

    amp gauge wiring after 12v conversion???

    ifnot wired right it will mearly read backwards I never bother to change the wire on amp meter just reads backwards To test- turn on lights and see if it moves - if moves it is working if not move something is not connected. you can push the brake pedal and see movement usually if it is ok Lou
  20. Lou Earle

    New headliners

    A local headliner guy here is going to be making me 2 new headliners for My two 4 door p-15's He makes them from the foam type fabric now used in headliners and they are beautiful. I will have epics of mine when installed. He thinks he can sell them for about 80 bucks plus 5 to 10- bucks shipping If he get enough orders. So anyone wanting one- will be your color choice let me know So I can give him an idea of how many he will need to cut. If he can cut 3 to 5 at a time he can save us a lot of money! He will be using my original pattern Let me know at louearle@bellsouth.net Lou
  21. Lou Earle

    How do I know if I killed my starter?

    put a12 volt battery in her and try and crank it- just keep all light heater and raido off. running it on 12 volts for an hour will not hurt it. If it starts run it a few minutes then turn it off and put 6 v back in and try- sure sound to me like a bad cell inthe battery Lou
  22. Lou Earle

    clutch does not disengage

    Went to drive taxi-48 pushed in clutch and does not release the trans any ideas- worked fien when parked- Lou
  23. Lou Earle

    clutch does not disengage

    started it in first drove it in circle in pasture- broke loose thanks
  24. Lou Earle

    I crashed my plymouth!!

    which one was injured? 48 or 51 and what damage? U sure frame bent? these things ar pretty tough Lou
  25. Lou Earle

    What a fool

    If you want any parts for your stude thee is a studebaker man in Hazlehurst ga with a yard full of about 30 or 40 old studes he drives a stude hawk and his wife has a grand tourismo?? his kids have studes and he was past pres of stude club- he is the one who re built the postal truck that is inthe stude museum His name is niel thornton- very nice fellow- phone #(912) 375-7986 give him a call Lou

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