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    I love the 1930's and 1940's. I own a '40 D-14 Dodge Luxury Liner Deluxe.
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    Old cars, old radios, appliances, home furnishings and vintage clothes of the 20s-50s.
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    Anitques of the 30's and 40's.

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  1. Update: Late last night, I was cruising eBay for parts. Found a guy selling a set of kick panels from a '40 DeSoto! I couldn't believe it, they're not too bad at all and the price was stupid cheap! I got the pair for $12! They will need some TLC but, nothing I can't manage. Now my front compartment will be just a little more complete! So excited! https://www.ebay.com/itm/192591287149?ul_noapp=true
  2. Hey gang, Something odd happened yesterday. I was recently gifted a reproduction rubber floor mat for my Dodge. It's supposed to fit, so I thought but, it appears it's just an inch or half inch shy of the total width of the front floor pan. Also, I'm not sure how far the mat is supposed to go under the front seat, if I need to cut any of it to fit around the seat or what not. I'm searching for any photos of original interior examples so, I can see how the factory installed it. If any '40 Dodge or Plymouth guys, who have the original interior, with the original rubber mat intact, can snap some photos and show me where it starts, (how far back it reaches under the seat) that would be really great! All the photos I've seen online are very little help because, they're low res and small. Thanks!
  3. Andy, it's interesting that it seems only in the Oz built cars, they had a split rear window on the '40 while in Canada and the US, weren't. Fun to see the differences. Here's an images from the US sales brochure. Notice the illustration of the steering wheel.
  4. Some photos of the headliner... Not the best, but, you get the idea.
  5. Not sure what the guy at the upholstery shop used, he charged me plenty, I'm going to wager Dynamat. I think I was puffing on some Dunhill My Mixture 965. Oh Andy, you funny guy! :-p
  6. Hey, it's been some time since I've last visited the ol group here. Any way, things are going good. The '40 is doing well and I've managed to really make it a trustworthy ol' crate. The 218 I posed here is doing just fine, keep it happy and it's about due for a tuneup. Earlier this year, I finally had the headliner done! I paid a little extra and had quality insulation installed too. So, it's much more tolerable to drive on a warm day! Here's some photos of her more recently: At the LA Air Raid event, Fort MacArthur, San Pedro. Last year's trip to Big Bear Lake. 2016, up at Crystal Lake, Azusa Canyon for Christmas! In 2015, got new tires, and finally found the correct hubcaps! More photos to come.
  7. Fun reading this build. Just a fun fact, you may like to know, Dodge offered an electric wiper motor early as '39. I was surprised to see an electric wiper motor under my dash of my '40 D-14. I looked it up and sure enough, electric was an option on the Luxury Liner Deluxe models, but most D-17 "base model" Dodge's had the vacuum setup.
  8. I found some this year, they're really cool! By the way, when attaching these, you will find it necessary grind down the small aiming points on your headlamps, the ones at 10 and 2 O'clock. The pre 1956 sealed beam headlamps had no aiming points on them. A buddy and I took a Dremel and grind them down, flush with the lens.
  9. Hey guys, long time no post. I've made it a mission to do as much research about the '40 Luxury Liners as I can. So, 1940_dodge, how has your restoration go over the last 6 years or so? Here's things to know about the '40 Dodge D-14, that I've learned. Early production models, from what I've seen have plated glove box doors. The D-17 models were less expensive and mostly had wood grained glove box doors along with a metal latch, with a plastic button and, then midway through the '40 production year, I believe the D-14's went with the wood grain glove box doors. Also, the plating on the dash trim was originally nickle, not chrome. And, the painted details in the grooves along the bottom trim of the dash I've seen on original examples was a very, very dark red/brown color, which I believe was one of the color options for that year called "Regal Maroon." Tthe horn button was painted a combination of light tan, with regal maroon rings as well. The door panels had a stamped upper pattern that mimicked the hood trim, of the three groups of hash marks, with an upper and lower line. The front and rear bench seat had a centered pleats with upholstery buttons, and at the base of the bench seat, in the rear seat, had a group of three or 4 ribs that went the length of the back bench seat. Options were quite extensive for this model year where one could order stainless trim for the door panels and such. Do you have the front bumper guards and rails? If not, I have a set I need to sell. Let me know, I can provide pictures. Here's some photos of an interior from a late production '40 Dodge D-14. Someone painted it a two tone green, which isn't correct but the interior is original, along with some uncommon options not seen most '40 D-14s I've seen. By the way, the garnishes on this car should be wood grain. Hope this helps!
  10. Howdy! The only information I've learned about these is, they were required and I'm sure that since they were required to drive, that the Hugues Company made these for consumers to purchase for their cars. In the actual theaters of war, much more strict blackout conditions existed, and that meant much more sophisticated means to reduce the amount of light from auto's headlamps. These were strictly for the Home Front market in the 48 states. Hawaii was under much more serious blackout conditions since December '41 into '45. Did you buy a box of these? I know it was 9 years ago, but if you did buy the box that was listed, and you'd be willing to part with a pair, I'd be interested to buy a pair off of you... I'm looking for these for my '40 Dodge since I do some WWII Home Front living history events.
  11. I can help you if it is just the float you need.  send me a pm

  12. I agree, I haven't called Roberts yet. But, I will give them a try. I don't think I know Frank Mitchell. Where is he located? Any info on him is greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi DeSoto 1939! The original motor in my '40 would have had the can style pickup, but that motor was long gone when I bought my '40. It had a 236 S11 flat head six when I bought the car. A few years ago, I replaced that tired motor with a P12 218 from a '41 Plymouth. It had the other float pickup. I'll take a photo or two tonight and post them.
  14. Good morning members. Long time member, long time no post. So, full story: The old '40 Dodge I have was doing great. Everything is more or less fine, but as of a week ago, my fuel pump failed. The pin fell out of the mechanical pump thus, allowing the rocker arm to fall into the pan. Well, decided to drop the pan. A buddy of mine came by and we had all the necessary parts and things to get the job done. Yet, when we did a "test fit" of the pan, wanted to test the best way to fit it back up there… As we were removing it again, to apply the sealer and gasket, the inner shelf of the pan bummed the oil screen pickup float. That was the fatal blow to what turns out to a fairly quick job. So, I've called Andy Burnbaum, no luck. I called local motor part sources here in Souther CA, like Egge… No dice. No one seems to have this assembly. What would some of you guys suggest, if I can't find a replacement oil pickup system?
  15. Does anyone have a wire schematic for just the dash? I can't for the life of me find my wiring diagram that came with the wiring package. There are two wires that are long and loose, a red and a green... I think they go to the electric wiper motor. Or, do both of them hook to the back of the heating element of the cigar lighter? Any and all info welcome.
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