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    My Dad had a 1953 Dodge 1-ton flat bed dually. That is the one I learned to drive on.
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    Kampsville, Illinois
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    My '51 B-3-B and blackpowder Rendevous

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  1. It's been a long time since I did it but I think I dropped the transmission and the rear main was fairly easy to replace as it was the rubber seal not the rope one
  2. I took the cover off the battery points were open the armature and field points were closed
  3. thanks for the reply I was hoping that was where my battery draw down was will have to keep looking
  4. if I put leads of a voltmeter on the bat wire on the regulator and on the arm wire should there be voltage with the key off. It shows battery voltage
  5. KXOK 630 on the dial in St. Louis Johnny Rabbit was the dj if my memory is right Harvey
  6. If you are taking 72 from Hannibal to Springfield when you pass Pittsfield you will be about 35 miles north of me Harvey
  7. Just curious as to what route you will be taking to Springfield, IL as I don't live to far from there Harvey
  8. So the donation is the same as renewal dues Harvey
  9. Might be a dumba$$ question but can I use paypal for renewal, when ever I try I get a 404 error page or it says paypal is not working at this time? Harvey
  10. Here are some pictures I took yesterday at a friend's farm. He has a landing strip on his farm and several friends flew in for a cook out. Harvey
  11. This is just a shout out to GTK, I am also a member on another forum RAMZ for my new RAM it is the same format as our old format here. Even though I am still learning all the little ins and outs of this new format I can't believe how much better this new one is then the old one. Keep up the good works and a big ATTA BOY from me. Thanks Harvey
  12. I think he was referring to a former President who said he smoked pot in college but didn't inhale. Harvey
  13. Be sure to take a lot of pictures don't know how many times I had to get out mine to help find where a part went and then I wished I had taken more. Harvey
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