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  1. I've always liked 3-window coupes! The '41 thru '49 (1st series) Chrysler, DeSoto and Dodge cars are all very stylish vehicles. Personally, I find the post-war units to be more 'flowing' and attractive.
  2. PA is "right on" about Vintage Glass! I ordered the glass for my '52 Plymouth Suburban (12 pieces, as they don't offer the curved tailgate piece) from them. They're on the internet, and their contact number is; 888-282-8789. The total bill was $545.00 with free shipping, and I received it within ten days!
  3. Roadkingcoupe, Absolutely gorgeous dealer marketing posters! Thank you for sharing! Walt
  4. Guys, Full disclosure: Right up front, I've been a friend of Tom Langdon for over 45 years. I have tremendous respect for Tom as an Automotive Engineer and as a National Record holding NHRA drag racer. His 25" cast manifolds are absolutely wonderful! I have them installed on my 25" engine in my D-24 Business Coupe. I ran this set-up all last summer in 100+ degree weather here in Kingman AZ, with NO heat transfer issues. By the way, I'm not running any 'trick' cooling system outfits. My swap utilizes the STOCK honeycomb radiator and the STOCK fuel pump (with the glass
  5. How right you are, Frank! Did you guys notice, it's right headlight lamp is a Mopar Auto-Lite "Bullseye"!
  6. It's always fun getting together with George. Happy 89th to the Maestro! Walt Redmond Kingman AZ
  7. I was at the Long Beach CA Performance Swap Meet about thirty years ago. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, probably just some 'goodies' for my '65 A-990 Race Hemi Plymouth. Anyhow, down at the end of one of the rows, I came upon a serious 'goodie' - a NOS grill medallion emblem! I asked the fella what he wanted for it, and he told me that guy already had TOLD him he would take it. I looked at him and said, "You're looking at guy who just offered you $150 for that part!". He looked back at me and said, "I'm looking at a guy who just bought that part!".
  8. Hi Loren & Pooshoe, Loren, you too, can easily have a 274" engine. My engine now has a 3.50" bore, a 1/16" over STD.! Incidentally, I never, ever considered stroking the engine - as it already has a high enough 'piston speed'. I might add, that there were several reasons for choosing that particular bore size. Pooshoe, my DeVal is a (relatively unknown variant and last produced) version of the Chrysler Corp. 25" L-head 6-Cylinder Engine family. Use this site's SEARCH function to find out more about the DeVal; "DeVal 265 Replaces 230!". I've b
  9. Here's how I did the linkage on my 274" DeVal (Chrysler Industrial 265" IND-32 clone). It has three Carter-Webers on an A-O-K intake.
  10. Kevin, Yes, to both questions. I've been using them for over a year on my '90 DeVal (a Chrysler Industrial 265" IND-32 clone) with a George Asche A-O-K tri-power intake. Tom Langdon's website has a picture of them with a factory two-carb intake, that I had loaned him. I want to point out that, Mr. Langdon and I both have been longtime members of the Michigan Hot Rod Association! Walt
  11. Hamilton, Don't mess with the engine block! Put the plug in the replacement cylinder head (with the boss out front). This works! The engine in my picture is now running an external bypass, AND an Edgy head with a un-drilled out boss - thus plugging the head. Walt
  12. Sniper is exactly right! Notice the 'witness mark' from a previous headgasket. This engine has the wrong cylinder head and gasket installed on it. The following photo illustrates this very well;
  13. It was 98 this morning, and we were about to get on the 'Mother Road'. See the Historic US-66 sign ahead!
  14. Hi Marc, I should be able to help you right out! I have a YnZ harness installed in my D-24 Business Coupe. So our harnesses are probably virtually identical. Walt
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