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  1. To answer your original question this block can be bored all the way to 3 1/4 (+ .125)
  2. Moparfun gives good advice. The key must be in the lock and turned part way before this is possible. If you have the original cover, you will find it was riveted in place, I am doubtful that it could be successfully replaced.
  3. two reasons. rich gasoline mixture thins the oil adhering to the cylinder walls full choke reduces the effective compression ratio by limiting what is there to be compressed. Both these factors reduce the load on the starter. Propane fired engines do not get the oil on the walls diluted and can be hard to start in cold conditions unless a multi grade oil is used.
  4. Well, Don , it saddens me that you have not found the camaraderie that I have found on this forum. Myself, I have the personality of a cactus but am pleased whenever anyone can take delight in learning what I have learned about our favored old cars. Maybe I can persuade you to hang in a little longer.
  5. Talk to me about vacuum motors, I have been collecting them for years. Sorry guys, just Keith. He is one favour ahead with me. dp
  6. You are missing the collar and chrome ring that the switch slides into and is secured by a single screw accessed from below.
  7. When you said "clutch gear" I thought you were referring to the input shaft. If you can get new synchronizer rings ( brass) then replace your worn ones and all should be well. Just make sure the replacement rings are the same as your old ones.
  8. The 39 was like the later models. It probably would be better to get the correct input shaft than try to modify the synchronizers
  9. The shift levers on your trans suggest it was used in a '40. It is the 52-56 R 10 A field test of a swap meet overdrive unit is to put the overdrive lever as it is in the picture, put the main box in high gear, hold the input shaft with one hand and rotate the brake drum. (output shaft) It will freewheel anti clockwise but the input shaft will turn with it the other way. This indicates the roller clutch is working which is a fair indication the planetary are not jammed up.
  10. Others have mentioned a vacuum leak . That might be the problem . Check under the middle runner on the intake. They can be prone to cracking. If you squirt oil over it , the oil will be drawn into the crack. You could also use propane but there is a significant hazard of fire.
  11. Detergent oils are meant to keep clean engines clean. I think Doug and Deb are right unless you are prepared to pull the pan and have a good look. to answer an earlier question (now a moot point) Hydrive Cars have HYDRIVE written on the right side of the trunk lid, and have a neutral indicator on the steering column. There is, as I recall, a neutral safety switch on the transmission and a special filler cap for engine oil with some instructions as to refilling after an oil change. Canadian cars used the longer engine. Yours is a 228. 3 3/8 by 4 1/4. When asking for service parts, always specify the 251 truck engine. Parts outlets have been issued American specs and would list a 230 for your car which is different. The most obvious difference is that the cylinder head is 23 inches long. Yours is 25.
  12. As soon as the kick down has been accomplished, the solenoid is ready to reengage the overdrive which happens when the driver releases the throttle, causing the balk ring to move, In this circumstance, the solenoid is drawing full current...... at a guess 12 amps. It can make a fair amount of heat but unless one was climbing a steep hill, it would be temporary and no harm is done. A set of points inside the solenoid returns the holding coil to use when the solenoid is reengaged..... maybe 3 amps. The second terminal on the solenoid is the ignition interrupter circuit. You must be careful not to mix these wires up.
  13. Hydrive uses engine oil in the torque converter which has a three speed transmission behind it. The transmission uses conventional gear oil but the engine and torque converter uses 10 quarts or more and each must be drained separately but can be refilled from the engine. I can only recommend you do more research to learn the procedure for changing oil and about Hydrive itself. , You could drain the engine only and refill but that leaves 5 quarts of dirty oil in the converter which will immediately mix. Not a good idea. Usually Hydrive models had a gear lever indicator on the steering column to indicate Neutral. Hydrives worked quite well and people enjoyed their merits but the fully automatic Powerflite would have been preferable to most. By now you have probably figured out if you have Hydrive. but if you have not figured it out, , Start the car, put it in gear,( any gear, High will do) put your foot on the brake and release the clutch. If the engine stalls, you have conventional drive. If it continues to run, release the brake and push the throttle down. The car should drive away just as an automatic would.
  14. As others have pointed out, it is a 52. Plymouth never made a "Super" Deluxe. The Belvedere was more expensive although, strictly speaking the hard top was a "Cranbrook Belvedere" The convertible was the most expensive and it was available only as a Cranbrook. Other cars used bolts to hold the wheels on. most notably Buick. This guy thinks he is pretty well informed but this account is almost embarrassing . Cringeworthy perhaps. If he knows anything about Ford, he would know that "Safety" was their selling point in 55-6.
  15. Bob's dash is correct. Someone has mixed up the positions of the control knobs
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