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  1. Thanks to all for your responses and great insight. I finally found the piece I needed at Napa. I have attached a pic of the fitting and a picture of the package it came it. A 5 dollar fix and I’m on my way. ( Gates Brad’s 5/16 with a 1/2 20 thread and 3/8 hose barb! A little Permatex aviation sealant should provide a trouble free seal👍 Cheers, Mike
  2. Yes, you are correct, the new tanks use the 1/2 20 thread. I found a edalmann 3/8 barb with a 5/16 1/2 20 thread from good old Napa.😌 if it works I will post the information for the good of the order👍 Thanks for the response!
  3. It’s not the original arrangement due to the repairs to the tank and the installation of rubber hose from the tank to the rigid gas line. I believe the original setup was a bubble flair with a rigid line coming from the tank all the way up to the fuel pump.
  4. I recently purchased a repo gas tank for my 1948 Dodge convertible. The tank came without the outlet screw in hose barb. Unfortunately my old tank screw in hose barb is epoxied into the body of the old tank so I can’t salvage the old screw in barb. My research has revealed that I need a 5/16 hose barb with a 1/2 20 thread pattern with a inverted or bubble flair. I’m having a tough time finding one of these. Most I find have a pipe thread. Any ideas where I could find one of these? The guy I bought the tank from wants 30 dollars for one which is ridiculous. I have provided a picture of what I need. The challenge is finding one with 1/2 20 threads☹️ I have attached a picture of what I need. Any help is appreciated, Mike
  5. Beware that you will need to lengthen the two carberator mounting bolts and increase the length of the sisson auto choke linkage by whatever size phenolic spacer installed. Due to hood clearance you may be limited to a 1/2 inch spacer on a 48 D-24 Dodge. auto
  6. Had my master cylinder replaced and when I got it home I have found I can no longer get it into reverse. I suspect it is a linkage problem. Any ideas?
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