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    1949 Plymouth P-15 First Series Station Wagon

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    Playing around with 1946 to 1954 Plymouths since 1968. Own a P-15, 1949 Plymouth Woodie since 1969.
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    Tehachapi, California (Two hour drive to Los Aangeles, one hour drive to Bakersfield or Palmdale.
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    Woodies, Smokey Bear, yard sales & swap meets.

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  1. Hello Nate!

    thats good that we have another Mopar fan.

    I am going nuts trying to get my 1950 Ply ready for grefettie . I think Ill make it. the hold up is my tires.I got cookers coming. they should be here intime. finished the wireing today. head linner is going in tomorrow. then door panels, carpet, and then the seats. I lucked out a friend of mine is a retired aupolstery guy here in Myrtle Creek. there is going to be a show and shine here in Myrtle Creek the 27th of june. if you are intrested I can send you the info.

    give me your email add. and phone no.

    my email is ply50@charter.net PH# is 541 4302875

    Harvey Tankersley

    2287 N. Myrtle RD.

    Myrtle Creek. O.


  2. If memory serves me right, the P-17 (1949), and the P-19 (1950) were always DeLuxe models, not Special DeLuxe's. One of main differences were that the DeLuxe models did not have exterior chrome around the windshield, but only rubber. The interiors also seemed more spartan than the Special Deluxe models. A 1947 Plymouth DeLuxe Business Coupe I once owned also did not have exterior chrome around the windshield, and the basic interior. My 1954 MoPar Master Parts book shows that P-18's and P-20's also came in Deluxe models. As far as short wheelbase's, I owned a 1950, P-20, Special Deluxe Suburban
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