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  1. IF an insurance company gets a whiff of knob and tube wiring in an older house they will cancel coverage in a heartbeat. In mine MOST of the wiring was in the attic and dropped down from above for switches and outlets. When they decided to splice off an existing they just bared the wire and wrapped another wire around it, no box, no solder, no nuts, barely a minimum of tape. AND the whole house ceiling lights, the outlets and switches were on ONE circuit. Thats how they did stuff back then. No frigs,no vacums,no hair dryers. Just didnt NEED much more than one small bare bulb hanging from ceiling in one room or so. Electrician gave me a huge estimate to rewire and was probably too low compared where it should end up. He said you dont have to be an electrician to run your own wires, label them and I will hook up the ends. I put in many extra outlets and 3 way switches for rooms with 2 doors, new box and mountings and the end bill was peanuts. Dont put up with K and T for any amount of days. I did this whole house in less than a week and that was working ALL BY MYSELF. If I had someone who could fog a mirror, or even a small child that could grab a loose wire(all dead unconnected wires) it would have cut time in half easy. I had to crawl up, push wire or fish wire then crawl down, oops not there,crawl up, move try again. LONG ORDEAL!! You can do it!!
  2. Was checking to see if I am a buyer. 70 million, 80 million, 90 million, 100 million, 120 million, 39 cents. Yep I can contribute the 39 cents. Are we forming a buyer group among us?
  3. I had a huge house on a lake. The ONLY heat we used was 2 Earth stoves. From December till March we HAD to cut a full load per 'WEEK'. A load at my house was a pickup and trailer heaped up to the last chunk wont stay on. Pickup 8' box heaped up taller than the cab, Car trailer with 18" sides all around heaped 3 and a half foot tall. Never owned a splitter so all the big wood carried around the house to the split pile with a sledge hammer and wedges. I dont miss that house too much. Neither do my kids who normally helped me unless they were busy. They were busy a lot. Not much storage so the day the last came out you HAD to go cut wood, even in a blizzard. A fireplace is pretty but heat producer not so much cause after hours the chimney is open flueing out heat. I dont care for wood heat any more. I have cut my last load. (I took the chimney out of this house so someone doesnt get tempted) Its hard on a house. An outside wood boiler would work okay.
  4. Read once where modern thin TVs should not ever get cold even when moving. So does anyone have a TV in a cold garage, not heated all the time?
  5. Most of our local service drops into houses etc here are still aluminum. MOST houses dont have that for general service of outlets and switchs. That is all copper. All the oldest houses in town were knob and tube here. Wire was way thinner than 14ga. but did have some light insulation on it that is now brittle at best. UPDATE---outlet is now a pretty new one that is higher rated. LOOKS like the hot side of the outlet was arcing to the metal box for what ever reason. Seems winter heating , dry air in the house made it worse. I recall last winter it did it too. Outlet is on same wall inches from huge outlet of furnace hot air. In old days that was only an old octopus coal, gravity only NO FAN. It worked till it didnt and now replaced with HE gas furnace with PVC vent only. When replacing it did turn receptacle over so black wire was on other side. This is the ONLY metal box left in the house. Drywall was placed OVER old plaster and lath so any old work box wont work as the screws arent long enough. Old boxes werent next to a stud, just screwed to the lathes. So problem all gone. Why it only showed up while plugging into it I cant say. Guess when I have time might run a new run of 12 gauge over there with all three wires and ground all the same size. This one has the small ground wire yet. The MAIN thing this run services is the 55" TV , Dish box and DVR. Was going to take it thru that outside wall and put a GFI receptacle outside on the porch in case want to plug tools or Christmas lights outside. Dont forget to check your boxes for the Federal Pacific ones that started fires left and right and didnt pop breakers as needed. Thats why mine is replaced!!
  6. My car is like the bottom gray one. I have a NOS fender that fits the top black one. Wont fit my car. Either I need a car that it fits, or find somebody that needs one. LOL. How many of these cars are there out there, many or few?
  7. .....To decide to pop and bang loudly, sparks rolling, flash that darn near blinds you for a few seconds when you plug anything into it. Last thing was a vacuum cleaner that was off. Tried couple other things to be sure it wasnt the item. All the same, even when it wakes the dead loud smoke rolls and fire flies it never trips the breaker (and the breaker and box are nearly new installs). Never fear it is getting a new plug to see if that helps. Just wondering how that can happen?
  8. I am going to TRY to take off an old beat up one from a in the dirt and cramped dirty coon poo,mouse pee, its DARK in there and not enough space to get beside it. Never took off a fender before. I get the idea, JUST wondering if there are nuts on the inside of the trunk or outside of and under outside of fender. I have another book on shop manuel and it does not even mention taking off or putting on a fender. Everything but. Did I say its dark in there, no electricity, If you need something drive 5 miles to get it!!!
  9. My book is from Chrysler Corp and dated in 1951. For your part number ending in 878 it specifically says NOT for 2 dr sedan. Not trying to argue the point, just trying to be sure this time. Seems when we were talking on this site years ago someone said the 2 door rear fenders were different than 4 door in length. I did a search for all this and cant find old convos So if an old fender is found, how do you KNOW proof positive which part number fender your looking at. None ever have stickers or stamped numbers. For instance, I have a fender in my living room right now that was supposed to be the correct fit. It is dished very little and has no tail light opening. Extensive looking at google pics of possible matches reveals the 'closest' eyeball look alike is a 50 Dodge Fastback as they bolt on to an inner fender of sorts. They resemble a fender flare of sorts. Just trying to positive ID . I tried to harvest a pic off google of what I mean. Hope it works. See how the outer fender protrudes from the inner and the tail light is on the inner. Anyone have good 'guesses' or definitely knows cant wait to hear same. Obviously not too many fastbacks in existence and NOT mentioned in other lists of models and parts lists.
  10. I have this great parts book for my 50 Coronet 2 Door Sedan. According to Serial number it is a D-34. When I get back to the Right Rear fender it doesnt give a part number for a fender except for a D-33, station wagons and 7 passenger sedans. Why would it not call for a rear fender application for a D-34? Does anyone have a better book and have a part number for a D-34 right rear? Anyone care to share what is the major difference between a D-33 and a D-34?
  11. I read there was measurable activity all the way to the Carolinas while this quake was acting up throwing its temper tantrum in Alaska. Even strange seismic measured around the world in Madagascar. I saw pics of grocery stores where all the glass jarred items shaken of the shelf, smashed on the floor. Clean up on aisle 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, oh heck the whole store!! Looks like the lucky driver of that car, found the lucky ticket to have his own island!!
  12. My cousins from back east came to visit one 4th of July. Passed thru some state where fireworks were legal. Half the trunk was firecrackers we set off constantly for a weeks time. They also brought M-80's and Cherry Bombs. These older cousins found an old dog dish hubcap in the junk pile and sure had fun lighting a big one under it while another of them 'stood' on it. That person got launched in the air a foot or more. Must have been a good heavy hubcap cause it looked the same after as it did before. Those guys were crazy.
  13. Usually when you 'think' you have fifty dollars, chances are your closer to $150 because it adds up fast'
  14. What auto parts place do you frequent most? Are you very well known, by first name basis? I worked at an Autozone before retiring and they had to go to the bank and get change all the time. They would have traded some (Maybe not all at once) for cash or parts if you were well known AND you asked with a pretty please. For sure would HAVE to be rolled tho. Same thing applies to other type stores. Its legal tender so could buy lots of things with rolls as long as they knew they were not getting ripped off. You will only get by once I remember when I was a kid they had a cute hand held gizzmo that you counted say 50 pennies for instance and then held the paper tube over the hole they fell into, flipped it upside down and the all funneled into the roll. It was a funnel on top like a pharmacist uses. Dont recall if same converted to different coins or separate rain gauge looking thing with funnel
  15. Earlier in this thread it was talking about new stuffing for existing cover. What works well and just as good as new,,,find a couch by the curb and unzip the seat covers and peek inside. 95% of them are pristine. Use the stuffing from a free couch, recip saw whats left of wooden frame to fit in your stove, fireplace, or trash can(Little at a time). Never done any, just watched my parents do it as a kid. Think you need to cut foam 2-3"s large on every side so it looks right fastened. You can always trim but cant glue it back on. I always used free cushions for shingling a house. Everything (air gun, shingles,nails, other tools like square )slides off the regular 4/12 roof but not if put on a foam cushion, it grips. AND 1 or 2 of them make a great place to set on softer material.
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