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  1. Hamilton, Don't mess with the engine block! Put the plug in the replacement cylinder head (with the boss out front). This works! The engine in my picture is now running an external bypass, AND an Edgy head with a un-drilled out boss - thus plugging the head. Walt
  2. Sniper is exactly right! Notice the 'witness mark' from a previous headgasket. This engine has the wrong cylinder head and gasket installed on it. The following photo illustrates this very well;
  3. It was 98 this morning, and we were about to get on the 'Mother Road'. See the Historic US-66 sign ahead!
  4. Hi Marc, I should be able to help you right out! I have a YnZ harness installed in my D-24 Business Coupe. So our harnesses are probably virtually identical. Walt
  5. NC-Plumber, According to my '1946 - 1948 Dodge Passenger Car Parts List', all cars take the 1233135 Rear Stone Deflector, EXCEPT FOR Business & Club Coupes which utilize 1233138. Walt
  6. The following model details come from a '46 Ross Roy 'Dodge Data Book'. These brief descriptions and specifications assisted dealership sales personnel quickly answer many customer questions.
  7. Hansen, I REALLY like your car! Walt
  8. Frank is exactly right. The LF bumper guard is the same as the RR, while RF is identical to the LR. Also, you can swap the main bars. Since my coupe was converted to a 5-Speed manual from the original Fluid-Drive, my car now has a 'plain' front main bar on the rear, too.
  9. Quote Don, Same guy, same car, but pre-DeVal! Walt
  10. Just your local neighborhood DeSoto V-8 pickup!
  11. Ken, Deval was pretty clever in using a lot of the existing Mopar parts catalog. For example; # 27 Plate, Converter Drive 2407456 (Flexplate) # 25 Torque Converter 2843239 - A727B Transmission 2843586 - A727C Transmission Walt
  12. Andy, The DeVal engine has exactly the same front and rear architecture as the Chrysler 265 (or 230 for that matter). They all have 8-bolt crankshafts. In fact, my swap utilized a 146 tooth 8-bolt flywheel and a P-15 bell housing! The JG-75 tug uses an adapter to mount the A727B or A727C aluminum transmission. Walt
  13. Andy, We all know the old adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Well here goes;
  14. Probably one of the most interesting parts that DeVal developed for their IND-32 replacement engine, was their very unique intake/exhaust manifold set-up! You can 'flip' it, so that it can be used in either down-draft or up-draft applications. Because of clearance issues, the JG-75s utilized up-draft carburetors. Also note, that a front or back (or both, for that matter) exhaust exit can be chosen. The picture below shows this DeVal part next to a Chrysler passenger car 265 manifold set-up;
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