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  1. I need to let you talk to my wife. I am the one who pushed to move to a townhouse with an undersized garage three years ago and am regretting it every day. A 19x20 garage and covenants against doing any car work outside the garage are not conducive to owning or working on hobby cars. I am thinking either the Wayfarer goes or we move to a house with a real garage. Stay tuned.
  2. When you do get a solution please post it here. I was frustrated a couple years ago with similar problems. With a rebuilt engine my Wayfarer had little power when warm - it had less pep than before the badly needed complete rebuild - slowing down on even moderate hills at full throttle. In my case there were two issues - the vacuum advance was not working properly and the spark plug wires were old and shorting out. Making those two changes solved my problems.
  3. I was going to leave early tomorrow to catch the car show at Culver's tomorrow night and judging Saturday. Just looked at forecast - heavy thunderstorms tomorrow with hail and damaging winds. I will pass on the 1200 mile r/t and hope there is no damage to the cars there.
  4. Like the car but it would extend about a foot outside my garage door.
  5. Pat Boone and Patsy Cline do too! (I am dating myself)
  6. If its not too new a 56 Chrysler 300-C. But I couldn't afford one anyhow.
  7. I am sorry but not surprised. I guess if I want older stock stuff I should go to the AACA events.
  8. I have never been to the Chrysler Nationals which will be coming up in July (or any other Carlisle or Hershey event). I have a friend in Philadelphia who would like to meet me there. I am sure some of you have been there and can answer a simple question. I get the feeling that the event is probably 90%+ resto-mods and muscle cars. Am I correct in that assumption? I have nothing against them but I can see enough of them at events here without driving 1000 miles. If I want to see older MOPAR stock cars like P-15's or like my Dodge with a flathead and slush-o-matic ts that the wrong event?
  9. I put a RediRad in my 1950 Wayfarer two weeks ago and it works great.. Yes you are limited by the capability of the old factory speaker but it is such an improvement over AM radio which locally offers almost no music. I was ready to spend $400+ for an FM conversion of my stock radio but for $300 less I like this better. I plug in my phone or MP3 player and listen all day to music of the 50's and 60's. And even better they have a positive ground version so I didn't need to deal with that. I put it in the glovebox. Matt and the others were great to work with. I sent them an email with a question on Sunday morning and had an answer that afternoon!
  10. "Problem" solved I went to two big tool stores and the biggest phillips they had in stock was 16". I went to Menards (Young Ed can relate to this) and they had a 24" one for just about $3. It worked slick I could reach the screws from the backseat. Now the embarrassing part... I disassembled the latch from the decklid and still could not open the trunk. I decided to apply pressure with a pry bar and finally it popped open. It turns out I got some Bullfrog rust remover on the rubber gasket and it stuck so well that when I got the trunk open the rubber gasket pulled out of its track!
  11. I see a 20" screwdriver on Amazon for $12 I guess I will do some measuring to see if I can reach through with that! If so worth a try.
  12. Well I have gotten so far as to take back seat out, fish out the car cover and look at what I have. My daughter would raise the roof if I tried to get my grandson to squeeze between the bars and try to remove the three screws holding the latch assembly in place. Besides he would not have the strength to loosed the screws without a powerful electric screwdriver. As I see it I have two options to either cut away part of the seat back bracing so I can crawl in myself (I could weld or bolt it back in after) or to try to find a phillips head screwdriver with a 36" handle. I was pleasantly surprised to see just three screws holding it in place.
  13. I have a 7 year old grandson who is pretty slender. Maybe I can make an adventure out of this for him.
  14. This driving season has been going too smoothly in spite of the monsoon weather we have had off and on. I have taken a couple of trips over 100 miles already. I went to open my trunk this afternoon and the latch turns fine but it does not unlatch the latch. I am puzzled as to how I can solve this problem. I don't think taking the back seat back cushion out gives me an opening big enough for my large frame. It's strange because I did not hear any noise and the latch seems to have the normal amount of resistance so I assume it's not like a pin sheared off. I tried pulling with extra force enough to rock the car but no luck. I assume the P-15 latch isn't a whole lot different than my 1950 Dodge. Can someone offer any suggestions? The good news is my spare is worthless and the bumper jack doesn't work so it's not an immediate crisis.