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  1. Snipper, What your former co-worker was referring to, was "Water Glass' or Sodium Silicate. About 45 years ago, my Michigan car club had a 'killer' '64 Imperial demolition derby car. Although it ran very well, it's 440 had a weeping/cracked block water jacket. One of our members suggested trying this "Water Glass". We did, and it worked! Walt
  2. Young Ed, The 4-th Graders have one coming from Route 66 and Kingman AZ! Walt
  3. The factory recommended oil for my brother's 840hp 2018 Challenger Demon is Pennzoil 0W-40!
  4. I have three of Tom Langdon's ('83 Ford Escort 1.6) Carter-Webber 32/32 DFT carbs on an A-O-K intake, on my '90 274" DeVal. The fuel flow demand for my engine is very close to three Escorts! I've never had to re-jet them, and I've run the car in 25 thru 105 degree weather, and at altitudes from 500' up to my current 3400' elevation. These were a "no brainer" for me, for the following reasons; 1) Configuration was perfect for a siamese port Chrysler 25" flathead engine. 2) Desirable 2-bbl set-up for low and high-speed drivability. 3) Fuel flow was
  5. For my 23" 230 engine to my 25" DeVal 265 engine swap, we pulled the complete front-end as a unit. To accomplish the moving of the radiator, the modifications of the front crossmember, and a very slight change to the firewall, this was definitely the cleanest and easiest approach!
  6. Worden, Outstanding set of pictures in a surreal, still extant junk yard! Kudos! Walt
  7. Hi Marty, I have a D-24 Dodge Business Coupe, and I'm up north of you near Kingman. What kind of shape is this car in? Regards, Walt
  8. My suggestion would be to build a dedicated dolly for your Chrysler product flathead. it'll be helpful for storage, shipping, and test running. When I got ready to run my engine, we placed the whole assembly on wood blocks, clearing the wheels. It was 'teamed up' with a test stand that normally 'entertained' 426 Hemis and Big Block Chevys. Pictured below is my '90 DeVal getting ready for a little fun!
  9. TWO OLD DODGE TRUCKS We were out out "Getting our Kicks on 66" today. I just love the old milk truck. She's still a 'working girl', using her 'wiles' to draw travelers off the "Mother Road". The younger one is my 22 year old Cummins High-Output 6-Speed Manual Dually. She just turned 109K!
  10. P - Pioneer I missed this fastener company!
  11. A - American M - Michigan R - Republic or Rockford TR - Towne Robbins
  12. I've always liked 3-window coupes! The '41 thru '49 (1st series) Chrysler, DeSoto and Dodge cars are all very stylish vehicles. Personally, I find the post-war units to be more 'flowing' and attractive.
  13. PA is "right on" about Vintage Glass! I ordered the glass for my '52 Plymouth Suburban (12 pieces, as they don't offer the curved tailgate piece) from them. They're on the internet, and their contact number is; 888-282-8789. The total bill was $545.00 with free shipping, and I received it within ten days!
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