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    I currently work for the Department of Veterans affairs and I love mopars
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  1. I drive my 55 Plymouth plaza 230 3 on the tree on the regular basis when it's not snowing. Right now it's in the garage getting wishing for warmer weather.
  2. tundrajax

    Head Id

    Is there a place that lists the head casting numbers for flat 6's. I've looked and searched and can't find anything. Someone wants to give me a head and I would like to find some info on it. The numbers they sent me are I676337-1. Any help would be great.
  3. To be honest I'm not sure when the valve where last checked. I will check the valves and seats as well. I did not do a wet test just a dry test. When I do a wet test and the number jumps means?
  4. Back engine 6 30psi 5 30 psi 4 120 psi 3 120 psi 2 120 psi 1 120 psi Front of engine I'm guessing I need a head gasket?? Unless there is something else I'm missing. I saw no smoke, no antifreeze in oil or vis versus pr antifreeze lose. Best place to get a headgasket is there anything else I need for the job?
  5. Cap and rotor has some wear. Ordered those through rockauto. Now just have to wait 2 days.... also still waiting on a friend's for his compression tester since mine is apparently broken.
  6. I will have to check on the flap I'm not sure to be honest. What would be issues if the flap on the heat exchange was bad? I had already been driving the car for 20 minutes before it started doing this. Being young sucks at time as well because I've never owned a flathead before I feel like I'm stupid because I can't figure it out like I would on something newer
  7. She was running great and I turned a corner and started doing this. I'm going to do a compression test tomorrow. Thanks for the info for the fuel filter I will move it away from the manifold. Today was a hot day was almost 90 I'll Google what vapor lock symptoms are to see for future reference
  8. I was driving my 55 Plymouth 230 to a car show and I was almost there and turned the corner to a different street and the car starts stumbling. I limp the car home but between 0-35 it shakes and stumbles on itself. It did go to 40 and ran decent. I changed the spark plugs and wires. 2 plugs had oil on them the back 2 cylinders. Started it up after the tune and up same thing. The new back 2 plugs where wet after a few minutes. I'm guessing I need to do a compression test? Maybe the rings just decided to go out? Here is a quick video of it running. Any help would be great. https://imgur.com/gallery/2D0A84B
  9. I've never thought the car is running hot. That is probably why I'm worried about what temperature is and when I've have checked it after driving long distances the temp is in 190ish. I just want the safe guard of knowing the temp so if something does arise I can handle the situation.
  10. I have one as well and was thinking it would be difficult to check while driving
  11. Might have to give this a try. I wonder if using rtv to glue it on the freeze plug will work
  12. I don't trust the original temp gauge on my 55 Plymouth. I would like to add a 2nd temp gauge. My questions is the only place I can see to add it is a pipe plug that is in front of the water distribution tube. Will the temperature gauge plug cause any issues by being in front of the water distribution opening??
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