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P15 Clutch release fork lever spring 626220


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Question please for you P15 members out there. My project car didn't have the correct clutch return fork spring setup when we got it. It had been southern engineered to work. It was missing the little pointed (arrow head looking on both ends) bracket that attaches to the bell housing, ( that the return spring anchors to ), and seems like they had a spring connected over to one of the pins on the torque shaft (If I remember correctly).


Since then, a forum member sent me a tracing of the anchor brkt, which has been made and attached to the car.


So know I was trying to identify and locate a Clutch return Spring. The book calls for a part # 626220, and the exploded diagram I have in my parts book shows the pic you see attached below. (A spring that looks to have a long straight hook end that reaches out on one side where it connects to the anchor brkt)...


I've also found a picture of what is supposed to be an original mopar 626220 spring, which is also attached to the post. as you can see this spring doesn't have the long reaching straight section on one side, just looks more like a conventional spring, (looks much like the spring on the overcenter spring assy used on these cars).


When I physically eyeball the distance from the clutch return fork, to the anchor point on the anchor brkt, it only looks to be about 6 inches or so, so I'm thinking I must be reading something into the parts book drawing that is not actually true.


If any of you P15 owners could help identify, confirm what an actual 626220 Clutch return fork spring looks like, it would help.


Thanks again :)




clutch spring.jpg

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The  spring does not need to be super strong, a throttle spring  will work well.    It needs only to keep the push rod from rattling 

and make sure the release bearing is not resting against the pressure plate forks.  

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