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  1. peak torque just under 200 ft-lbs, and peak HP about 100. Is very fine for this street toy.
  2. Hi, An update. I have sorted out the parts issues (after determining that military surplus for M37 is helpful). My engine is now ready. I will attempt to post a few pics. It is not in the car yet. Please no comments about the color. I did not want a silver engine. I previously painted it black (which was cool) but I decided that this time a lighter color would be more practical. No bling on it yet (do that later). Rebecca
  3. that one looks very nice but I have now already found one. Thanks very much for the response though. Rebecca
  4. I think that I found one. I will report back after confirming. Rebecca
  5. I think that this one looks good: https://www.ebay.com/itm/DODGE-M37-WC-3-4-1-1-2-TON-ENGINE-OIL-PAN-NEW-N-O-S/192563032792?hash=item2cd5a6b2d8:g:1VcAAOSwxUtbGz0Z:sc:USPSPriorityMailSmallFlatRateBox!94043!US!-1 looks like rear sump (unlike the first one that I found). I think that an M37 has a 230. Rebecca
  6. I am interested. can you PM me. Do you have a pickup that looks like the one in my photo as well? My understanding is that mine has pinholes. yes I need a pan for rear sump. Rebecca
  7. My family had no Mopar products and I never owned one until 2000. My first Mopar (and the first one that I ever drove) was my 1958 Desoto Firesweep which I still have. My most recent Mopar experience was in fact driving that same car last weekend. Rebecca
  8. what engine does that have (is it compatible with a 230)? Does it have a clean oil pick up to? is the engine bad? (why do you want to separate the oil pan from it)? Rebecca
  9. talked to them today. some pitting corrosion. He wants me to find an NOS one. Rebecca
  10. I was told that there were corrosion but I did not actually talk to the engine mechanic myself (possibly not possible until friday). I guess I will just start looking without knowing if what I find is correct. It needs to fit the car too. Rebecca
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